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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition - Xbox 360

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As of the current version of Minecraft, usage of the bow and an enchantment book at an anvil can enchant the bow. Mix the weapon enchantment books, such as Smite or Knockback into your enchantments for your bow, and eventually you would have placed 8 different enchantments on one bow, creating a powerful weapon. Note: You will need a lot of experience points.

Enter "lookoutbelow" into the seed box and you'll spawn right next to a village on the plains, search around the village and you'll see some holes in the ground, go in one and you'll find lots of iron and gold ore, not sure about diamonds. Buts good for starters!

First build a cage of bricks 5 Rosen 3 on the side in five in a row on the other sside of those three bricks then do that on the same other side put those three books at the end of those Fibrox then how to middle then brick under the brick that you then put a switch there if you click it and if it doesn't work it just goes out again then set the one right beside it the switch their account and then wait when you hit it blows up and kill them automatically.

To do this you must have a bucket and flint and steel. Make shur there is a lava lake near a infinet water source. Now place water some were and place lava in the same spot. It should make obsidian. Repeat in the portal shape. When done use the flint and steel to activate.

You need 7 redstone,arrows ,7 blocks ,5 redstone torches, a lever, and a dispenser.first dig 1 block down. Put a redstone torch in and a dispenser over it. next put 2 blocks next to the dispenser and redstone torches in back of it. Put 2 blocks on top of those torches and 2 redstone torches in back of it. Then put 2 more blocks on top of those torches and put a block in the middle. Finally place redstone over all of those blocks besides on the dispenser. Lastly put a lever on the side and fill the dispenser with arrows. Sometimes it stops. just flip the lever back.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding Avatar Award.

AwardHow to unlock

In the End and you want to blow things up but you don't have TNT, just place a bed and try to sleep. The bed will blow up and make tons of fires! I made a house in the End and they blew it up, so be careful! It may cause damage in survival.

To be invincible, you have to have a bed and a boat. Place the bed, then place the boat right near the bed, then go in the boat, then go from the boat to the bed, then have a second player in the game break the bed, you should then be removed back to the boat, then have the second player hit you once, you are now invincible and can get back on your feet.

You need to be on creative to do this. You need bricks, TNT, sticy piston and a lever. First make a cross 3 above the ground and 1 on each side.Then hit out the middle put about 4 more bricks on each brick still there then get on top and brake 2 of the bricks at the end then put a brick on the 3rd in side then go to the back an fill in the rest from the to the last brick.Then take your sticky piston and put it on the second brick you have opean then put the TNT on your last one cover the TNT and sticky piston with your bricks then what ever side the sticky piston put the lever put the lever on the left or right side then swich the lever then BOOM!! P.s. does work in rain p.p.s. if dosent work put the swich by the TNT then flick it.

Use axes to dig a hole to the Bedrock and then place TNT on the top of the bedrock ALL the way up to Layer 127. When you now explode the TNT you will make a hole into the Void.

Dig a hole that is three blocks deep, then place a glowstone overhead. Next you can throw an ender pearl at that glowstone and you'll be able to see all of your world's caves and ravines.

Get glowsto(1) and a enderpearl(1)then start by digging a hole three blocks deep and then go in it all the way look up and on the 1st block put a block of glostone then throw the enderpearl at the glowstone then tada you can see all caves.

Place a fence under your tilled farmland. Now if you walk on it with out creeping, it won't go back to normal dirt.

Find a mountain and dig a staircase down to bedrock then dig up in staircase form 12-15 layers dig around you could find diamond gold and redstone or a cave which may contain the precious ores.

Note: May not work on first try!

You Need:

1. Pickaxe

2. Sword

3. Dispenser

4. Thing you want to duplicate.

5. Chest


1. Place Thing you want to duplicate in the middle slot on the dispenser.

2. Set Chest 5 blocks away from dispenser

3. Get out Pickaxe and Sword.

4. Jump on top of Dispenser.

5. Mine the Dispenser until it is about to explode.

6. Immediately switch to your Sword before it explodes.

7. Go to the dispenser and hold A on the desired item

8. After you see glitched piece of desired, go to Chest.

9. You go to the chest, go to every slot and hold down the X button until each slot has 64.

First make sure your in creative then go to the End and kill the Ender Dragon then get a piston, lever, and seven blocks (of your choice) then put the piston on the block youv'e placed behind the egg (you have to get to the eye level to the bock ta put the piston down) put another block behind the piston surround the egg with blocks then put a lever on the block behind the piston and keep placing the egg down and pulling the lever to get more eggs.

Have a player open a dispenser and place the item you wish to duplicate in it, leaving the dispenser menu open. Then have a second player destroy the dispenser. The first player's menu should still be open and the item will be split into 64 pieces. Place these items one by one with by pressing X. Note: Transferring by pressing Y may cause the items to disappear.

