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Two Point Hospital

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Two Point Hospital on Xbox One

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On second hospital of the Close Encounters DLC 'Camouflage Falls' - When you reach wave seven. You will unlocked Toad Hall, new room to cure this new disease. And on wave seven there will be a patient with this disease start coming. So just build the room [which use nurse to operate] and with till the patient come in for the cured.

You need to head here, where you should be prompted to redeem the golden toilet through Steam. Once that's done you'll need to log into your Steam account, authorise SEGA to activate keys. As long as you own the game you should then be greeted by a 'DLC Redemption' success message. Then the DLC should appear in your steam account.

The majority of your patients will be spending a lot of time at your hispital so make sure you have vending machines everywhere to reduce the number of hungry people.

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