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Virtua Tennis 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Virtua Tennis 3 on Xbox 360

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Win 10 co-op doubles Ranked Matches on Xbox Live.

100 artificial court plays.

100 clay court plays.

100 grass court plays.

Play the game 1000 times in any mode.

Run a total of 10Km.

Hit a serve over 130 mph.

Win a match with an Custom Player on default settings.

Play any game mode on Xbox Live.

Make friends and chat to 25 pro players in the World Tour.

Play and complete 25 Court Games.

Achieve 25 Love Games.

250 drop shot points won.

250 lob points won.

250 running shot points won.

Achieve 40 Consecutive Rallies.

Achieve 5 Consecutive MAX Serves.

Win 5 Ranked Matches in a row on Xbox Live.

Visit 50 Player Match lobbies on Xbox Live.

Win 50 Ranked Matches on Xbox Live.

Achieve 500 Max Serves.

500 smash points won.

500 stroke points won.

500 volley points won.

Clear each type of academy training session in the World Tour.

Unlock every stage in the game.

Beat all Female Pro Players on default settings.

Beat all Male Pro Players on default settings.

At the game selection screen press: Left, Right, B, Left, Right ,B, Up, Down.

Win a Ranked Match using an Custom Player on Xbox Live.

Create your own Custom Player.

To unlock Duke and King enter Tournament mode and choose singles matches. Beat the tournament without the computer winning a game. ( not point ) Depending on your Ranking you will be challenged by either Duke or King. Total of D or worse gets you King, total of C or better gets your Duke. Beat the challenger to unlock that player. For an easier time change settings to "very easy" and 1 game sets. Duke and King are hard so get good with cross court and slam shots.

Unlockable - How to Unlock

Duke - Beat in tournament mode after flawless C ranking or better.
King - Beat in tournament mode after flawless D ranking or worse.

Clear all the academy mission with gold medals.

Get a Turkey in Pin Crusher in World Tour on level 4 or above.

Clear a level 6 mini-game in the World Tour.

Unlock 1 of each type of gear.

Enter Cheats at Menu Selection Screen:

U L R D = Up Down Left or Right on dpad (or joystick)


l & r = Left & right bumpers
B = B button

"UUDDLRLR" - Unlock all courts
"UUDDLRlr" - Unlock King & Duke
"LRBLRBUD" - Unlock all gear
"BLBRBUBD" - Test end sequence; win one match to win tournament

Chime is made if entered correctly.

Play for 10 hours on tennis courts.

In Career mode, play the "Defend The Prize" mini-game repeatedly. Choose one prize and stand in front of it (ignore the others). Simply defend that one prize. You will easily win the mini-game every time and be able to increase your Volley skill as quickly as desired.

Take a well deserved rest in the World Tour.

Rank #1 in the World Tour.

Rank #100 in the World Tour.

Rank #200 in the World Tour.

Make 100 Lob shots in total.

Clear each type of mini-game in the World Tour.

Simply select the Pin Crusher mini game on your world tour, and get 3 strikes in a row to unlock the Frying Pan to use as a racket.

Get 3 strikes in a row in pin crusher to unlock the frying pan racket. | Submitted by jason

Unlock secret player Duke.

Unlock secret player King.

Watch a match on VT.TV.

Beat a singles rival ranked 25 positions above you.

Beat a doubles team ranked 25 positions above you.

Win a match with all Female Pro Players on default settings.

Win a match with all Male Pro Players on default settings.

Win your first match in the World Tour.

Complete Year 1 in the World Tour.

Win your first tournament in the World Tour.


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