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Gears of War 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Gears of War 2 on Xbox 360

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skin in Multiplayer mode.

SkinHow to unlock

In Act 2,Chapter 2 "Indigenous Creatures", when you first get to use the rock-worm as cover against enemies, there will be two ladders behind a group of enemies where a Troika gun is located. Note: This is where Marcus says that it looks like a staging area after you kill the enemies. After killing the enemies, get up on one of the ladders before Dom or Carmine gets up. Wait for one of them to start climbing, then get directly in their way when they give their final pull upwards. They will stand on the edge and fall down. Keep doing this and eventually Carmine will give up and just stand at the base of the ladder until you go to a different area. Note: This trick might work on different ladders.

In Horde, starting a new wave clears all the weapons dropped by enemies so if you want to carry over heavy weapons such as mulchers boomshields or mortars, pick them up and carry them until the new wave of enemies appear. This way, you can still get a new copy of the weapon if it is one of the default weapons of the map or have the advantage of having extra firepower at the start of the wave.

There is a small tunnel in the central area of Pavilion which leads to a Boomshield and there is an ammo supply near the entrance. You can simply plant the shield in the middle of the tunnel and that is enough to prevent most, if not all enemies from entering. This is very useful from preventing heavy attackers such as bloodmounts, butchers and maulers. It is possible to hold all 50 waves from this position.

Start at the beginning of Act 1 Chapter 3 "Rolling Thunder" on Insane difficulty. At the start, before the cutscene, there are 3 cowboy hats in the area. Take out your pistol and shoot them. Remember to press BACK to skip the dialog.

Assuming you are facing the direction the rig will be moving, the first is on the side of the building behind and to the right of the rig.
The second is between the front wheel and back wheel of a tank sitting to the left of the rig.
The third is behind the second large gas tank next to the tank with the previous cowboy hat.

Shooting all 3 will give you the following effects:
All characters on the rig will immediately equip cowboy hats.
In the next chapter, if you fail kill the driver of the hijacked rig in time, when you see the cutscene of your rig falling into the ravine, you will see a cowboy hat floating down to earth.
If you succeed to kill the driver of the hijacked rig, he will be wearing a cowboy hat when he hangs out the window before the cutscene.
During the cutscene where the hijacked rig falls into the ravine, you will see a cowboy hat falling down to earth.
A corpser that emerges from the ground later in the chapter will be wearing a cowboy hat and scream "YEE HAW!"

Shoot some bullets out of the weapon that you want to disguise. Then, reload while shooting. As soon as it reaches the active reload area, change to smoke and throw it. Then, switch to the gun to be disguised, then to the weapon you want to use to hide the weapon. Repeat the steps from the change weapon part. For example, you can use the shotgun and disguised it as a pistol. Your screen will display the weapon you wanted to disguise; other screens except for the host will display a pistol.

To easily kill a flame grenadier in Story mode, aim your gun at the fuel tanks on its back. It then becomes a very large mobile grenade. Do not stand too close to it or else you will be downed or killed.

When playing in Horde mode, go to the Day One map. Inside the Game room there should be a shield. Pick up the shield and go to one of the two staircases. Depending on which staircase you choose, you can select between a cycle of Longshot/Torque Bow or Mulcher/Mortar. Plant the shield in the middle of the staircase with the shield facing toward the bottom of the staircase. If placed properly, this will block larger enemies like the Bloodmounts and Boomers from reaching you, allowing for easy kills. There is plenty of cover for you to snipe drones running around and ducking for cover on the ground. It is best to kill a Mauler with a shield to plant additional shields. Drones and Sires will kick the shield down if you do not kill them as they run up. Even if they do, just run up the stairs and jump over the cover. You can kill anyone using blind fire or shooting and ducking. You can even plant a frag or smoke grenade somewhere for a quick kill or get some chainsaw action while they are down. Then, just set up your shields again and continue. Keep in mind when you kill the last enemy and the new horde begins, you have about twenty seconds before your shields will disappear. You must kick them down and replant them. You can also pick one up before you kill the last enemy.

