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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Sims 3, The on Xbox 360

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

Use the following trick to change your Sim's age (toddler, child, teen,etc.) quickly. Buy a birthday cake from the grocery store and place it somewhere on your lot. Click the cake and select "Have Birthday". Then, choose the Sim to be aged. This is a good method to get past the baby stage.

Instead of using a cheat code to toggle "aging on" and "aging off" like in The Sims 2, you can de-activate the age in "Options", then "Game Options". When you uncheck the box next to "Aging", your Sims will no longer become older. You can also slow aging down in this menu by setting the "Lifetime" bar. It can be set from 25 days to 960 days.

Go to Pleasant Rest Graveyard. Near the gate is a bush called "Death Flower Bush". Harvest the flower from it and keep it in your Sim's inventory. If you die, that Sim will give that flower to the Grim Reaper and be resurrected. Although the flower will not reappear there again, if your Sim has level 7 Gardening they can plant the Unknown Special Seeds found in the graveyard and some other places that have a chance to grown as a Death Flower. Note: Having the Green Thumb trait to revive the plant may help.

On a new lot, put down staircases to lower the terrain. Go to the bottom of the first one. Miss out one tile and put down another staircase. Repeat this once more and you should have three staircases. Delete the staircases. Use the "Level Terrain" tool to level the terrain from the lowest tile. Set it as big or small as desired. Using the "Straight Line Wall" tool, build walls around this hole so that there are walls pressed up against hills. Build the room above so that it covers the entire basement. Cover around the house with the "Foundation" tool; all the slopes should be covered up. Place one tile in the top floor then create a staircase leading down to the basement. Make two or more foundation blocks at the front of the house, and place a staircase leading up them.

To get new clothes, you must first have to buy a dresser from "Buy Options". Once there click "Plan Outfit". You can put a total of three different clothes for each type (formal, every day, athletic, etc.)

Create a stylized still life after it is unlocked. Choose "Genius" and make it in the largest possible frame. You will now have a much better chance of getting a brilliant painting or masterpiece.

One person will die in your town each day. If this process is continued long enough, your town will soon be empty. Note: Elderly Sims will usually die first, yet death can occur frequently throughout Sims ages teen through elderly.

Buy the Ducksworth of Bathington and place it in your bathtub. When a Sim uses takes a bath, they will get the Duck Time moodlet which results in a +15 boost for four hours.

Start writing novels on your computer. Write fiction novels as they take the least amount of time. They will not bring you too much Simoleons. When you write, your skill will automatically advance. If your skill is high enough you will be able to write more novel types/genres. The most money can be made from "Romance Novels". You will get royalties for six weeks once you finish a book. With the "Writing" skill maxed out, you can make about 40,000 Simoleons every week, which is more than the 34,800 Simoleons you can get by purchasing all neighborhood businesses, and takes less time to achieve. In three game weeks you should have a very high speed writing, 9 or 10 novels as best sellers and 100,000 Simoleons.

Have the video game system and have your Sims play it. Zoom in on the television to see that the games they are playing are various Electronic Arts titles.
Have a Sim reach the top painting level to have the ability to create masterpieces. One of the paintings that can be created is that of a creature from Spore.

1. Call for a Pizza.
2. Do not answer the door.
3. You will notice that the pizza will stay outside and never get bad, so your Sim can eat it.

This is also helpful if you want to sell your fridge. You could just keep calling for a pizza and when your Sim is hungry go and get the pizza.

