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Hitman: Blood Money

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Hitman: Blood Money on Xbox 360

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Complete the following achievements to unlock the indicated number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

In the last stage "Requiem", Diana will give you the antidote. You will die while the credits roll up. The game will end, if you just watch. But, if you push any buttons repeatedly, you will come back to life and your mission will be to leave no witnesses.

Successfully complete the game to change the background of the main menu.

Within the level entitled "The Murder of Crows", you will notice that there are three seperate bars in the area: Salsa, Rock and Blues. You can acquire outfits that correspond with the particular bars. Once you have selected the appropriate costume for your bar of choice, enter the bar, position 47 to stand amongst the other dancers on the dance floor and then leave the controller alone. After a few minutes 47 will start to get his groove on with the ladies and start dancing.

Proceed through the level until you reach the first two guards you must kill. Walk off the platform you are on and turn right. Walk a short distance and turn right again to face the garbage and rubble pile. Walk into the box that is slightly jutting out of the pile. You can pick up a TMP briefly. Grab it and it will have 25 in the clip, and a reserve of 666.

Take the therapist's suit and start interviewing the three hits. Kill them when they start talking and they will keep rambling.

After completing the game's introductory mission, "Death Of A Showman", then returning to the main menu, a screen is seen with options such as "Start Game", "Options", etc. The background of the menu is a church with people sitting on the benches. All of them are 47's future targets from numerous missions, which disappear from the benches as the player progresses through the game by having 47 eliminate them. The targets displayed are Lorne De Havilland, Alvard D'Alvade, Skip Muldoon, Carmine DeSalvo, Rudy Menzana, Lorenzo Lombardo, Vaana Ketlyn, Hendrick Schmutz, Sheikh Al-Khalifa, Vinnie Sinistra, Mark Purayah Jr. and Mark Parchezzhi III.

Kill the majority of your victims using Fiberwire. You will be dubbed "Pianoman." Note: This was accomplished on A New Life level with 15 dead.

In any level, use the knife to kill lots of people. Note: This was accomplished on the You Better Watch Out... level with 88 people killed with a knife.

In Curtains Down, there is a room in the basement on the west side where there are three rats. Occasionaly, a worker will come in and try to kill them with a nailgun. If you kill all three rats, a ket card entitled RATCLUB KEYCARD will appear on one of the tables on the west side of the room. If you take stairs near the target's dressing room to the second floor, and use it on the door on first door to the left, it will open a storage room with what appears to be a cel, and on the other side there are a bunch of rats havinga party and doing things like boxing, and playing cards.

On a certain newspaper, there will be a Chinese restaurant menu. The four items are actually people from Hitman Contracts. All these people were from the Lee Hong Assignation level (except the Blue Lotus Triad).

1. Boiled Red Dragon Feet: The Red Dragon Triad
2. Blue Lotus Tea: The Blue Lotus Triad
3. Mei Ling: Mei Ling, kidnapped girl who gives you the combination to the safe.
4. Zun Soup: Zun, the fat bodyguard of Lee Hong

You can re-play any level you've already beaten, and if you earn more money (by not leaving witnesses, low notoriety, etc.), the difference is added to your account balance (e.g. if you made $400,000 the first time and $500,000 the second time, then $100,000 is added to your balance). However, there is a glitch in the game that will let you add this difference to your account as many times as you want.

First, complete a level as poorly as possible, earning as little money as you can. Then save the game and go back to that level. This time, earn as much money as you can, and make sure you create a save point immediately before escaping the level. After you escape, the mission review screens will show your new account balance. You can press the B button to return to the first of these screens, and then press they Y button to replay the level. A warning message pops up alerting you that your progress will be lost; however, it turns out that your save points and account balance are NOT reset. As soon as the level restarts, you can load the save point you created earlier and escape the level again. Your account balance will again be increased by the difference you earned. You can repeat this process as many times as you wish.

When saving during a mission, a message box will come up telling you that it is saving. Press start before the Save Complete message appears and it will not count it towards your limit. There is no harm to the saved game.

During the mission when save the game, a message box will appear. Press start right before the "Save Complete" text appears and it will not count it towards your limit.

Purchase all the intel when a mission starts. Make a not of it, then pause game play and choose to restart the mission. You will have your original starting money, and the intel will now be available for purchase again even though you know what it contained.

