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Dynasty Warriors 9

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dynasty Warriors 9 on Xbox One

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Acquire two hideaways. Then, send a letter to an officer from one hideaway, and travel to the second hideaway. Once you open the door to the hideaway, the officer will spawn next to the building outside. Simply talk with the officer to raise their bond level. Next, send a letter to an officer from the second hideaway, and return to the first hideaway. Repeat this process as many times as desired. Travel to major cities after each chapter so you avoid missing opportunities to speak with certain officers whom may be killed later in the game. This also helps with getting "The Ties That Bind Us" achievement.

Search for bandits, especially bandit chiefs and leaders (worth more). Kill bandits to get XP and items. Gather their items and sell them to vendors to get approximately 6,000 gold for each group of defeated bandits.

Take advantage of fast travel whenever you can to save time. Any area of the map you have revealed at any point in time can be seen by any character you play. The only restriction on your fast traveling is whether the area you are going to is under enemy control.

Either purchase or make the Gold Crown as soon as you can and have it in one of your accessory slots. The Gold Crown attracts items towards you and is just too useful to not have equipped.

Complete Story mode for Liu Bei and Pang Tong to unlock the Hex Mark horse.

Complete Story mode for Dong Zhuo, Guan Yu, and Lu Bu to unlock the Red Hare mount for purchase at the stable vendors for 100,000 gold. This horse is extremely fast and has high stamina.

Complete Story mode for Cao Cao to unlock the Shadow Runner horse. It has very high stamina once at max level.

Always check with the traders in every town you visit as they each have their own rotating inventory which rotates each day. Traders sometimes sell rare materials along with their usual wares which makes checking them important. If you can get yellow-grade materials from them you will be saving youself time down the line if you are aiming to craft top-tier weapons.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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