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Dead Rising 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Dead Rising 2 on Xbox 360

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

TrophyHow to unlock

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding ending sequence.

Ending A: Complete all cases, give Katey the Zombrex each time, do not give TK the Zombrex before completing "The Facts".
Ending B: Give Katey the Zombrex each time, starting at Case 6-2 allow the time to advance until 7 a.m. on September 29, do not complete "The Facts".
Ending C: Do not do the cases while giving Katey Zombrex each time, be in the safehouse before the military arrives.
Ending D: Be outside the safehouse when the military arrives.
Ending F: Do not give Katey the Zombrex and be in the safehouse by the time the military arrives.
Ending S: Complete all cases, give Katey the Zombrex each time, give TK the Zombrex before completing "The Facts".

Stand near any ledge you can jump on. When you hear Leon coming, try to get him to hit the ledge and get stuck. Then, jump on the ledge, and simply keep hitting him with a melee weapon until he has been defeated.

Try to lure Leon into a maintenance room. Then, close the doors, and keep hitting him with a melee weapon until he has been defeated.

Get the motorbike from the front of the arena. Drive it to the fireworks store at Silver Strip. Get rockets and ride the bike to the alley with the maintenance room. Get a metal pipe and ride the bike to the rock canyon. Enter the maintenance room in the rocks and create a rocket launcher. Exit the door of the maintenance room and stand in the left side corner. Save the game. When Leon appears from the left side, he will run into the wall. Shoot him with the rocket launcher and repeat until he has been defeated.

You can defeat most psychopaths by attacking them with the Knife Gloves (Bowie Knife + Boxing Gloves) while under the effect of the Pain Killer drink (Beer + Beer or Vodka + Vodka).

Use the following trick to easily kill Sgt. Dwight during Case 6-2. When you enter Fortune Park, go to the red SUV. It costs $2 million to unlock by purchasing the keys. Get in the SUV and drive to the entrance of the underground area. Squeeze the SUV into the underground area. When you get to the entrance for the loading bay, notice that it is blocked off by a line of large boxes. It is possible to drive over these boxes and squeeze the SUV under the security gate, which will trigger the cinematic for the Boss fight against Sgt. Dwight. After the cinematic, you will be on foot again. However, if you look at where you entered, you will see the SUV is stuck halfway in the room. Get in the SUV and squeeze it in the rest of the way. You can now use it to kill Sgt. Dwight.

When you go down the the tunnels, go directly to the second maintenance room on the left side, following the arrow towards the mission. There should be a Servbot mask and lawnmower outside. Combine those to make the Superslicer. Take this to the fight. Whenever he stops to reload, charge him with the Superslicer on. If done correctly, you can defeat him in about five hits.

Collect the following items to unlock the achievement:

Bag of marbles
Beach ball
Funny painting (obtained on the case 4 mission "Art Appreciation")
Giant stuffed bull
Giant stuffed donkey
Giant stuffed elephant
Giant stuffed rabbit
Robot bear
Stick pony
Tiger (give it steak or ribs to tame it)
Water gun

Go to Ye Olde Toybox (R107) on the first floor in Royal Flush Plaza. There is an unlimited pile of Lizard Masks. Keep picking up and putting the masks on nearby zombies until you get the "Masquerade" achievement.

Go to Baron Von Brathaus (Y101) in Yucatan Casino. Grab the Mona Lisa painting by the front register and the other painting next to it. Grab the Servbot Mask on the table. Find a nearby zombie, and slam the Mona Lisa painting on it. Slam the other painting on it. Slam the Servbot Mask on it. Then, grab a Large Barrel outside Baron Von Brathaus, and slam it on the zombie with a hard attack to get the "Stick 'Em Up" achievement.

Find a zombie (usually in a crowd) with his hands in the air. Kill him to release the queen in a bottle, as in the original Dead Rising. Get a beer and go to the candy store. Take some jelly beans. Combine the jelly beans and beer to create nectar. Combine the nectar and the queen to unlock the achievement, as well as a combo card.

Before the psychopath battle with Ted at the Yucatan Casino, collect four steaks. Then, defeat Ted without hitting Snowflake in the process. Once Ted has been killed, continue running from Snowflake, but periodically drop the steaks as you go. Lead Snowflake in circles until she has eaten all the steaks, making sure not to attack her. Shortly after Snowflake is full, a cutscene will play, and you will get "The Skill To Survive" achievement.

