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Cheats, Cheat Codes for Prey - Xbox One

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Early in the story, Alex will give you the Dr. Kelstrup's safe code where the Neuromod fabrication plan is found. Progress a bit in the story to get the general key that gives you access to the Psychotronics section of the ship. Follow the quest marker into Psychotronics until you reach Dr. Kelstrup's room and open the safe with the code. After you built a few Neuromods, you will get an error that prevents you from building any more. This triggers the next side mission. Return back to the Neuromod Division and repair the grav shaft to reach the upper floor. From the upper floor, enter the Volunteer Quarters, proceed through the door to your left, and go inside the room behind the desk. Use the Gloo Cannon to get up there and enter the main room, where there will be a lot of enemies. Get Dr. Kelstrup's keycard from his body. Use the grav shaft to get to the upper floor again and enter the room with the keycard. Dr. Kelstrupís workstation can now be used to lift the copy protection so you can build as many Neuromods as desired.

The Recycling Charges are a powerful grenades that sucks in objects and enemies and spits them out as materials for you to use. The fabrication plan for the Recycling Charges are in Deep Storage that you reach through Arboretum. Before you can enter Deep Storage, you must find Danielle Sho's Voice Samples in the Crew Quarters. Once you can enter Deep Storage, grab the note on the monitor in the first room and go upstairs. The Recycling Charge fabrication plan are in Danielle Sho's office on a desk in the back.

The Weapon Upgrade Kit fabrication plan can be found in the Crew Quarters, but you need a few upgrades in order to get it. The room it is found in belongs to Sarah Elazar ,located in Crew Cabins A. There is a shaft next to the door that is blocked by a large box. You have the option to use "MORPH - Mimic Matter 1" or "ENGINEER - Leverage 3" to get into the room. The workstation inside has the fabrication plan for the Weapon Upgrade Kit. You gain access to the workstation with the "Hacking 2" ability.

Before you can get the Golden Gun, you have to find an audio recording. Once you reach the "Arboretum" area of the ship, locate the deep storage grav shift. Look for a sign with an arrow pointing left to an area called "Looking Glass". Proceed left to find the "Looking Glass Scene Selector" screen. Smash the screen, then climb up the small shaft using your Gloo Cannon. Next to Alex's house is a body with the Golden Gun audio recording that gives you access to Jada Marks' safe in the Crew Quarters. You can then follow the side quest marker directly to her safe and collect the Golden Gun.

When you enter Life Support through the Cargo Bay, go straight ahead into the Atmosphere Control Room. Proceed to the back right corner and look for a maintenance shaft. Use the Gloo Cannon to get into the Oxygen Flow Control Room. Look at the note to get the storage room code. Return to the room you started in, and use the grav shaft past the electric floor. A Nightmare is probably already waiting for you downstairs. The storage room is just right from the grav shaft. Inside is the Nullwave Transmitter fabrication plan in a closet. The Nullwave Transmitter disables Nightmares and prevents them from launching its heavy attacks.

To get the Q-Beam Laser weapon, go to the Hardware Labs and enter the machine shop. Go outside the ship and find the breached section to the right. Locate the Breach Failsafe and fix it (Repair Level 2 required). After the breach is fixed, go back inside and enter the breached section through the Atrium second floor. Use the computer to open the door to the testing range, and grab the Q-Beam Laser weapon. It shoots a concentrated beam of particles and lets the target explode. To get the fabrication plan for the Q-Beam ammo, halfway through the story you will automatically reach the Deep Storage. Once you are inside, use the note on the computer on the right to get up the stairway in the next room and up to the data vaults. Turn right and enter the command center. In the top right corner is a safe with the Q-Beam Cells fabrication plan. The code can be found on a note pinned behind Danielle Sho's computer screen.

Before you can get the shotgun, you need to get the keycard for the Security Office. It is located in I.T. Security on the first floor. You can get into the room with a Level 1 hack. Prepare for a fight and grab the keycard on the left. Return to the ground floor of the Lobby and go into the Security Station, located next to the stairs. The shotgun is sitting on the table. There is a book next to it with a hint for the safe where you can find the fabrication plan for the shotgun shells.

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