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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dead By Daylight on Xbox One

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This achievement requires the use of the Judith's Tombstone, or the Tombstone Piece add-on for Michael Myers. Both these add-ons enable you to instantly kill any survivor when you reach Tier 3 Evil Within, though Judith's Tombstone does not drain the evil meter when a survivor is killed in this way and is thus the better choice. While it can be used on its own, it is highly recommended to combine the Tombstone with a Fragrant Tuft of Hair. This will require an immense amount of stalking before reaching Tier 3, but once you're there, it never expires. With both these add-ons equipped and Tier 3 reached you will be able to instantly grab and kill survivors, even when they are at full health. Perks that aid with this achievement:

Hex: Ruin - To buy you more valuable time to fill your Evil Within meter.
Play With Your Food - To negate the slower movement speed of the Tombstone.
Brutal Strength - To keep up with survivors for longer and thus stalk them longer.
Monitor & Abuse - For stealthy approach, thus enabling more stalking.

Remember, with these add-ons equipped your goal is not to sacrifice the survivors, your goal is to kill them yourself. Therefore your perk build should not be based on attacking, hooking or even sacrificing the survivors at all. It should be based on stalling for as much time as possible to fill your evil meter. The achievement will unlock once all 4 survivors in a single trial have been killed by your hand. Note that certain perks that also allow you to kill survivors, like Devour Hope, and moris do not count towards a kill for this achievement. It needs to be done with the Tombstone.

Don't waste those games were 1 or 2 people don't join the game after a long loading screen or disconnect as soon as the game starts. Catch a person and let them free or wiggle off you. Soon enough the others will work out you want to farm otherwise everyone loses rank because of people disconnecting. If you're using Nurses Calling its pretty easy to see how far away you need to be from the injured survivor. Feels cheap but it's pretty easy to get the achievement this way-. If you're going to get it properly good luck its a right pain. Seen people suggesting Iridescent Head for the 1 shot Hatchets with Infantry Belt for the extra 2 Hatchets. This means you'll have 3 Hatchets that can 1 shot.

To get maximum infection, you need to spit on a survivor. Their icon (above their name, bottom left) will start to glow green. If they're infected for to long, either by not curing themselves or getting spit on 3/4 times, they get injured (should see +30 infection) and will get the Broken status effect next to their icon. This means that can't be healed and they have to cure themselves. Once they get the Broken status symbol (red + with a stripe through it), you can hit them with your m1 and you should earn +200 Purge for max infection. Hooking a survivor doesn't reset their infection, unless they've cured themselves.

Tip 1
Freddy cannot hit you if you are not in his dream!

Tip 2
When you are in his dream - Freddy can see you if you are out of his terror radius!

Tip 3
When you are not in Dream state, always make sure you are out of his melody radius... run out of the radius as soon as you hear the melody. Other than with other Killers running seems to keep you alive much better than stealth tactics.

Tip 4
When Freddy picks someone up in dream state wake up another person who is because he cannot use his ability when he's holding someone.

Tip 5
If you're being chased by Freddy while in dream state, try to unhook a survivor if possible, because they can typically get a free escape and come back for you later on.

Tip 6
When you are in dying state - Do not HIDE, just recover, he can still see you.

Tip 7
It really easy to unhook someone when you are not in his dream, so, you can easy get some BP.

Tip 8
If you have self care - USE IT it can be very helpful, fail skillcheck when selfhealing and you will wake up!

To be a good toxic killer we need to take into account a couple of things: One of them is that we are going to be greatly loved in the community and we would have our profile full of positive comments, besides that we will have a great time during the game.

Well, the steps that we will have to follow are the following:

1st. Enter a game and knock down a survivor
2nd. Hang him in a hook and make facecamp. The closer you are to his face the better, so you will show who rules in the game and you will mark what is your territory.

Note: In case they rescue the prey, tunnel him.

To be the supreme toxicity you can combine Leatherface with Insidious, it's a pleasure to see people play with that.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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