To get the Into The Nether achievement easily, first of all you have to go into the tutorial mode. (This Tutorial Mode is in the latest Update) You will spawn outside a Huge house, enter the house. One of the rooms will have an enchanting table and a chest, open the chest and you will find a full set of Diamond tools. Next, you have to go to the minecart beside the house. when it stops, get off it turn around (so you are facing the house) and take a few steps forward. then dig into the ground, and once you are about 4 blocks deep, dig forward and you will find a cave. In the cave you will be able to find Iron. Mine the Iron. You will also find some gravel, mine th gravel until you get flint. Once you get it return to the house and craft flint and steel at the Crafting table.

Go upstairs and enter the bedroom, you will find a lever, pull the lever and you should hear a noise. Go back into the hallway and you will see a passage in the wall. Enter and you will find a nether portal, Get your diamond pickaxe and break ONE block of the nether portal and place it back. Then ignite the nether portal with your flint and steel, and you should get the achievement Into The Nether!

Create a new world and enter the seed "worstseedever". There should be a dungeon with a pig spanner (under sand). There will a chest (also under sand) with iron in it. Use it to make a picaxe. Find a hole in the dungeon and go down it. When you get to a split in the path turn right, and mine a few blocks.

Go on a map on survivail, save and exit. Then (you will need to remember or wright down cordiants) load your map you want the stuff on but this time on creative mode (try not to let the game save after it loaded). Mine around, when you find what you are looking for (write down the cordiants) turn off your game system. Load the same map on survivial mode and go to your cordiants and easy dimonds and other important things.

If you want to go to the nether but don't have obsidian there is another way. If you go to touriol mode and select peaceful. Then dig up a bunch of dirt and stack them all the way up to the minecraft sign in the air. There will be a lever and if you hit it a portal to the nether shall appear.

So if you want to go to the End, the easiest way to find ender pearls is to build a base near a large body of water, such as the sea. At night instead of going to bed, stand by the water with a pumpkin on your head. Endermen can't see you until you kill them, thanks to the pumpkin head. Use the pumpkin technique in the end and you will not be attacked by endermen so you can focus on the dragon. Later you can hunt endermen.

First, produce a hole towards the Bedrock having a Pickaxe (You might need a couple of with this). Then, Place TNT on top of the bedrock on Layer 127. Explode the TNT, and you've got designed a hole in to the Void.

First, locate a stronghold. When you find one, blow a lot of TNT up and since end portals don't blow up, it will be the only thing left in the cave.

Get any brick you want ( but not ones that might light on fire ) and get a bucket of lava redstone lever arrows dispenser and a fence gate. Then make a 3x3 wall out of the bricks with a hole in the middle. Next place bricks on the ground in front of the hole in the middle on the front and back. Next place the dispencer on a brick at the back and make it look out the front. Then place fence gate on the front brick then break that brick. Then fill in the hole with lava and fill the dispenser with the arrows. Next make your circuit with the redstone and lever. Then open the gate and pull the lever.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding gamerpic.

Creeper: Kill 10 Creepers.
Steve: Mine redstone.

Go to survive mode save game then go to create mode get any item you won't get a chest but every item that you have in the chest save game go back to survive mode and then you'll have everything you want.

Destroy a tree including the leaves. You should get a sapling. plant the sapling and in one minecraft month you should have a tree if the sapling isn't too close to other trees.

Do you love the music disk "Cat"? Well, if you play it on a jukebox and wait until the end of the music, wait for a few seconds without taking out the disk, and a new, hidden track called "Dog" will play. As much as I love cats, I think their music is nothing compared to the C418 music wonderland known as "Dog".

1. First you need to enter the end which is by placing 12 eye of enders in the end frame.
2. First make a base and destroy the cubes on top of the obsidion(they can also be shot with arrows).
3. Defeat the dragon by doing the easy way or the hard way,easy way is shooting him in the face with arrows,the hard way is using a dimond sword(they are not as powerful as bows are).
4. Get the egg by facing it and press LT, get a piston in front of the egg and activate it. You won!

First you need a dispenser me a switch with torches after you place everything like the air machine gun or the whole thing delete everything ninjain when you do that switch who is in and it's very cool.

Feed wheat to a cow pig and sheep feed wheat seeds to a chicken tame a wolf press lt two or three times then feed it raw beef (animals that or breeded cant be breeded again) then they will kiss for a little bit they will have hearts above them and then they will have a baby version of them self and feed also wheat seeds or just wheat to moosuhrum.

First, place an enchantment table down, next, put book shelves around the enchantment table. Finally, go to the enchantment table press RT or LT (I don't know which one it is) and you can see the enchanting numbers goes high up to like 33.

So to pick up the egg you need a lever and a piston place the piston so it is facing the egg put a lever next to the piston an pull it then pick up the egg.

