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Xbox 360 - Vigilante 8: Arcade screenshot

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Vigilante 8: Arcade

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Vigilante 8: Arcade on Xbox 360

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Collect all 100 'Alien' icons in single player to unlock a secret craft. | Submitted by broncos7

Fire 100 Charge-Up Attacks. | Submitted by broncos7

Fire 10 Charge-Up Attacks. | Submitted by broncos7

Successfully complete the the first three levels. Change the color of your car to find the classic retro version.

Collect enough Salvage Points to fully upgrade one vehicle. | Submitted by broncos7

Win 10 online multiplayer battles. | Submitted by broncos7

Defeat any vehicle in any mode. | Submitted by broncos7

Complete single player Quest Mode on Hard mode. | Submitted by broncos7

Complete single player Quest Mode on Medium mode. | Submitted by broncos7

Complete single player Quest Mode on Easy mode. | Submitted by broncos7

Collect enough Salvage Points to fully upgrade all eight vehicles. | Submitted by broncos7

Destroy 100 cars by 'totaling' them. | Submitted by broncos7

Achieve 100 Whammies. | Submitted by broncos7

Collect all 20 alien icons in each level.


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