To make your level skyrocket to level 50 go out to Fortune Park and head towards the Atlantica Casino. Don't go in. Instead, follow the wall right until you see a maintenance door. There should be a stick of dynamite and a hunk of meat right outside the door. Pick both of these up head inside and combine them, to get the dynameat. Leave and head right to the fireworks stand. Grab some firecrackers and jump up on top of the stand. Lure a large amount of zombies near you using the firecrackers, then when you feel your group is large enough, jump into the middle of the crowd and use the dynameat, and get out quickly. The resulting explosion will cause your PP bar to go through the roof with points. All of the items respawn when you leave Fortune Park and come back so you can do this as many times as you like. This trick is still very effective at levels 45+.

Destroy an ATM machine. Each one will drop between $2,000 and $2,500.

Find a slot machine that has see a pile of $100 in front of it. You can win on that slot machine up to five times. Go to the map by entering any casino or the machines by the Sports Car in the Royal Flush Plaza. The machine will then give out winnings again.

Make sure you have at least $25,000 to $50,000 before doing this trick. Go to the Slot Ranch casino. On one of the walls is a Heart slot machine that has two buy in amounts ($100 and $1,000). Select $1,000. Keep playing this machine until you have $6 million. It will not take very long. Then, buy as much as desired. The best combinations (hearts fill in for the third slot), three hearts are $100,000; two hearts and a dollar sign are $100,000; two hearts and a diamond are $50,000; and two hearts and a seven are $25,000.

At any time in the game after you first make it to the safe house and save your game, go to "quit game" and restart the story. After this DO NOT PRESS START TO SKIP THE CUT-SCENE. This will allow you do do the opening "Slicecycles" sequence again and gain $10,000 for coming in 1st place. This process can be done as many times as you'd like.

Successfully complete the game and start a New Game+ session. Skip the opening cinematic to also advance past the "Terror Is Reality" section until your arrival at the emergency bunker.

Use the following combinations to create the corresponding food.

Energizer (cannot be injured for ten seconds)
Chili + Chili
Taco + Hamburger

Nectar (attracts nearby Queens and spawns one Queen nearby for six minutes)
Orange Juice + Orange Juice
Jelly Beans + Beer
Onion Rings + Orange Juice

Pain Killer (take half physical damage for one minute)
Beer + Beer
Vodka + Vodka

Quick Step (increase movement speed for one minute)
Milk + Jelly Beans
Wine + Beer
Bacon + Pie

Randomizer (stomach pains that make Chuck vomit three times within three minutes)
Beer + Cooking Oil
Wine + Vodka

Repulse (zombies ignore you for one minute; cancels out Zombait)
Bacon + Chili
Chili + Large Soda
Chili + Ketchup
Chili + Onion Rings
Chili + Pie

Spitfire (spit flames at zombies for one minute)
Bacon + Onion Rings
Ketchup + Ketchup
Bacon + Orange Juice
Chili + Orange Juice

Untouchable (cannot be grabbed by zombies but can still take damage from attacks for one minute)
Bacon + Bacon
Pizza + Large Soda
Bacon + Milk
Chili + Milk
Onion Rings + Milk
Onion Rings + Pie
Pie + Orange Juice
Orange Juice + Milk

Zombait (attract zombies for one minute)
Jelly Beans + Chili
Apple + Taco
Pie + Milk

Start a new game then win the race. After you win go to the first toilet that you encounter and save your game. Now, go to the main menu and select START GAME and then select RESTART STORY. DO NOT skip the cutscene. You will keep the money and PP that you earned after winning the race ($10,000 for first place) and repeat this as many times as you like

Search the following locations to get free Zombrex.

Americana Casino: Follow the right side at the fork on the second floor of the BBQ restaurant. Jump on the balcony and over to the closest light then continue across the rest of the lights.
Code Blue mission: Save and bring the paramedic to Dean (from the Once Bitten mission). The paramedic will also give Dean a free Zombrex.
Royal Flush Plaza: Defeat the Postal Worker during the mission.
Royal Flush Plaza: Found during the case, in Big Roy’s Mart.
Silver Strip Diner: Bring Richard (Hunger Pains) food and rescue him.
Slot Ranch Casino: Go backstage behind the curtain and climb up the stack of boxes and speakers. Jump on a smaller stack of boxes and speakers.
Underground Access: Go directly under the Atlantica Casino. Note: The underground path overlaps the upper edge of the casino. The Zombrex is near an access ladder on a raised walkway.
Yucatan Casino: Look on top of the tallest slot machine display in the middle.

