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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires running on Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires

Cheats & Hints for Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires - Xbox 360 - if you have cheats for this page, contact us.

Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires Cheats & Hints Quick Index

Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the number of Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding artwork.

ArtworkHow to unlock

After completing Officer mode or possibly Empire mode in general you will unlock a Knight armor set. The armor set when examined, is from Bladestorm. It is the paladin set.

When you become a ruler in Empire mode, be wary of the officer Diao Chan. Staying true to her namesake and Story mode, she has only one reason to enter your employ. When obtained, and a message stating, "Hearing of your deeds...." or something to that effect, "...Diao Chan decided to join you", dismiss her. She will steal some of your officers in this random event you cannot control or stop once in motion, saying "I can finally put my father's plan into action" or something similar, Note: If it instead states "Diao Chan entered your employ", the event most likely should not happen.

Use the following trick to unlock all the costumes pieces without having to replay a level repeatedly. Play a level that unlocks the desired costume. Just before the level ends, select "Option" and save the game on file A. Complete the level to get a random costume piece. Then, save the game on file B. Load save file A and you will be back on that level. End the level to get another random costume piece. Save the game on file B, load file A, and repeat until all costume pieces are obtained.

Successfully complete the indicated Mercenary missions in Empire mode to unlock the corresponding male and female costumes. Complete the stages multiple times unlock all the pieces.

CostumeHow to unlock

When in Ruler mode and you obtain Lu Meng, he asks you to leave on a journey to train and learn. You have no say in the matter, but for a few months, his troop count falls to 1 (as in just himself). You are free to use him, but this is not wise, considering the effects of troop numbers in battles, which is very important compared to Officer mode. When he returns, he obtains a second ability, "Flames" (though it may be random), and his troop count returns to normal.

Use the following gems to create the corresponding weapon upgrade.


Arrow Sight: 1 Steel; 1 Pure Sapphire
Balance: 1 Amber; 1 Pure Gold
Berserk: 1 Sapphire; 1 Pure Malachite
Concentration: 1 Ruby; 1 Pure Topaz
Fire Seal: 3 Moon Silver; 2 Moon Ruby; 1 Phoenix Feathers; 1 Star Ruby
Flash: 9 Star Topaz; 7 Dragon Scales; 5 Dragon Hair; 3 Dragon Claws
Guardian Spirit: 1 Moon Topaz
Ice Seal: 4 Moon Crystal; 2 Moon Jade; 1 Dragon Beard
Leech: 1 Agate; 1 Jade; 1 Pure Crystal; 1 Pure Ruby
Lightning Seal: 4 Moon Sapphire; 2 Star Diamond; 1 Dragon Liver
Mystic Seal: 2 Gold
Phantom Hand: 1 Ruby; 1 Pure Diamond; 1 Pure Steel
Swift Strike: 2 Moon Amber; 1 Moon Malachite; 1 Tiger Claws; 1 Dragon Jaw
True Musou: 2 Silver; 1 Moon Steel; 1 Moon Diamond
Wind Seal: 2 Moon Agate; 1 Star Malachite; 1 Dragon Heart


Blizzard: 4 Star Jade; 4 Star Topaz; 1 Lion Tail; 1 Dragon Liver
Brace: 1 Ruby; 1 Pure Malachite
Double: 1 Malachite; 1 Pure Ruby
Falcon: 2 Star Crystal; 1 Star Gold; 1 Dragon Hair; 1 Dragon Tail
Fire: 2 Sapphire; 1 Pure Malachite; 1 Star Agate
Flames: 5 Star Steel; 2 Star Silver; 1 Phoenix Feathers; 1 Dragon Eye
Focus: 2 Jade; 1 Pure Gold; 1 Pure Crystal
Hide: 2 Diamond; 1 Pure Gold
Ice: 2 Gold; 1 Amber; 1 Pure Jade
Recover: 2 Star Amber; 2 Star Diamond; 1 Dragon Jaw; 1 Dragon Beard
Rockfall: 2 Ruby; 1 Pure Topaz; 1 Star Sapphire
Steal: 1 Topaz; 1 Pure Agate
Stun: 2 Agate; 1 Pure Ruby; 1 Moon Gold
Taunt: 1 Crystal; 1 Pure Silver
True Speed: 1 Malachite; 1 Pure Amber

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