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Rare Replay

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Rare Replay on Xbox One

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When you have completed the 'Puzzle Game' code go to the castle in Treasure Trove Cove and enter the following codes (without the quotes) to enable the corresponding effect.

UnlockableHow to unlock

Before you enter Bubblegloop Swamp, go behind the entrance with the Wading Boots and enter the hole in the wall there. Follow the tunnel along and you will enter a snowy area. Go up the hill on the left and Beak Barge the icicle blocking the small tunnel. Now, go to Bubblegloop Swamp and change into a crocodile. Exit the Swamp, and go back through the tunnel in the wall and along to the snowy area. Go up the hill, enter the small tunnel and follow it to a small cavern. In here, you will find a spellbook who will tell you to enter the cheat "BLUEEGGS" in the sandcastle floor of Treasure Trove Cove. When you enter that code you will have a maximum of 200 eggs instead of 100.

So to beat Level 11, in Battle Toads, you need to make pixel precision corner turns. Near impossible sounding and feeling. You can however nail every turn. Simply pause the game as you hit the turns. When the toad is no longer attached to his ride you're set to switch the D pad direction to match the next floors direction getting a big speed boost to top it off. Using the Rare Rewind and save features you can guarantee you hit every single turn allowing you to go above and beyond the pace you need to maintain to beat this otherwise grueling level.

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

Survive a total of 8 days (160 experience points).

Survive a total of 16 days (320 experience points).

Survive a total of 32 days (640 experience points).

Survive a total of 48 days (960 experience points).

Survive a total of 64 days (1,280 experience points).

Survive a total of 80 days (1,600 experience points).

Rescue Wes when he appears randomly in Adventure mode.

Complete Adventure mode.

At the main menu, select "Snapshots", "Snapshot Playlists", and go to "Blast Score". Then, successfully complete all five snapshots without losing a life to get the "1-Upmanship" achievement.

1. Hold A to fire, and slowly move back and forth occasionally moving your aim up to hit additional enemies.

2. In Battletoads, go up to enemies, and tap B to hit and kill them. Kill three enemies to reach the goal.

3. In Cobra Triangle, it can be a little tricky. You will automatically be moved forward due to water current and you must hit the enemies on the side of the shore. Each enemy is worth 100 points, but every consecutive enemy is worth an extra 50. Thus, the key is kill a lot of enemies in a row without missing.

4. In Snake Rattle N Roll, grab the first "Y" pieces, then grab the black circle with your tongue. The only thing you have to worry about is hitting an enemy or getting killed by the crocodile in the water.

5. From the start, go to the right hand side until you end up in a room where two skeletons spawn. Alternate between them, and kill them as they keep respawning. Be as quick as possible, and kill 13 skeletons to reach the goal score.

At the main menu, select "Snapshots", "Snapshot Playlists", and go to "Collect-A-Thon". Then, successfully complete the all five snapshots to get the "And The Kitchen Sink" achievement.

1. Put the cursor at the bottom of the screen, and shoot the falling money bags as they pass by the bottom.

2. Accelerate using RT, while tapping B to shoot. Hit the ramps to pick up the hovering red diamonds to complete the snapshot.

3. In R.C. Pro-AM II, try to be the first person out of the gate to pick up as many pieces of cash before any other racers get a chance. You can stop and go back for any cash pick-ups you miss. If you complete the first lap without five cash, catch up to the AI, use your buckshot with B to shoot enemies, and they will drop cash that you can collect.

4. In Snake Rattle N Roll, you will need to tap B to hover/jump, and use your tongue with A to catch the fish. Use the shadows on the ground for positional reference, and remember that the black fish take multiple hits.

5. Collect the first two trophies, then wait for the first rock to fall. Once it falls, climb over it to the third trophy. Turn back, go on top of the previous rock, and then jump to the left and up to reach the fourth, fifth, and sixth trophies.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

CharacterHow to unlock

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