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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on Xbox 360

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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

Reach the indicated level to unlock the corresponding bonus.

Level 5: Throwing Knife
Level 6: SCAR-L (Assault Rifle)
Level 8: SPAS-12 (Shotgun)
Level 10: P99 (Handgun)
Level 11: Blind Eye
Level 12: Dragunov (Sniper)
Level 13: Scrambler (Tactical)
Level 14: PKP Pecheneg (LMG)
Level 15: Hardline
Level 15: Revenge (Death Streak)
Level 16: MP9 (Machine Pistol)
Level 18: CM901 (Assault Rifle)
Level 19: Sitrep
Level 20: Specialist (Strike Package)
Level 21: EMP Grenade (Tactical)
Level 22: A550 (Sniper)
Level 22: Extreme Conditioning
Level 24: Javelin (Launcher)
Level 26: AA-12 (Shotgun)
Level 27: Assassin
Level 28: PP90M1 (SMG)
Level 29: Smoke Grenade (Tactical)
Level 30: MP412 (Handgun)
Level 30: Steady Aim
Level 32: Type 99 (Assault Rifle)
Level 32: Final Stand (Death Streak)
Level 36: Skorpion (M. Pistol)
Level 37: Bouncing Betty (Anti Personnel Mine)
Level 38: P90 (SMG)
Level 40: Stinger (Launcher; vehicle lock-on only)
Level 42: G36C (Assault Rifle)
Level 44: RSASS (Sniper)
Level 45: Trophy System (deflects enemy explosives/missiles)
Level 46: .44 Magnum (Handgun)
Level 47: Overkill
Level 48: Striker (Shotgun)
Level 50: ACR (Assault Rifle)
Level 51: Martyrdom (Death Streak)
Level 52: XM25 (Launcher)
Level 53: Claymore (Anti Personnel Mine)
Level 54: MK46 (LMG)
Level 55: Dead Silence
Level 56: PM9 (SMG)
Level 57: Dead Man's Hand (Death Streak)
Level 58: Five Seven (Handgun)
Level 60: MK14 (Assault Rifle)
Level 61: Tactical Insertion (marker to place your next re-spawn)
Level 62: Model 1887 (Shotgun)
Level 64: M320 GLM (Launcher)
Level 66: MSR (Sniper)
Level 68: AK-47 (Assault Rifle)
Level 69: C4 Explosives
Level 70: G18 (Machine Pistol)
Level 71: Hollow Points (Death Streak)
Level 72: M60E4 (LMG)
Level 74: MP7 (SMG)
Level 76: Desert Eagle (Handgun)
Level 77: Portable Radar (shows enemy moment within its radius)
Level 78: FAD (Assault Rifle)
Level 80: RPG-7 (Launcher)

