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No Man's Sky

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for No Man's Sky on Xbox One

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You can affordably master languages if you follow this technique. First, acquire around 200 Carbon. Next, find a space station. Enter the regular door and chat with the alien you find waiting there. Each brief conversation costs 20 Carbon, but every second chat will offer the chance to learn a new word. Continue talking with the alien.

Once you know enough words, other available options will appear and you can receive either an Isotope or Fuel for using them. Typically, these can be turned into 56 Carbon, a nice return on the 40 you had to spend. After a certain point, you're essentially gaining resources instead of spending them as you master the local language.

After speaking with a alien once, speak with them once again and provide them 20 Carbon. Each time you do this you discover a new word from that aliens race. Every 3rd time you do this you can inquire for 78 Carbon. This cycle has no end and you can find out every word from them.

To swim very fast, you must be moving really fast before hitting the water, and cannot bump into any objects in your trajectory once under water. The best way to do this is to fall from a really high height. Go to the shore, perform a Melee Dash with the Jetpack Jump and keep going up until your jetpack runs out, then keep holding forward once you hit the water. You can then turn and pitch your camera into any direction to maintain your falling velocity underwater. If you are in an underground cave and cannot get a lot of height, use sprint and Melee Dash into a bunnyhop to build up a lot of velocity before you hit the water, then point your camera into the trajectory you want to go once you are underwater.

Heridium is a Silicate element, commodity, and crafting material in the game. It is used to craft Antimatter and some upgrades. It can be found on planets and mined from tall rocks. These are quite common. You can fly close to the surface with your starship to spot them. They give hundreds of Heridium per rock. It can also be bought at any space station from the trade terminal and merchants. They usually sell 20-50 Heridium (you need 50 for crafting Antimatter).

If you perform a melee attack while strafing, it is like a hidden quick dodge move. It is useful for dodging sentinel fire. If you perform a melee attack while moving forward, you gain a quick forward dash for a second. Melee while moving forward and while standing still in the middle of the melee animation do a quick jump to perform a quick bunnyhop dash forward. Maintain your height with the jetpack to cover a very long distance quickly. You have to quickly jump after melee to get this to work (at least within a quarter second of pressing [Melee]). This can also be applied in strafing directions as well.

At some point, you'll depend on your scanner to discover Elements, along with relays that point the way to Colony Bases, Manufacturing Facilities, or other locations. It makes sense to start looking for methods to upgrade your scanning abilities right away. Normally, you can discover scanner Blueprints in Colony Bases and Manufacturing Facilities, produced in wall terminals. Acquire the plan then the needed elements and get to upgrading. It will make everything that follows that minute go more efficiently.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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