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Xbox 360 - Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen screenshot

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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on Xbox 360

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Open the entrance of the Vault of Defiled Truth inside the Duskmoon Tower. Each time you run into Barrock, purchase three Rancid Bait Meat. Defeat all enemies in Duskmoon Tower courtyard and stand next to the entrance of Vault of Defiled Truth. Use the Rancid Bait Meat. Cursed Dragon should appear. If not, enter the Vault and exit back into Duskmoon Tower courtyard, and the dragon will be there. Defeat the dragon, collect the items, and Rift Crystals. As long as Rancid Bait Meat is there, enter Vault, exit, and the dragon will re-appear. Drop more Rancid Bait Meat and repeat the process.

Save the game before opening each chest to use God's Bane if needed. Enter Fallen City. At the bottom of the stairs, climb the building to the north with the chest. Look down to the lower roof with the chest (level 3 W); cluster of buildings in the center of all buildings southern chest (Level 3 Ar); chest that can be missed west side of building furthest west on map (Level 3 Ar); treasure room after defeating Daimon first chest left (level 3 W), middle left chest with Moonbeam Gem; other two chests (level 3 Ar). Bonus Daimon can drop level 3 armor or level 3 weapons.

Enter The Chamber of Lament offline. Each time you damage the Ur Dragon, collect the item drops. Defeat the dragon and collect the Wakestones and weapon, then repeat the process. Equip the Suasion augment for Arisen and Pawn. Recruit two other pawns with Suasion (sell items for more). Sell the Wakestones, dropped dragon items, and duplicate rewarded weapons.

Have a saved game file from Dragon's Dogma to get an unlimited ferrystone, some armor sets, and rift crystals.

Gorechimera will appear at night on the beach outside of your hometown, Cassardis. Defeat it for 13,000 experience points, and double that number with the Veterans Periapt. Enter Cassardis, rest at the inn for five nights, and repeat the process.


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