Achievement|How to unlock
50/50 (20 points )|Complete a Special Ops Mission Mode game with the same number of kills as your partner.
Arms Dealer (20 points )|Buy all items from the Survival Weapon Armory.
Back in the Fight (5 points )|Start the Single Player Campaign on any difficulty.
Back Seat Driver (10 points )|Track down Volk. Complete "Bag and Drag" on any difficulty.
Bad First Date (10 points )|Find the girl. Complete "Scorched Earth" on any difficulty.
Birdie (20 points )|Kill 2 enemy helicopters without getting hit in a Special Ops Survival game.
Brag Rags (10 points )|Earn 1 star in Special Ops Mission Mode.
Carpe Diem (10 points )|Escape the mountain safe house. Complete "Persona Non Grata" on any difficulty.
City of Lights (25 points )|Complete "Bag and Drag" and "Iron Lady" on Veteran difficulty.
Danger Close (20 points )|Take down a chopper with an AC-130 smoke grenade in "Bag and Drag."
Danger Zone (20 points )|Buy all items from the Survival Air Support Armory.
Defense Spending (20 points )|Buy all items from the Survival Equipment Armory.
Diamond in the Rough (10 points )|Rescue the Russian President. Complete "Down the Rabbit Hole" on any difficulty.
Flight Attendant (20 points )|Kill all 5 enemies during the zero-g sequence in "Turbulence."
For Whom the Shell Tolls (20 points )|Destroy all targets during the mortar sequence with only 4 shells in "Back on the Grid."
Frequent Flyer (10 points )|Defend the Russian President. Complete "Turbulence" on any difficulty.
Get Rich or Die Trying (25 points )|Have $50,000 current balance in a Special Ops Survival game.
I Live (10 points )|Survive 1 wave in a Special Ops Survival game.
Informant (20 points )|Collect 22 Intel Items.
Jack the Ripper (20 points )|Melee 5 enemies in a row in Single Player or Special Ops.
Kill Box (20 points )|Kill 20 enemies with the Chopper Gunner in a single run in "Return to Sender."
Ménage à Trois (20 points )|Destroy 3 tanks with a single 105mm shot in "Iron Lady."
Nein (20 points )|Kill 9 enemies with A-10 strafing runs in "Scorched Earth."
No Assistance Required (20 points )|Complete a Special Ops Mission Mode game on Hardened or Veteran with no player getting downed.
One Way Ticket (10 points )|Make it to Westminster. Complete "Mind the Gap" on any difficulty.
Out of the Frying Pan... (25 points )|Complete "Persona Non Grata", "Turbulence", and "Back on the Grid" on Veteran difficulty.
Overachiever (40 points )|Earn 48 stars in Special Ops Mission Mode.
Payback (25 points )|Complete "Mind the Gap", "Goalpost", and "Return to Sender" on Veteran difficulty.
Requiem (10 points )|Escape the city. Complete "Blood Brothers" on any difficulty.
Sandstorm! (10 points )|Assault the shipping company. Complete "Return to Sender" on any difficulty.
Scout Leader (35 points )|Collect 46 Intel Items.
Serrated Edge (15 points )|Finish a Juggernaut with a knife in Special Ops.
Storm the Castle (10 points )|Discover Makarov's next move. Complete "Stronghold" on any difficulty.
Strike! (20 points )|Kill 5 enemies with a single grenade in Single Player or Special Ops.
Survivor (20 points )|Reach Wave 10 in each mission of Special Ops Survival mode.
Tactician (20 points )|Earn 1 star in each mission of Special Ops Mission Mode.
The Best of the Best (100 points )|Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
The Big Apple (25 points )|Complete "Black Tuesday" and "Hunter Killer" on Veteran difficulty.
The Darkest Hour (25 points )|Complete "Eye of the Storm", "Blood Brothers", and "Stronghold" on Veteran difficulty.
This Is My Boomstick (20 points )|Kill 30 enemies with the XM25 in "Black Tuesday."
This is the End (25 points )|Complete "Scorched Earth", "Down the Rabbit Hole", and "Dust to Dust" on Veteran difficulty.
Too Big to Fail (10 points )|Destroy the Jamming Tower. Complete "Black Tuesday" on any difficulty.
Unstoppable (40 points )|Reach Wave 15 in each mission of Special Ops Survival mode.
Up to No Good (10 points )|Infiltrate the village. Complete "Back on the Grid" on any difficulty.
Vive la Révolution! (10 points )|Reach the church. Complete "Eye of the Storm" on any difficulty.
We'll Always Have Paris (10 points )|Escape Paris with Volk. Complete "Iron Lady" on any difficulty.
Welcome to WW3 (10 points )|Save the US Vice President. Complete "Goalpost" on any difficulty.
Wet Work (10 points )|Take back New York Harbor. Complete "Hunter Killer" on any difficulty.
What Goes Up... (20 points )|Destroy all the choppers with only the UGV's grenade launcher in "Persona Non Grata."
Who Dares Wins (40 points )|Complete the campaign on any difficulty.

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