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Fable Anniversary

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Fable Anniversary - Xbox 360

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Early in game when you practice strength and melee with Whisper, you will engage her in a duel. Defeat her without getting hit. If you happen to get hit, wait for the NPC that grades your performance to get another chance.

While wearing assassin armor, use the fart expression.

When trolls throw rocks, hit them with your melee weapon to send it back at them. Make sure you have enough distance from the troll to give you enough time to hit the flying rock.

After you get a follower, heal him or her with Heal Life. You do not need to be on an escort quest, and the NPC can be at full health when Heal Life is used.

There are three difficult doors that may be missed. The remaining doors can be opened at any time. Finish the Arena and chose to kill Whisper during the storyline. Mayor "Lady Grey" will invite you to her place. Go to Bowerstone North and speak to her to start the "Mayor's Invitation" quest. Complete the quest, but do not start the other quest given by the man in the cell. He is trying to expose her, and by doing so she will disappear. The last part of "Mayor's Invitation" involves fighting Thunder. Bdoing so you will open a door that requests you to beat a hero. After defeating Thunder, marry Lady Grey. Go to Grey House near the Darkwoods to find a door. It will open only when you are married to Lady Grey. You will receive a quest at Darkwood Bordello. Complete it and free the girls. You will not be able to open the door initially. Speak to the door and have sex ten times with one of the bordello's residents. Note: The old lady costs only 50.

When a summoned creature kills a stronger creature, it will turn into that creature permanently. From that point on, when you cast Summon that new creature will appear. When you unlock the Summon spell, you will always summon a wasp. Progress the summoned creature until it is a balverine or a stronger enemy. The higher your summon skill, the easier it will be.

Head for the Ancient Cullis Gate, in Darkwood. As you approach the gate, a group of Hobbes enemies will appear. Slay them, then head toward the bridge that leads in the direction opposite the gate. Touch the bridge, then backtrack toward the gate again. More Hobbes enemies will appear. You can keep repeating that process to easily kill a bunch of Hobbes enemies, earning a lot of experience in the process.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

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