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Reus Cheats

Complete the Mountain Lodge project. The as your village expands, humans will start either a Tavern project or a Nature Park project. If they selected a Nature Park project, use the Swamp Giant's ability Muck Bomb to change it back to the Mountain Lodge. Repeat the process until they start the Tavern project, which requires 75 Food in use, 75 Wealth in use, and 5 villages total. For easier completion, create two mountains next to each other with two identical villages on either side of the mountains. Make sure you have at least five villages in total. Then, make a Domestic Animal using Ocean Giant near the mines to create a Kangaroo Rat. Because it is next to a mine, it will also get symbiosis which increases its Food to 9 total (minimum), or 15 if two of them are created in a row. An upgraded Ocean Giant with a Swamp ambassador will give the Herd Aspect, which with the help of Forest Giant's Fertility Boost will become a Potential Herd Aspect. This allows you to upgrade a Kangaroo Rat to Goat, then to Javelina. Javelinas give +3 Food per tile (9 total food minimum, or 12 if your village expands further into the desert). If you do not have enough food, create a second Javelina within Animal Range to double the food output of both Javelinas (18 to 24 Food for the first one and 6 to 18 Food for second, for a total of 30 Food minimum). The Wealth requirement should not be a problem, as the Tavern by itself results in extra wealth. To get more, use your Tavern's project bonuses fully. Because the Tavern does not require Natura or Tech, you can change your mountain tiles however desired.

Begin a thirty-minute Era and get a village to reach a prosperity of at least 400. Then, replace duplicate Natural Sources within the borders with different ones. It is accept for duplicates to exist before the end of the Era. However you must change them to unique natural sources or their upgrades (you can have only minerals as long as they do not repeat, and village prosperity drops below 400) before the era ends. You might need to open up some developments to unlock enough upgrade paths for your natural sources so they do not repeat.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints

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