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Defense Grid 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Defense Grid 2 on Xbox One

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The gun tower provides an adequate offense at an affordable price. It is the most basic structure in the game and fires relatively weak ammunition at a very high clip within a tight radius. However their down side is that they can only be committed to one enemy at a time and they do no area damage.

Your score is based on your kills and you get a score for each kill which is influenced by the following factors.

1) How many unspent resources you currently have.
2) How many cores in your housing.
3) Whether or not the kill occurs within the area of a score boost tower.
4) Whether or not the kill occurs within the special resource weapon area of effect.
5) The value of the alien (not all are the same).

Make sure that if you plan on using lasers that you spread them out so that they become as effective as possible.

Resources influence your score the most so it is important that you try to build your resources up early in the game where they compound much better than late resources. Resources accumulate with:

1. Time. Every 'tick' you get ten more resources.
2. Waves. Every few waves you will get a decent bonus of resources.
3. When you employ the resource special weapon, you will get an increase in resources.

Once you have accumulated enough credits from destroying your enemy you will be able to upgrade your towers to their second and third forms which will provide increased damage and range with each iteration. What you are aiming for is maximising your damage output over as long a path as possible over the longest amount of clock-time possible.

Complete the following achievements to collect their Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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