If you want unlimited resources in minecraft (xbox, pc) you change your survival mode to creative and you place a lot of chests.Then you put all the items that you need in the chests. After that all you need to do is save and change the mode to survival.

First you'll need to be on creative because i have not tested on survival. You'll need:eye of ender and a end portal frame. First make a portal shape which is 5 by 5 then smash up one place the eye in each one then step in the portal and place the last frame now start flying make sure you don't go out of the frame then place the eye of ender in you now have a end portal you can smash the frame but it wont go.

Get a dispenser and a few 64's of fire charge and a lever and redstone if you would like. Next place down a dispenser then put the 64's in it. Next place a lever next to it. Then switch the lever back and forth a few times then you should see flames coming out of it.

Making a tnt trap is easy first you dig down two blocks. Then you place tnt in the hole. After that you place stone on top of the tnt and place a pressure plate on top of the stone. When a friend walks on it the tnt will explode and kill the target (this can be useful for gaurding houses).

For this to work (still works in redstone update) you need: 1 bucket of water, 1 bucket of lava, a diamond pick (to mine the obsidian you make), some building blocks (at least 3 to block in the lava more if you want to cover it up) 1 Piston, and as many redstone as you want to make abosidian. This is not an infinite glitch trick it is trading redstone dust for obsidian (the redstone dust is lost in the process) make a cobblestone generater with the piston in position to stop the lava flow. place redstone between were the water will meet the lava (redstone must be UNpowerd to work or it will just make cobblestone and you will lose the redstone anyway) from a top down view it should look like this..

W=Water, H=Whole for water to flow into, L=Lava, P=Piston, R=Redstone placement v=arrow to represent direction of piston arm.
O=Opening were I place a stone pressure place (not needed)


To make quicksand, you have to make a deep whole, then place webs in the whole, its now quicksand.

First you will need 1 piston, 2 redstone 1 lever and 1 glowstone/tnt.
Then dig a three deep hole on the top layer place the lever.
Under the lever dig a 2 deep hole past the lever.
Now put a block of glowstone/tnt.
Go to the surface on the right /left of the block with the lever on dig a two deep column backwards now replace those holes with redstone dust.
Your mine seeker is finished.
To operate jump into the hole and pull the lever to get out reverse the last step.

If you're tired of losing bids try picking a short one with about 100000 credits or a long one with about 30000 credits if a short one do a short race and wait out the rest or if long one do lots of races to get more credits for your bid.

Have at least twenty gravel for a GUARANTEED flint. Make a tower below your feet qand mine back down. You'll eventually run out of gravel and will need to get more. Flint can make arrows and flint and steel with an iron ingot that can make a portal to the nether. It's fun.

Make a portal to the Nether, which requires you to have 18 obsidian. Build a square structure (for example, five blocks high and four blocks wide) and then use a flint and stone to light the center. Now have a second person join the game and enter the portal. Once the second player is within the Nether, the first player should then destroy one of the obsidian blocks from which it was constructed. Then the person in the Nether should pass back through the portal. A random portal will now appear in your world, containing another 18 obsidian that you can mine. Obsidian is indestructible and thus very useful. You can repeat the process outlined above as many times as you like.

Farmers only trick! Have a garden full of Pumpkins and Melons, mine them down; craft the Melon Slices first, and use them for building material; unlimited source for building.

It's possible to become invincible if you have a friend who is willing to lend a hand. Start by creating a full set of Diamond Armor, which you should place in your inventory. Now place a Dispenser and put your Diamond Armor within the Dispenser. Next, have your friend smash the Dispenser. Grab your armor and place it back in your inventory. From there, equip the armor. Now have your friend hit you and the armor will disappear. However, you should now be invincible.

If you are wondering how to make an Iron or Snow Golem, Here's howto make an Iron Golem. First arrange iron blocks in a two block tall "T" shape and put a pumpkin on top of the middle block of the "T" and it should turn into an Iron Golem (unless you title update 13). Now to make a Snow Golem stack two snow blocks vertically and put a pumpkin on top of the snow blocks. (This will work with title update 13.)

You will need 5 glowstone, 2 sticky pistons, 1 lever, & 7 redstone dusts. Place 1 sticky piston on flat land. Place another sticky piston on top of the one you just placed. Put the glowstone beside the sticky piston. The entire structure should be 2x2 so far. Place 1 glowstone behind the bottom sticky piston. Put redstone dust on the glowstone you just place. Put another redstone dust behie it so it gets on the ground. Facing the back of the sticky piston, place 2 redstone dusts to the left. Still facing the back of the sticky piston, place 3 redstone dusts forward. Place a lever at the end of the redstone dust. Go back to the front where you placed the 2 glowstone a in the beginning. Skipping a block space, place 2 glowstones (1 on top of the other). Step in between the 2 stacks of 2 glowstone. Flip the switch. If you look down, you should see the ground underneath (caves, abandoned mineshafts, the End Portal????).

