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Madden NFL 2002

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Madden NFL 2002 on Xbox

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Create a player, then go to "Edit Player" at the roster screen. Press Up or Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category. Press A, then press A again.

Once you press heads or heads press "START" quickly and you will get the ball first.

On kick-off onside kick aimed all the way to the left, kick softly, and your own players will pick up the ball, and you will retain possession for another 4 downs!

Play Madden 2002 on a holiday (holiday on your system calendar) and Madden will comment about it. For example, on Thanksgiving he says, "Happy Turkey Day!"

Create a team using Create-a-Team editor, and then save the team. Start a game, and at the Team Select screen, press Y to load your custom team. When you return to the Team Seclet screen, press Left, Left and team Ecko will be avaliable. | Submitted by DavidRuggles

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