On the newspaper after the first level you will see a side-story titled "Cold-Blooded Killers on the Run". The story states that two death row inmates escape custody during a prison transport. It also states the inmate's names as Adam Marcus (Kane) and Mr. Little (Lynch). Even though the names are not the same in this reference, it describes Kane and Lynch perfectly, as Adam being a former mercenary and working for The7, and Mr. Little being unstable and heavily-medicated.

Look at the license plates of cars on different levels. On A New Life, the suburbs, the license plate of all the cars reads BADBLOD (Bad Blood). On A House Of Cards the casino, the license plate of the first limo reads L1MONEY, or something similar.

After completing a level, the newspaper information varies depending on how you did. If you did poorly, the paper will say so in the paragraph. If you shoot very little and use mostly hand to hand it will say that there is not enough information to make a ranked description of you. High accuracy states you are a well trained marksman. Try doing the level differently to see different headlines.

When you complete the "Death on the Mississippi" mission, the headline of the newspaper reads, "School Janitor Burned To Death, Police describe the incident as regular lynching by local residents". Fred Krueger was a janitor who was burned by locals for murdering their children, and returns as a vengeful spirit to kill in dreams.

Requiem is the last level. Allow the credits to play all the way through. 47's body will be lowered underground. This level is playable. As the credits are playing, you can hear 47's heart beat and his health bar moving to the rhythm of his heart beat. As the credits are playing, repeatedly tap [X], [B], [A], [Y], [LT], and [RT] in any order. This must be done quickly. You will notice that his heart begins to beat faster and that his health bar rises. When his health bar reaches full, he will rise up and you will have control of him. The objective is to leave no witnesses, kill everyone.

When you are about to die and your screen becomes red, if you can kill many enemies before dying the screen will return to normal and you will be able to continue living. However, one bullet will you kill you.

There is a way to have unlimited saves in normal and expert modes. When you enter the menu and save, notice the red save status bar. When the bar is nearly complete, hold Start. This will exit out of the menu and go into the game before the game registers the save. Occasionally it may register a save. To lower the chances of this happening, save your games in a rotational manner. In other words, save in the top slot, then the second, then the third, then save back up to the first one again and repeat.

SP12 Shotgun
Butt stock ($50,000)
Flechette ammo ($50,000)
Extra ammo ($75,000)
Reload boost ($75,000)
12 gauge slugs ($75,000)
Short barrel ($100,000)
Rail mount ($100,000)
Laser sight ($150,000)
Bigger magazine ($150,000)
Red dot sight ($200,000)
Silencer type1 ($200,000)

Ris handguard ($50,000)
Low velocity ammo ($50,000)
Butt stock ($50,000)
Extra ammo ($75,000)
Laser sight ($75,000)
Rail mount ($75,000)
Armor piercing bullets ($75,000)
Silencer type 1 ($100,000)
Pistol grip ($100,000)
Double clip ($150,000)
Red dot sight ($150,000)
Silencer type 2 ($200,000)
Drum magazine ($200,000)
Scope type 1 ($200,000)

Low velocity ammo ($50,000)
Silencer type 1 ($50,000)
Extra ammo ($75,000)
Laser sight ($75,000)
Rail mount ($75,000)
Magnum ammo ($100,000)
Dual action ($100,000)
Long slide ($100,000)
Red dot sight ($150,000)
Large clip ($150,000)
Silencer type 2 ($200,000)
Full auto fire ($200,000)
Scope type 1 ($200,000)

SMG Tactical
Butt stock ($50,000)
Low velocity ammo ($50,000)
Extra ammo ($75,000)
Rail mount ($75,000)
Magnum ammo ($75,000)
Rapid fire ($100,000)
Short barrel ($100,000)
Silencertype 1 ($100,000)
Laser sight ($150,000)
Double clip ($150,000)
Silencer type 2 ($200,000)
Red dot sight ($200,000)

Misc. upgrades
Pain killers ($50,000)
7x50 zoom binoculars ($50,000)
Improved lockpick ($50,000)
Kevlar vest ($75,000)
Enhanced detonator ($75,000)
Adrenaline ($100,000)
Flak vest ($100,000)
Extra mine ($100,000)
Cratt Schultz lockpick ($150,000)
Foil padded suitcase ($150,000)
Flexible flak vest ($200,000)


Desert Eagle
Slp.40 Pistol
Snub Nosed
Six Shooter


SP12 Shotgun
SMG tactical


Air Rifle

Sniper rifles

Elephant Rifle
Kazo Trg
W2000 Sniper

No hideout weapons



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