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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for DOOM Eternal on Xbox One

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In the fortress of Doom, in the area where you can access the toy collectables and look at your current weapons there is a monitor on the desk. Accessing it gives you 2 locked options. 1 requires all cheat discs to be found the other asks for a password doing them unlocks playable versions of the original DOOM and DOOM 2.


Can be completed in Private match with two other players. The demons both letting the slayer kill them, but not at the same time or the next round will start.


1) Slayer kills Demon 1
2) Demon 1 respawns
3) Slayer kills Demon 2
4) Demon 2 respawns


Pick any fight where you can make good progress on your challenge. either slayer gates or certain (parts of) maps depending on what you need to do. DO NOT complete the actual fight after getting some progress done. instead load the last checkpoint and repeat the same fight again. and again! Usually this way you can complete those grindy clown challenges in 2 minutes each. Probably this will get fixed i guess so better hurry! Also DO NOT use the mastery tokens at all! right now the achievement will not pop if you use them. maybe that will get fixed later as well but for now it's hands off the tokens!

Replaying the first mission on hurt me plenty after beating the game is easy enough. you can't create your own armor and health pickups so take it slow! getting ammo with the chainsaw works though.

You need to kill a Player Demon with every weapon at least once, which means with each of your 7 'normal' weapons and with the BFG. You can get the BFG as your third choosable item, so the match has to be at least 4 rounds long. It also doesn't matter how much damage you do as long as the killing blow was done with the particular weapon. By the way, the BFG does only damage to Player Demons if you hit them directly.

After unlocking a Mastery Challenge, you can easily farm the challenge using the following steps:

1. Start a mission from "Mission Select" at the main menu or on the Doom Tower. Go to a mission that has an easily accessible battle with the enemy type you need. For example, Mission 1: Hell On Earth features an Arachnotron in the first city Demonic Infestation arena. For the Sticky Bomb Mastery, you need to break the weakpoint with Sticky Bombs from the Shotgun 25 times.

2. Go to the arena with the weapon and enemy type you need to farm. The more of the enemy type, the easier farming is. However, you can farm even if only one enemy type spawns.

3. Complete the Mastery Challenge - make sure the Mastery Challenge meter goes up by 1 or more. Look for the notification.

4. Pause the game and select "Load Checkpoint" to restart the arena. You will refresh all ammo you had before, but you will retain the Mastery Challenge completion.

5. Repeat the process until you complete the challenge.

Successfully complete Mission 2 to unlock the Fortress Of Doom hub area, which contains many secrets and Easter Eggs.

Collect all six Empyrean Keys from the six Slayer Gates to unlock the secret Unmaykr weapon in the Fortress Of Doom. The gun case can be found by going to the center chamber and dropping down to the lowest level, then go forward to the tall chamber. Empyrean Keys drop from Slayer Gates. Slayer Gates are very difficult combat encounters found in multiple missions throughout the game. Check the maps on each mission for a purple "Slayer Gate". To unlock a Slayer Gate, find a nearby Slayer Key. The Slayer Gates are well-marked after finding the Auto-Map. If you are having trouble completing Slayer Gates, you can replay any mission from the mission selection menu. Just return when you are more powerful. The Unmaykr first appeared in DOOM 64 as a secret weapon. You could find the Unmaker (or Laser Gun) in secret levels, and upgrade it into an amazing gun by collecting hidden keys. It is an incredible weapon, and was originally planned for the classic DOOM.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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