P.S: instead of glowstone you can use TNT, but I recommend using glowstone

If you have the trial of skin pack 1 the creeper and mandy are locked,but it you select the skin,press a and move the left stick right or left depending on who you want really quickly you will be the creeper or mandy elite.

Pause game play, then press Y to upload a screenshot to Facebook.

Create a new world and put in the seed mount blade. You will spawn on a mushroom biome and there will be only water near it.

Type in Grimm into a name tag and assign it to an animal, it will set them upside down. Type in jeb_ and assign it to a sheep. It'll make them rainbow. It must be under case.

Go to the nether with a boat in creative mode. clear bedrock off of a wall until you cannot break it anymore. place the boat in the wall & sail through it. if you did it right you should find the void.

In the nether if you find nether warts you can grow them but the won't grow in the real world and you have to plant them on soulsand it's the only thing you can put them on and then you have your nether wart farm.

Go to a tree and mine under neath it, put lava in the hole and wait,in 5 real days it will become solid, blow it up and put a creeper on the TNT, get the creeper to explode and the Place the creeper exploded a pickaxe will be in the hole the TNT made, wait 5-10 days and it will turn into a remote (warning lots of endermen will come after the remote and this only works 3 times so dont let endermen steal it and this remote is as strong as a sword)

To do this place ice in the ground as long as u want not down put sandstone on each side of the ice then put trap door on the ice then put two more layers of sandstone then put a roof finally at the end of each side make sure both trap doors are open to go fast start running once you get two the ice right away jump then you will go faster.

As you play through Tutorial mode, acquire enough blocks to build a staircase that allows you to reach the Minecraft sign in the sky. Investigate the area until you find a chest, which you can open to obtain some diamond armor.

This is a seed for herobrine, I have tried it and it works (may scare people when he strikes) the seed is: "jpgaming" just as you see it (without quotation marks) secondly, find an island away from your spawning one, next when you've found the island, find a massive cave in the island. Now go down with or without torches. Go far down (not too far) then mine straight above you until the top block is too far away for you to delete, now use the cobblestone/stone to go up, continue this until you can see the light of the outside. Now this bit may not work... Mine two blocks right, then walk in and jump. I was teleported out of the map and was dying, I could see trees in a cave, burning down, I think herobrine is trying to destroy my world as I write.

How to summon Herobrine is quite simple but it may not work. You will need 1 mossy cobblestone, 2 nether rack, 8 gold blocks,1 flint and steal, and 4 red stone torches. First place the mossy cobblestone on a flat surface, next place the gold blocks all around it, after that place a nether rack block on top of the cobblestone then place the other one on top of the one you just placed. Next place the four torches on the 4 gold blocks that are touching the mossy cobblestone. Finally take the flint and steal and light the top nether rack on fire to summon him.

Double tap A to fly. Then tap the left analog stick forward twice to sprint. This will make you fly insanely fast.

So for this cheat you're going to need 8 blocks of TNT, 21 blocks of gold, 5 redstone repeaters, 13 redstone, 1 lever, a bucket of water, and a stone slab. First you make a rectangle, 9 blocks down and three blocks across. Then, mine one of the middle blocks on the short end. (Choose wisely, as this will be the end the TNT will be coming out of.) Then, put the stone slab where that block was. After that, go around to the other end and place a gold block. Then, get on the other side of that block and put another gold block there. then, go back around and mine the first block.Put a lever where that block was. To the right, put redstone all the way down. On the left side, put 2 redstone, then put 4 redstone repeaters. Then, put one redstone, and then put the remaining 2 blocks of gold after it. Continue the redstone for 2 blocks. Set the redstone repeaters to the level of your choice. Then, take the bucket of water, and step into the cannon, facing the lever. Empty the bucket under the block, then get out. Put TNT over the water, and then on top of the stone slab. Pull the lever, and watch the TNT being launched! P.S. If you have not built this correctly, it will either blow up or simply not work. Don't be discouraged, though!

For this you will need to make a full room out of netherrack including the floor. then, you need flint and steel to light the inside of the room. Just for looks, you can add fire at the top. After that, you can put a window on it to watch him die, if you want. Then you just wait, or you can dance around and wait for it to come. (this might not work, cuz he could teleport out. Most of the time, he won't) hope this helps!

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

If you place water in the Nether, the water will typically evaporate. You can enter Creative Mode to get around that limitation (though you won't be able to update the leaderboards or unlock achievements in that world). Once you have accessed that mode, enter the Nether and place an ice block on your hotbar. Now you can wait for the block to melt and turn into water. That can take some time, but you can speed up the process by placing torches or glowstones nearby.

While at the pause menu, press Y to take a screenshot of the world and upload it to Facebook.

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