When playing in Horde mode, go to the Blood Drive map. You should begin somewhere on top of a double staircase. One direction leads all the way down, while the other leads off to the side through a room then leading to a smaller staircase. Run to the room. There should be ether frags or an ink grenade behind the pillar (they cycle with each Horde). If it is ink, just die. Its easiest to start with frag grenades. Plant a grenade on each wall next to each staircase. Go back to the room and collect the grenades as they respawn. Stay outside one side of the room killing enemies. If someone runs up they will blow up; just replant the grenade when that happens. Also, you will hear the grenades explode if someone tries to sneak behind you. Once again, replant the grenade if this happens. This works best in Co-op mode because each player can only plant two grenades of the same type, and of course you can watch out for each other. If player one plants a smoke then plants a frag grenade, player one's smoke grenade will automatically explode. Using two people you can plant four frag or ink grenades. As you kill enemies, if someone gets too tough, just Roadie Run past a grenade. They will always chase you. When you get to Horde 3 you should have a Boomshield Mauler come for you. Kill him and take his shield. Plant the shield in one of the doorways where the grenades are located (two Maulers, two shields, two blocked doorways). With both players in the room, the grenades, and blocked doorways, fighting off enemies should not be as difficult. Before you kill the last enemy, load up on ammunition. You can get some ammunition back as each Horde begins. Remember to pick up your shields or replant them as the new Horde begins so that they do not disappear. The Torque Bow takes out most enemies fairly quickly with a headshot if you wind it until it self releases. If you run out of ammunition, you can melee behind the shield (the Torque Bow is the most powerful melee weapon) or tag with grenades. The flame thrower kills groups very fast.

This trick works better with only two players. In the "River" map, go any of the two houses with the sniper or torque bow. Put a grenade at the entrance then hide behind the columns there. Crouch for maximum cover, then wait for a Boomer with the shield to get in. Kill him and take his shield. Put it in the ramp so that no enemy can get in, then shoot away.

You must be in Horde on Day One. When a Boomsheild spawns go over to the stairs with the longshot and torque bow. Go half way down the stairs and place the boomshield. It will be floating and will be stopping all locusts, except a few tickers and wretches.

Successfully complete Campaign mode under the Insane difficulty setting to unlock a Gamerpic of Marcus.
Successfully complete Seriously 2.0 to unlock another Marcus Gamerpic.
Get the "Friends With Benefits" achievement to unlock a Gamerpic of Marcus and Dom.
With the Collectors Edition of the game, insert the bonus disc in and go to "Gamer Pictures". You will unlock both of the sets. One set has COG and the other has Locust.

He has his hands in the room and shotting like nuts but there is room to get under it fast run and you will run under the bullets and go round the corner and kill the bad guy and jump on to the bromak then kill all the guys in your way then it will step in amulshen and go lambet like the wrenches in gears of war 1 but way bigger you jump into a raven and kill it with the hammer of dawn and there is your bomb and the game is done you sink jacinto and flood the bad guys kingdom.

Achieve the highest rank possible on online multiplayer.

Successfully complete the game and allow the credits to end. A secret message will play after the credits.

Turn on the game and wait for the "Gears of War: Press Start" screen to appear. Do not press Start. Allow the screen to idle for a few minutes and a video will begin to play.

It is easier to play horde mode with friends but in case you'll play it alone, look for "chokepoint" in the map. This is a location which you can easily defend and where you can access weapons and ammo easily. Each map has such locations; you just need to find them.

Successfully complete the game.

Enter the arcade room on the "Day One" multiplayer map with a character or the Ghost Cam. One of the fake arcade machines is entitled "Murder Simulator", a jab at attorney Jack Thompson, who often labeled Gears Of War (among other games) a "murder simulator".

Equip pistols and melee them to kill them instantly.

When you see a Boom Shield, pick it up and place it in the ground. Take cover behind it. Immediately get out of cover and change weapons (D-pad). You will fly into the air, flip twice, and land nicely behind an enemy, if they are after you.

