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Xbox One - Assassin's Creed Origins screenshot

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Assassin's Creed Origins

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Assassin's Creed Origins on Xbox One

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Navigate to the "Gear" tab/menu at the character screen in the pause menu. Then, press LT + Y to change the hair style and press RT + Y to change the beard style. Note: The changes will reset after dying or reloading the game. Additionally, this was not originally intended to be in the final version of the game. It was a dev tool that was left in the game by accident. They decided to leave it in the game after it was discovered since it is harmless.

Purchase the "Elite Ranger" ability, which makes time slow down when aiming a bow in mid-air. Jump down from somewhere, aim in mid-air, and shoot an enemy in the head with an arrow to get the "Archer Of The Month" achievement. The enemy has to die from this. You are allowed to weaken the enemy beforehand so that he dies in one hit. You can do this in any restricted area/enemy camp; those contain lots of enemies. It is recommended to use the light bow since it shoots very quickly and is easy to aim.

The best place to feed a predator a corpse is at the "Yw Huts" settlement/fast travel point in the east of the Herakleion Nome territory. It is a village in the swamps and there are always crocodiles swimming in the river near the village. Kill an NPC (does not matter if it is a non-hostile NPC or enemy). Lure a crocodile on land (has to be on land, does not work in water) and drop the corpse in front of the crocodile. Then, quickly run away so the crocodile stops chasing after you and eats the corpse. As soon as you are out of combat, the crocodile should eat the corpse and you will get the "Circle Of Life" achievement. It also works to let the crocodiles kill you near the corpse, then they will focus on the corpse in the moments after your death, which still unlocks the achievement. It can be a bit glitchy sometimes and may require a few attempts. The animal AI is not the best, and sometimes they just will not eat the corpse. Note: This only works with crocodiles.

This can be done in the "Black Desert" territory. It is to the south of Siwa, the area where the game begins. This territory has a few high mountains. Check the map for a question mark on the tallest mountain, and go to that spot. You will get the "I Can See My House From Here!" achievement when approaching the question mark location. You can see the entire map from this spot.

This can be done in "Kyrenaika" territory (northwest corner of the map). In the town of Cyrene, there are Level 35+ enemies walking the streets. You can easily find them using eagle Senu. You need the "Poison Darts" skill. Make sure to equip the poison darts in the gear menu afterwards. To activate them, hold D-pad Left and throw them at an enemy (must be Level 35+). You will see some purple fog around the enemy, indicating that he has been poisoned. Then, quickly kill him with the torch (hold D-pad Right to pull out torch). It is recommended to wait until you are Level 35+ to do this since you inflict more damage to the enemy and he dies quicker.

To make attacking a camp easier, do it at night so more guards are asleep and less of a challenge than during the day.

Save your money early in the game. Do not waste it buying loot boxes or weapons and gear from vendors. You will eventually come across a lot of gear at the start. Save your money for later in the game. Note: You can scan areas for loot.

Have any bow equipped and aim it. Then, get close to any fire source (fireplace, brazier, torch) to light the arrow on fire and add fire effects to your next shot. Since a fire source is not always available, you can always use your torch. Throw your torch on the floor, then light the arrow on fire. If you shoot a fire arrow into a red jar or container, it releases an oil that sets the nearby area on fire. Lots of guarded areas have this, as well as all small boats. It is a great way to quickly kill a lot of enemies.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Microsoft Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlockPoints


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