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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Smite on Xbox One

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Choose Guan Yu and stun three enemy gods at once with his ultimate ability (the wide cone area in front of you). Only the last hit when Guan Yu dismounts will cause a stun. Slow down or cancel the ability early to avoid missing that hit while dismounting.

The two main sources of damage reflection are as follows.

Defensive item Hide of Nemean Lion: Reflects 20% of incoming basic attack damage to the attacker as magical damage.

Goddess Nemesis's shield: Reflect 30% to 50% of incoming damage with a temporary shield up, which ranges from 100-500 shield health.

Select Nemesis with Hide of Nemean Lion and use your damage reflection when enemies engage you at low health. Your ultimate can remove up to 50% of their current HP and also reduce their protections.

Bellona's basic sword (no skills used) also counts as a stance. You must also hit an enemy with it.

Select Arena mode. Maximize the second ability, which provides 2/4/6/8/10% ground speed. Build Warrior Tabi, Hastened Fatalis, Winged Blade, and have active item as Greater Sprint. Activate a sprint to get over 600 movement speed.

Start by casting Raining Fire on a group of three enemies. Then immediately cast Noxious Fumes where the three enemy gods are standing. Note: To make this easier, have a ground targeter set up as part of your targeting system and have Noxious Fumes on Quick/Instant Cast. Because your targeter is already on the group of enemies for Raining Fire, Noxious Fumes will land in the same location and cause a stun. This may require a few attempts before the enemies end up grouped correctly. Have Agni unlocked and in Assault will make this easy.

The mid-jungle camps marked by the two large harpies will respawn two minutes after they are cleared. They are worth more experience and gold than the two smaller harpy camps that are located closer to the phoenixes. Have Junglers clear those camps as often as possible. Kill the Gold Fury on the conquest map to rewards your team with 300 gold and 200 experience. Kill the Fire Giant on the conquest map to reward your team 150 gold, 200 experience, and the Fire Giant Buff (increased attack power and mana and health regenerative ability for four minutes).

The Fire Giant is a neutral boss that, when killed, will automatically provide every person in the killer's team with the Fire Giant Buff (increased attack power and mana and health regenerative ability for 4 minutes) reward your team 150 Gold, 200 Experience.

When you manage to kill the Gold Fury your team will be rewarded 200 Experience and 300 Gold. Gold Fury is one of the strongest neutral monsters on the Conquest map and she can be found in the central jungle camp.

You can gain easy Experience and Gold by having Junglers clear the area at the mid-jungle camps that is marked by the two large harpies. This area will respawn every two minutes and is worth more than the smaller harpy camps that are positioned closer to the phoenixes.

When Magi's Blessing is fully built, it provides a shield that negates a single crowd-control effect every 45 seconds. Use it in conjunction with Purification Beads.

Use Purification Beads instead of Sprint or Meditation because it can counter crowd-control from Ares' chain pull and Ymir's freezing breath.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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