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Final Fantasy XV

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Final Fantasy XV on Xbox One

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You can gain access to a number of special buffs and bonuses early in the game that will allow you to maximize the experience you get for killing enemies and completing quests and hunts. Completing these tasks give you experience points, but there is a special method involving your rest, camping, and cooking habits that can be combined to provide huge experience point bonuses. When you stay at an inn, you are given an experience points bonus reward on only the experience you have earned so far. This buff does not carry over into the next day like cooking does. Thus, whenever you start a questline or exploration, start your day with a cooking recipe that buffs experience points. The earliest recipe you can get is the multi-meat sandwich that provides 20% extra experience. Raise Ignis' cooking to Level 2 by cooking at campfires, then gather Gighee Ham, Daggerquill Breast, and Aegir Root. Once you have gathered these ingredients, you will unlock the multi-meat sandwich recipe. The ingredients can be found at the following locations:

Gighee Ham: You can purchase this from the shop at Hammerhead. They cost 30 Gil each.

Daggerquill Breast: You can get this from the bird enemies in the far northern part of the first area.

Aegir Root: This is the rarest of the ingredients needed. You can find some near the Vennaugh Haven campground in the southern area of the map. It is found along the road towards the Quay.

Once you have the recipe, go to any campground and camp. Then, cook the multi-meat sandwich. Continue with quests, killing monsters, side quests, and any other activities that reward you with experience points. At the end of the day or whenever you are ready to rest, go to a town and rest at an inn. You can get 1.2x, 1.5x, 2x, etc. experience point bonuses, but it costs more to stay at an inn -- so find a balance that works well for you.

To get 10,000 to 20,000 experience points during a single fight, when you use Elemancy to craft spells, add items listed as coins, such as rare coins. These give an experience points reward if you hit an enemy with it and then kill it. You do not have to kill them with the actual attack. Stack more coins with more powerful spells to improve the effect.

First go to the pause screen and turn on the stamina bar. While sprinting the stamina bar will deplete but when it gets to around the letter S on the bar let go of the sprint button Noctis will glow green and the stamina bar will instantly refill allowing you to Sprint continually.

To unlock Chocobos and get the "Chocobo Jockey" achievement, you must first reach story Chapter 3. Then, talk to Wiz at the Chocobo post (Duscae map). When arriving in Chapter 3, the "Friends Of A Feather" side quest will automatically be marked there. Accept his "A Behemoth Undertaking" hunting quest and kill the Behemoth (marked as mission target). After killing the Behemoth, return to Wiz and talk to him again. You can now interact with the Rent-A-Bird machines that are found at most outposts and parking spots. It costs 50 Gil per day to rent a Chocobo. You can press RT to whistle for your Chocobo wherever you are. After the rental period has expired, the Chocobo will run back to its outpost and you must rent a new one. You can also rent one for several days at a time.

To unlock the Regalia Type-F (flying car), first complete the story by finishing all 14 chapters and defeating the end-Boss. After completing the story, you can visit a lodging and call Umbra to visit the open world. Infiltrate the Formouth Garrison in Leide. When you go near the Garrison, you will see a new side quest called "Formouth Garrison" appear. You can do this as early as story Chapter 8, but the enemies are Level 50+. It is recommended to do this after the story when you are stronger. After completing the "Formouth Garrison" side quest, you will get a "Strange Engine" item. This will trigger the "Into Unknown Frontiers" side quest.

All you have to do is deliver the part to Cindy at the Hammerhead outpost. There are actually three of these strange parts, but two are unmissable story unlocks (Warped Wings from the Garrison in Chapter 5, Unstable Stabilizer from the Garrison in Chapter 6, and Strange Engine from the "Formouth Garrison" side quest). Once you have done all of the above, Cindy will upgrade your Regalia with the Type-F modification, which is a fancy batmobile-styled car that you can fly like a jet. To get the "Regalia Pilot" achievement, put it in manual drive, gain some speed, and press B to take off. The only disadvantage is that you can only land on streets. Landing on terrain will crash your car and result in a game over screen. It is a fun vehicle to drive and makes navigating the world quicker.


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