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BattleBlock Theater

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for BattleBlock Theater on Xbox 360

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AwardHow to unlock

Collect five balls of yarn from various levels, then go to the second floor of the Gift Shop by stepping on the teleporter. Trade the balls of yarn for a new weapon from the cat guards.

After completing a few levels, go to the gift shop in the level select area after you have at least ten gems. Approach one of the vending machines and spend gems to purchase one.

Play level 2-8 until finding a strange raccoon-like creature with horns about half way through. Approach it to get eaten.

Play level 1-7. Find the energy beam that fires downwards located a few jumps away from the start. Wait for the beam to stop, then drop down the hole. The two blocks are false, and you will fall to the bottom. Touch the middle bottom block to teleport to a secret level and earn the achievement.

Note: This is more efficient after earning the "All Around Joe" achievement, because there will be eight less arena matches to play. Insert a second controller, start a "King of the Hill" arena match, and choose the first stage. Complete cycling through the first three stages until the achievement is earned. Note: You must move your character on the "King" block at the start of each match, but can subsequently press [Alt] + [Tab] to leave the game idling until the map changes. Note: By killing your opponent at least once and spending the rest of the stage on the "King" block, you will get a bonus gem earning a total of 5 gems each match and can thus accumulate them while working towards the achievement.

If you have the poison ball you can jump on it and you'll go higher.

HeadHow to unlock

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

AchievementHow to unlock

If you get hit by an enemy or even a horrible teammates fireball you can jump in the water, your not on fire and you jump up in the air.

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