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Metal Gear Survive

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Metal Gear Survive on Xbox One

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Simply go to the base of operations and join an online lobby to instantly increase your food and water to 25%. Anytime you are low on food, just enter and leave a multiplayer lobby to get a boost to 25% food and water.

To start the true end game section, complete a Wormhole Digger defense in the Base Camp. Start the digger and begin defending. You can then assign soldiers to Base Defense. During Base Defense, try to stay until you earn an "S" rank to get the best possible rewards, including a Machine Gun Turret recipe. The blue turret is an AI-controlled machine gun that automatically shoots enemies that get close, making it one of the most valuable weapons for future Base Defenses.

After completing the first Base Defense in the end game section, a "Powerful Creature Detected" special mission type will appear. They are difficult bosses to defeat, but you will get orange loot boxes for defeating them. It is recommended to first unlock the new character classes and put points into them before fighting the powerful creatures. The following are some of the powerful creatures you can fight and how to defeat them:

Big Mouth: The first boss is Level 43. It is a huge T-Rex monster with a large mouth and a side-mounted mini-gun that can quickly kill you without the correct equipment. Grenades do not damage this boss. To make the fight easier, use the Scout's invisibility ability. Hide behind the fence entrance into the ruins arena, as Big Mouth cannot follow you. Bring a powerful shotgun, heavy arrows, C4, turrets, grenades, and molotovs. When your invisibility drains, run and hide. Wait for it to come back, then repeat the process until it is defeated.

Frostbite: The second boss is Level 50 and only appears after defeating Big Mouth. Frostbite is a flying octopus-like monster that is actually quite a bit easier to defeat than Big Mouth. Use the Scout's invisibility ability to clear the arena of wanderers, then shoot the weakpoint with a sniper rifle. When Frostbite glows orange, shoot the spot with a powerful sniper rifle. Hit that spot twice to stagger Frostbite, knocking it onto the ground and stunning it. While Frostbite is stunned, rush close and shoot the shotgun into the glowing orange weak point until it recovers. Repeat this process until it is defeated.

From the main base, you can find potatoes in a variety of specialized locations. Travel down the hill to a few buildings and search by the burn pit. Also, check the area around the crashed helicopter to find potatoes for your garden. Corn is an even better item to grow in your garden. It can be found east of your basecamp; just keep searching for resources. Although gardens are good to have, growing is not the most efficient way to stay fed. It takes two hours to grow, so you will still need to hunt for animals and other food items. Between larger meals, it is recommended to listen for small animals. Listen for squeaks and shoot rats or other rodents, then cook the meat for a small boost. Do not search the same areas, as you normally have to push into new locations to get more food and water. Animals do respawn, but it is a slow process.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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