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Kingdom: Two Crowns

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Kingdom: Two Crowns on Xbox One

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After purchasing both drifters from a camp, you might in fact leave a coin (Don't If it's close to night!), when the next vagrant generates, he will immediately get it and be worked with!

Gemstone are stored in your purse, and the Greed are able to steal gems left on the ground. When you are hit by a greed or if you drop your belongings, coins are prioritised. But if you have no coin left, your gems will drop.

There's no gems on the first level. In the second level, check the far left and right of the area, right to the end, and you will find 2 to 4 gems chests. Chests will respawn after time, so open each gem chest you meet. Once you've upgraded your camp enough times, there is also a very small chance of receiving gems from teh priest.

Acquiring a gem by Day IX grants the achievement "On the Ninth Day".

There are three hermit types - The Ballista Hermit, The Bakery Hermit and the Knight Hermit. The Ballista Hermit appears as a man with a funny, feathered cap and brown robes. He enables the Monarch to upgrade triplet towers into ballista towers for 6 coins, which have greatly improved range. The Bakery Hermit appears as an old man with a chef's toque and an apron. He allows towers to be upgraded into bakeries for 6 coins. The Knight Hermit appears as an old man with a long, white beard. He allows the Monarch to upgrade a tower to a knight tower for 6 coins, where a villager can be upgraded to a knight by purchasing a shield for another 6 coins.

Paying 1 coin directly to the hermit allows them to ride alongside the Monarch on his or her mount. If a hermit jumps off without upgrading a tower, you can pay 1 coin to have him ride alongside you again. He can also be taken on the horse to the next island, on the boat.

Once they're taken back to town the hermit enables the option to reconstruct a fully upgraded tower into a special structure, dependent on which hermit type he is. When a triplet tower is upgraded with a hermit, the three archers are released and return to their normal role of archers, hunting during the day and guarding the outer wall during the night.

The Lighthouse is a structure near the far side dock, it can be accessed by defeating the dock portal, and then pay six coins. It is made to allow safe passage to the island, although it can only survive a certain amount of days. Once back to an island with a lighthouse, the boat will arrive unbroken at the far side dock. The disembarking builders will push then the boat to the central dock, near the Town Center. The lighthouse can be upgraded to a stone one for 12 coins. The more upgrades it receives, the longer the structure will survive.

This boat hold up to three Squires and or Knights. A beneficial suggestion to help your next land is to use the Knight hermit to get the 3rd Squire/Knight and send him on the ship to help in the next land! Your sides might hold infinite Squires/Knights. You can in fact cruise back to another island you completed if you find yourself having a hard time late game. Get knights and go right back. (Must have lighthouse done!) Infinite on the colony!

It's a challenging to do however it is possible. Go past it and look for a cleaning to clear trees if you can't afford to lose the camp. Now build your wall there and it will instantly extend there! And you get to keep the vagrant camp!

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock


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