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Rainbow Six 3

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Rainbow Six 3 on Xbox

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"Need backup"
"Cover me"

Defusing bombs
"Defuse bomb"
"Demo up"

Securing hostages
"Secure the hostage"

To clear out a room, stand besides the door, as one of your teammates would have if you told him to clear out a room.
Make sure that your clip is full and the action icon does not have the brackets around it, so your teammates will not open it for you and take fire. Finally, make sure that all of your teammates are stacked up properly:

(for double doors) _____ (for single doors) ___
* * * * *
* * *

Then, rush the room with thermal/night vision (your choice) on and scan left to right for enemies. Then, strafe to the left of the door to let your teammates in. Next, walk around the perimeter of the room and when your teammates say threat neutralized (on some smaller rooms they do not say anything), your work is done.

To complete levels with God mode activated, turn off God mode off before the end of every mission. The game will not think that it was used, and you will continue to the next level. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

After every fire fight, reload even if you have 22 rounds remaining. If you keep doing this, you should have enough ammunition for the long fire fights and levels. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

Every glitch is for Xbox Live:

1. If you go to garage go to the red teams spawn, and there is a big plant...go to the plant and move the anolog stick back and forth(left to right) real fast and u will apper in the plant. you can also do it with the big plant in the show room.

2. Go to airport 1 and go in the hanger and to the ladder with windows beside it...go to the very top of the ladder and on your modem is a standby it and hold up on the anolog stick for about 5 to 6 seconds and press the standby button again while still holding up on the anolog stick. you will then appear on the roof.. if u do it on the other ladder you will still get on the roof but u will be stuck.

3. If you would like to know more glitches email me your xbox live screename at screename is: wantedsk8er | Submitted by Sam

Click Left Analog-stick(2), click Right Analog-stick(2), press X, Y, B, A, B, A at the main menu. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

Throw a WP grenade and switch back to your primary weapon as it explodes. If timed correctly, when you fire your weapon it will sound like a WP grenade is exploding, and when you reload it sounds like the pin to a grenade is being pulled. Switching back to grenades ends this. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

In order to capture Vargas you need to move fast. This will cause you to take some damage, but to take out enemies quickly use the HE grenade launcher or the Red Phosphorus grenade launcher. Use it on groups of enemies as you are chasing after him. This works best on the two guards in the cafeteria style room; if you have not caught him yet, you can shoot the grenade off the wall and take both out without stopping. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A during game play. The message "God Mode" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Note: This only seems to effect you, and not your team or hostages.

If you are going into a total building level such as the Crespo Foundation, take along a shotgun or a submachine gun. The reticule does not shrink as much when you move with an assault rifle. You will move around a lot in buildings and room clearing. For places like an oil refinery, which has big indoor rooms and some outdoor areas, take an assault rifle that is compact to carry a punch but is still semi-maneuverable in rooms. In industrial indoor settings, take a sub that is good for big rooms and is still effective for small rooms. In total building settings, take along a shotgun. Its targeting reticule barely shrinks when you move. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

To do this code you must first get the grenade launcher in the Misum briefing. Then when the Misun starts shoot the enemies with the grenade launcher and they will catch on fire run around and die. | Submitted by TY

In multi-player mode (split screen or online), there is a ladder at the Carnival level. Climb it and if someone is standing under you, jump off their head. You can land inside a float. Once inside you can shoot people, but they cannot shoot you unless they are also on the inside. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

Press Up, Down, Up, Down, click Right Analog-stick(2) during game play. Rainbow weapons will shoot red laser trails and opposing force weapons will shoot blue laser trails. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

After you rescue the second hostage, you have to go into a giant freezer. Take out the guards on the cat-walk then get into the crouching position. Turn on your thermal imaging goggles. There will be guards, but they will be blacked out by mist and the carcasses of dead cows. However, with the goggles you can see their feet. Shooting them in the feet or legs enough times will kill them, saving you and your men from exposure. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

During create a match, select "Mission" for a game type, then switch to the map choser and switch out. Then, select the "Team Survival Mode" option and chose either "Old City" or "Import/Export". You will get the mission version of that level. Note: This only works with those two levels. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

On the first level that you are in an oil refinery, take an HE grenade launcher as your secondary weapon. At the end when the enemies fire RPGs, take it out. Step out from under the roof area so that enemy fires an RPG. Three enemies will appear. Shoot an HE round to kill them. Move back under the roof, reload you HE Grenade launcher, and wait until a second RPG is fired. Move around the corner and with your HE grenade launcher and shoot the man that is standing there. Turn around, and when the garage door opens, shoot the barrels on the right side with your primary weapon. Kill all enemies, secure the hostage, and the level will be completed. Note: It recommended that you save the game when you open the door that leads to the RPG area. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

Even though you are told "no shooting" in this level, there is a surprise later where you have to shoot to first save someone then escape. Because of this, change your secondary weapon to either the Desert Eagle or SR-2. This way you will not have to shoot someone four times to kill him with a weak silenced pistol. | Submitted by TheBlackSnake

To get rounds that allow you to see where both the enemy, and your own team, is shooting press "up", "down", "up", "down" on the d-pad, and then click the right analog stick to "zoom" twice. | Submitted by torn

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