If you want to find these special seeds, you not need to do those stupid opportunities, the only thing you need is: The highest level of gardening skill and the "Get lucky"karma power.First, go to the public park(i choose the public park because it can reach other place much faster ). And then, use the get lucky karma power.Now search every inch of the area(because the seeds is very small). If you still can't find it, go to other place.To save your super lucky power(because the effect will disappear after two hours),go to the map, pick the place you want to search, and press "X" to view the place, and continue searching the special seeds.By doing that, you can save your super lucky effect.If you do all that trick correctly,you can find a lot of special seeds(remember, the rarity of the special seed is "special", not "uncommon".Note: If you have the lucky trait and in that day you get the "feeling lucky" moodlet, you not need to use the "get lucky" karma power again(because you already lucky).If you still can't find the special seeds, just email me at | Submitted by aryawipra10

Drag an empty plate into a Sim's inventory then drag it to sell. You will not make any money, but if your Sim does not have a dish washer, it is fast and efficient.

During gameplay, go into your settings, and scroll down, towards the bottom it will say life length and you can use your scroller to decide the length. If you put it at the start so the length is not very long at all, buy a birthday cake every day for the same sim, they will get older until their an elder, then once they die wait a whiile and you will have ghosts! Depending on their traits, they might haunt you, or might not.

Start by going to the graveyard. Once there, click all the tombstones. With any of them that say "Pick Up" or "Take", do so. Once you are sure you have all the tombstones you can get, return to your house. Place them outside somewhere in your backyard. You now have a 70% chance of a ghost or two, or even a whole party of ghosts visiting your house each night. To improve your chances, write in the epitaph "Here Lies , The One Who Returns".

At the pause menu, hold down the LB, RB, LT and RT at the same time to enable cheat option.

To have an increased chance of having twins or triplets, have one or both parents have the lifetime reward of Fertility Treatment.

Have a pregnant female Sim eat apples to increase the chance of having a boy.

Have a pregnant female Sim eat watermelons to increase the chance of having a boy.

Read "Easy Cooking, Gardening, or Fishing Skill" by Tony Ortale. Keep repeating Tony's steps until each skill channel has been viewed. The Sim will keep learning the three skills as he or she goes on about their daily life, and four when doing skill activities.

Buy a guitar. Play it to learn how to play guitar. Keep playing until you reach 5/10 level, which gives you the ability to "Play For Tips". When you have that ability, go to the park with the guitar in your inventory. When you are in the park, click the guitar in your inventory and select "Play For Tips". People watching you will become your friends if you keep playing. The higher your guitar skill, the faster they will become friends with you.

If you flirt with someone a few times (you don't need to have a proper relationship yet) then lay on the bed. Invite them to cuddle, then woohoo. Get off the bed and kiss them. Then try for Baby. After this your Sim will start to throw up every so often-don't let them eat bad food. If your sim would rather be a single mum, you can always leave the other sim if a relationship has started by this point, or you can start a proper family. Use the cheats already on this site to determine wether the baby is a boy, girl, twins triplets etc.

No matter how many times you use an object, if you sell it in the same day you can get all your money back. If your Sim is poor and needs body points or something else, buy a body machine and keep selling it back to get a refund of all your money.

If your Sim was successful in Try For Baby and you later realize you don't want it, try this. Go into buy or build mode and choose the door to the babies room. Now sell it. This will ensure that the Social Worker will show up quicker to take them, and parent Sims (any Sim, for that matter) cannot get through to the baby to feed, socialize, etc. In the interim while you're waiting for the social worker, the baby will be crying and any other Sim on the lot will not be able to sleep. Simply go to the cemetery (if your Sim isn't afraid of ghosts) and nap on one of the benches. Keep apples and grapes in your Sims inventory to munch on. Take care of hygiene and bladder at the gym. This way, your Sim never has to go home while waiting for the social worker to show up. The babysitter will not be able to get into the room to take care of the baby since you sold the door.

Use the following trick to earn over 4,000 Simoleons quickly. Buy a desk and a chair for the desk. Place it anywhere in your household. After calling the repairman a few times he will bring a XS 4258p Laptop and place it on the desk. He will forget it is there when he leaves, as long as there is no other items on the desk when he arrives. This process is repeatable and will earn you between 2,400 and over 4,000 Simoleons depending on how soon you sell it.


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