Collect all four pieces of the knight armor to get half damage. If lose 50% health, the armor will break and you will take normal damage in your underwear. The armor pieces can be found as follows.

Beard: In the rear of the "Wave of Style" hairdresser's shop in Royal Flush Plaza.
Knight's Armor: Complete the game with an "S" rank.
Knight's Boots: Purchased for $2 million from "Moe's Migitations" on the Platinum Strip
Knight's Helmet: Rescue Jack in "Meet the Family" and defeat him in a poker game in the "Ante Up" case.

To do this you need at least one other player. Start up a save and grab a magazine you would like to duplicate. Now have your other player do the same in their own game. Both save the game. Player B joins Player A and drops the magazine and leaves the game. Player A saves the game. Now Player A has two copies of the magazine! You can do this over and over again to get up to twelve of the same type. So, if you have 12 bargaining magazines the price at pawnshops drop 120%! Or you could get 12 driving books and have your SUV indestructible.

AchievementHow to unlock

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item.

Bowling Shirt: Import a saved game file from Dead Rising: Case Zero.
Champion's Jacket: Win a TIR Online episode.
Convicts: Kill 10 psychopaths.
Dealer Outfit: Change into all available pieces of clothing.
Hockey Mask: Use every melee weapon to make a kill.
Hunting Jacket: Import a saved game file from Dead Rising: Case Zero.
Overalls: Import a saved game file from Dead Rising: Case Zero.
Tattered Clothes: Kill 1,000 zombies with hand-to-hand.
TIR Helmet: Earn $1,000,000 in TIR Online.
TIR Outfit: Earn $5,000,000 in TIR Online.
Waitress Oufit: Import a saved game file from Dead Rising: Case Zero.
Willamette Mall Outfit: Rescue 50 survivors.

While unarmed, hold [Aim] and press [Throw] or [Fire]. Although it will not do much damage, it can be done an unlimited number of times.

Instead of carrying survivors in your arms or your back, push a wheelchair up to them and wait for them sit down. Note: They do not have to be injured. You can then run them back to the safehouse easily. Do not hit too many zombies or walls or you will dump the survivor and the wheelchair will break.

Combine the indicated items to create the corresponding weapon.

Air Horn: Traffic cone + Aerosol spray
Beer Hat: Bottle of beer + Hard hat
Blambow: Bow and arrows + TNT
Blitzkrieg: Assault rifle + Electric wheel chair
Defiler: Axe + Sledgehammer
Drill Bucket: Bucket + Drill
Dynameat: Human hand (or meat) + TNT
Electric Rake: Car battery + Rake
Exsanguinator: Vacuum cleaner + Saw blade
Fire Spitter: Tiki torch + Light machine gun
Flamethrower: Gas can + Super soaker
Fountain Lizard: Lizard head mask + Pipe
Freedom Bear: Giant teddy bear + Light machine gun
Gem Blower: Gems + Leaf blower
Hail Mary: Football + Grenade
Heliblade: Toy helicopter + Machete
Improvised Explosive Device: Box of nails + Gas can
Infernal Arms: Training sword + Motor oil (located behind the casino stage)
Letrci-Rake: Rake + Car battery
Light Saber: Gems + Flashlight
Molotov: Newspaper + Booze
Moto-Saw: Dirt bike + Chainsaw
Paddlesaw: Canoe paddle + Chainsaw
Pitchfork Shotgun: Pitchfork + Shotgun
Power Guitar: Guitar + Amp
Propeller Hat: Serve-Bot head + Propeller
Rocket Launcher: Pipe + Fireworks
Snowball Cannon: Extinguisher + Super soaker
Spiked Bat: Box of nails + Baseball bat
Tenderizers: Box of nails + MMA gloves
Tesla Ball: Hamster ball + Car battery
Wolverine Claws: Boxing gloves + Bowie knife
Zombie Eater: Push lawnmower + 2X4

Additionally you can create vehicle-weapon combinations after you unlock the motorcycle trailer by completing the "Here Come The Contestants" mission:

Chainsaw Motorcycle: Motorcycle + Chainsaw
Machine Gun Motorcycle: Motorcycle + LMG
Rabbit Motorcycle: Motorcycle + Giant Stuffed Rabbit (found outside on top of Moe's Maginations); earns 10 PP for every killed zombie

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