Close to the end of the game, when you hijack the Brumak, click the Right Analog-stick while riding it.

After playing a game of submission if you press "Y" to check your game stats you can scroll down to the meatflag (Hanley, Chaps, or Franklin) and see that they also have a gamercard with a profile written in detail! Not only that, the meatflag even has a few achievements.

Two or three players can chainsaw the same enemy. It looks extremely funny to the players on screen.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding skin for Multi-player mode.

Anthony Carmine: Complete Act 1 in the original Gears Of War (have any Act 1 achievement unlocked from that game).
Dizzy Wallin: Complete Act 1 in Single Player mode.
Flame Grenadier: Complete Act 4 in Single Player mode.
Kantus: Complete Act 2 in Single Player mode.
Lt. Minh Young Kim: Find 10 COG tags in the original Gears Of War (have the "Time To Remember" achivement unlocked from that game).
RAAM: Defeat RAAM in the original Gears Of War (have the "A Dish Best Served Cold" achievement from that game).
Skorge: Complete Act 5 in Single Player mode.
Tai Kaliso: Complete Act 3 in Single Player mode.

When in front of a downed enemy, press X + A. This will also automatically break the enemy's neck from any direction quickly and effectively without picking the enemy up first.

AchievementHow to unlock

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

The following achievements are available with the bonus downloadable Flashback and Combustible Map Packs:

AchievementHow to unlock

Complete Seriously 2.0 to unlock an additional Gamerpic of Marcus.

Clear the campaign on Insane to unlock a gamerpic of Marcus.

Earn the Friends with Benefits achievement (Complete all acts in Co-op on any difficulty) to unlock a gamerpic of Marcus and Dom.

Tap Back to skip the cinematic sequences. Whenever Marcus is talking to control (he will have a finger on his ear) or to Alpha 2, you can also skip it so and complete the level faster. Marcus will sometimes say something similar to "Don't wanna here it" or "Quit yapping".

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

When you reach rank 100, instead of "100" appearing as your rank, you will instead have a star. This indicates it as being the highest rank possible.

Play Act 4 Chapter 5, "The Best-Laid Plans". After meeting Dom (or Marcus if co-op) again, walk to the end of the hallway where Locust ammunition boxes are found. Shoot the pedestal in the center along the wall and press X to reveal a hidden toaster that will pop some toast.

Weapons you can unlock from these enimies during the game.

Boltok Pistil - Already Unlocked
Boomshield - Maulers
Boomshot Assult Rifle - Boomers
Frag Grenade - Already Unlocked
Gnasher Shotgun - Grenaders
Gorgon Pistil - Kantus
Hammer of Dawn - Berserkers
Hammerburst Assult Rifle - Drones
Ink Grenade - Maulers
Lancer Assult Rifle - Already Unlocked
Longshot Sniper Rifle - Snipers
Mortars - Seeders
Mulcher - Grinders
Schorcher Flamethrower - Flame Boomers
Snub Pistil - Find It
Torque Bow - Theron Gaurds
Trokia Turret - General RAAM | Submitted by LibertyCity4

While standing above a Boomshield, equip your pistol. Perform a melee attack and quickly press X + D-pad Left or Right. If done correctly, you should now be using whatever weapon was in the left or right slot with your Boomshield equipped. This will not work with a Mulcher or mortar as they do not occupy an actual weapon slot.

Play Act 1 Chapter 3, "Rolling Thunder", under the Insane difficulty setting. Shoot the three hidden cowboy hats at the start of the chapter. You and all the COG will wear cowboy hats for the rest of the level.

Additionally, a Corpser that appears from the ground later in the chapter will wear a cowboy hat and shout "Yee haw".

In act 4, "The Hive", chapter 5, "The Best-Laid Plans" after rejoining with Dom (or Marcus if co-op) walk all the way down the hallway where locust ammo boxes are. There is a pedestal in the center along the wall. Shoot it with a weapon (preferably shotgun) and press "X". Hope you like crispy toast! Dom does...


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