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Plague Inc: Evolved

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Plague Inc: Evolved on Xbox One

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Evolve the Anaemia and Insomnia symptoms.

Evolve Diarrhea and Insanity.

Evolve Blood 1 + Blood 2, Insect 1 + Insect 2, and Extreme Haematophagy transmissions.

Start with the Simian Flu under the casual difficulty setting. Genes will not matter. The ATP boost might speed things up, but is not necessary. Choose either the USA or Saudi Arabia. Progress as usual, popping DNA bubbles, until you have enough to evolve the "Simian Neuro-Genesis", which should cost 15 DNA points at the "Abilities" screen. Afterwards you will get the option to Devolve it at the cost of more DNA points.

With the Simian Flu, evolve Primal Hunt and Social Cohesion.

Using Necroa Virus, combine the Vampiric Hunger symptom (Cytopathic Reanimation + Anaerobic Resuscitation + Enhanced Sensory Integration + Temporal Lobe Manipulation + Cathemeral Shift) and the Bat 1 + Bat 2 transmissions.

Play the Necroa Virus scenario and evolve your virus to have both the Hyperosmia and Delirium traits under the "Symptoms" tab.

With the Simian Flu disease, evolve Diarrhea and Hominidae Bridge.

Evolve the Coughing and Vomiting symptoms.

Like some other achievements, you can save right before you win, reload the save 4 time, and get the achievement.

Evolve the Coughing, Diarrhea, Nausea, Pneumonia and Vomiting symptoms; as well as evolving the Livestock 1 + Livestock 2 transmissions.

Start a normal non-scenario game of Prion under the casual difficulty setting. Prion can slow down the cure forcing a longer game. Start in Saudi Arabia. Then, evolve the following in order as soon as possible: Air 1 and 2, Water 1, Neural Atrophy 1, 2, and 3, Drug Resistance, and Genetic Hardening 1 and 2. Note: Devolve every mutated symptom as soon as it appears. Evolve the following symptoms: Coughing, Sneezing, Pneumonia, Cysts, Hyper Sensitivity, Abscesses, Insomnia, and Paranoia. You will have to wait at this point, devolving all mutated symptoms. Even if the symptom is non-lethal it must still be devolved. Immediately pop the cure bubbles as they appear. If the cure progress reaches 75%, immediately evolve all three Genetic Re-Shuffles. You will eventually see the message "CDC teams hunt patient zero" followed after a few months by "CDC teams close on patient zero". Evolve the following symptoms immediately: Anaemia, Haemophilia, Internal Haemorrhaging, and Hemorrhagic Shock. They should begin killing the population at a decent rate. Do not have any more lethal symptoms, as you will need time for the final pop-up to appear. After nearly half the world us killed, the message "CDC fails to identify patient zero" should appear.

Have no symptoms and your starting country at 100% infection. You must remain at no symptoms until "Peer Pressure" is earned. Consider using Bacteria and start in a small poor country, such as Zimbabwe or Kazakhstan.

Upload a scenario then earn any other achievement.

Unlock Horse Riding and Weapon Creation. This may require some time.

Evolve the Haemophilia and Skin Lesions symptoms.

With the Simian Flu, evolve Scouts and Excrement.

Using Necroa Virus, combine the Enhanced Motor Control symptom and the Engorged Quadriceps ability.

Make all apes intelligent and move them into a single colony. Move the colony across an ocean.

Using Necroa Virus, combine the Naja Mortis and Enhanced Sensory Integration symptoms.

Some luck is required to earn this achievement. If you get popup stating "New round of nuclear tests considered", evolve the Insanity symptom to increase the chance of it happening.

Using Necroa Virus, evolve the Bone Dysplasia and Anabolic Boost symptoms.

Using Necroa Virus.,eEvolve the Polyphagia, Autophagia and Cannibalism symptoms.

After the iCure is launched, unlock the "Sweating" symptom. Note: "Sweating" is in the second option from the top right of the standard symptom tree.

Evolve the Diarrhea and Sneezing symptoms.

Using Necroa Virus, combine the Cranial Elephantitis symptom and Air 3 transmission.

Using Necroa Virus, combine the Photophobia and Cathameral Shift symptoms.

Note: This may require some time as it is luck based. When you get a popup stating that there has been an insect population boom, which increases zombie decay rates, immediately evolve the Zoonotic Shift and Insect transmissions. Zombies will now repel insects, returning their decay rate to normal.

Name your virus "Let'sEvolved" and you gain 100 points at the beginning.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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