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Journey to the Savage Planet

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Journey to the Savage Planet on Xbox One

You will be able to fast travel to areas you have already visited in Journey to the Savage Planet by activating the Alien Teleporters. Scout out each new area you find for alien teleporters as doing so will make it a lot easier to traverse planet ARY-26.

Aside from scanning the different fauna and flora using your visor you will also need to collect resources such as silicon, aluminium, and carbon to craft new gadgets. Unless you are luckily enough to stumble upon the resource viens you will have to shoot the creatures and plants you encounter on planet ARY-26 to acquire the elements.

In Journey to the Savage Planet there are optional side missions called Science Experiments which will enable you to achieve four Explorer Ranks and access to certain upgrades by completing them. These Science Experiments are worthwhile doing as they will make exploring planet ARY-26 easier.

In most games of this genre dying results in a 'Game Over' screen and restarting from a recent checkpoint. In Journey to the Savage Planet you are brought back as a clone via your ship's Bio-Replication Chamber, which allows you to continue the game. Although you lose any resources you where carrying at the time you will be given the opportunity to regain them by returning to where you were killed.

Resist the temptation to rush though the world to the next waypoint. It is more beneficial to take your time and methodically search every area to find the resources and upgrade materials that have been hidden away in hard-to-reach places. Although you will not be able to obtain some of them until you have the required tools it's still worth exploring off of the main path.

Make sure you know what the different icons mean that appear on your HUD and your compass so you don't get confused during gameplay.

Orange K
The stylized orange K (for Kindred Aerospace) icon on your compass which looks like a track back button from a media player points back to your ship.

Yellow Kite
A yellow kite icon shows the next waypoint for whatever your active mission is.

Purple Kite
A purple kite icon shows any secondary missions you've got available.

Gift Box
If you die while carrying any resources you will have a gift box icon on your compass to indicate a secondary mission which will lead you back to where you were killed so you can regain your loot.

Remember that you can always change what mission or secondary mission you are tracking in your Journal.

In Journey to the Savage Planet you increase your health and stamina by eating Orange Goo. This valuable resource is often found hidden in tall grass which you can move out of the way by either shooting or slapping it. It is important that you collect the Orange Goo whenever possible as it allows you to run longer and explore faster.


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