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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Fable - Xbox

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Its best to use the Ages potions (Ages of will, etc) when you have a high combat multiplier. This way, it is 100 X whatever the multiplier is. - Sent by [BlueMonkey]

Okay, for this all you need is a Rose or some kind of gift. Go to Rose Cottage (Its on a quest, so if you have trouble finding it, find it on a quest). Find the demon door and hear about his broken heart. Give him a gift and he'll open. Inside, you'll find the Secret Haven. Locate a chest with a Will User's White Suit.

These robes make you look holy, and greatly boost your attaction rating and alignment. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

To get a bunch of money, buy the house in oakvale or some other town, but oakvale is the best because is comes with 2 trophie racks then put your best 2 tropies, break your doors down, sell the house, go get your trophies back, and then sell the house! Whoooo! you just got free money. - Sent by [TheBlahGuy]

If you're at Twinblade's Camp. Make your way to Twinblade's Tent. Once he's down for te count, I don't care what you do with him, go into his tent and loot all the tresure chests and barrels. You should find around 1,000 gold and a rare stone or two. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Headsmans Hill:
You open it after you defeat thunder.

Darkwood Marshes:
You open it by completing the demon door (kill tons of hobbes that it sends at you).

Witchwood Stones:
You open it by figuring out its name.

Heros' Guild:
You open it by turning on your lamp that you get when you become a hero.

Greatwood Gorge:
You open it by eating o=about 10 crunchy chicks infront of it.

Greatwood Caves:
You open it by using the shield strategy that it says below in another cheat, and the teleport to greatwood caves.

Rose Cottage:
You open it by giving it any gift besides precious

Grey House:
You open it by getting married.

Barrow Fields:
You open it by becoming very obese (just eat tons of red meat).

Knothole Glade:
You open it by shooting an arrow at it as hard as you can.

Lychfield Graveyard:
You open it by getting the skeleton all of its armor back.

Abandoned Road:
Talk to and then do 3 things:
1. Wear bright plate armor (which you can by in the arena waiting room) and then talk to it.
2. Wear dark will robes (which you get from a demon door) and then talk to it.
3. Wear your bandit gear (which you get on the way). - Sent by [Ben]

TO learn all social moves, everything from apologize to Swear, defeat Jack of Blades. Once he's dead, you'll read the credits DO NOT SKIP THESE. Once the credits finish, you'll be rewarded for your quest, with gold galore, and 20,000 reputation points, as well as Jack's Mask. Confirm the completion of the quet, and you'll once again be in the Guild Center. You'll have learned all social moves. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Yes, another easy experience cheat, and yes, it works best at a focus site. You need to have the technique summon and a combat multiplier at at least 20-30. It also helps to have a level 4 summon better than others, but only takes level one, and the more mana you can hold the better. As soon as you get your combat multiplier high enough, get out of harm's way because if you get hit it will go back down. Repeatedly cast summon as fast as you possibly can and when your mana gets low, use a will potion that your enemies often drop. The reason you should have a level 4 summon is because the higher the level, the longer it will last, and the initial summon takes a lot of mana, but after that it takes just a little and only transports the creature. Once you get down to 15 or so combat multiplier, kill some more guys and repeat. Although you hardly will want experience at this point in the game, let alone need, it's still fun to be able to say you maxed out your character. - Sent by [Jonathan]

You can get the Arkon's Bow (which happens to be the strongest crossbow in the game) if you open the chest in Darkwood Lake. - Sent by [Sine]

In order for you to do this your character must be very experienced. Go into Oakvale and kill 1020 gaurds without dying or leaving town. Keep killing gaurds, eventually after hours of fingernumbingbuttonsmashing, white balverines will respawn in the place of gaurds.
The white balverines will keep coming so long as you dont die or leave town.
This is good for experience or a white balverine as your summon.


THIS ALWAYS WORKS!!!! If you have finished the game and there is nothing left for you to do, make sure your character is very strong, then go to oakvale and kill 1020 gaurds consecutively without dying or leaving town.
(your crime fine will end up at around 2,000,000)
if done right the gaurds will be replaced by white balverines.This is an emmence time consuming process but well worth it!
The white balverines just keep coming as if they were gaurds. The balverines turn into gaurds once you leave town or die.

HAPPY HUNTING! - Sent by [fullyfresh69]

After you battle in the arena, you will have access to North Bowerstone where Lady Grey lives. In the middle of the area, marked in gold, is a shop with a guy that sells rare and powerful weapons like the Master Greatsword and master Longbow for at least 18,000 gold cheaper than that guy at the Hero’s Guild. Be careful what you buy, after you do business with him one time his shop closes and goes up for sale at about 150,000 gold. - Sent by [GanGreen]

You can pay for the guards "break time" which is a great way to commit crimes without getting caught.

If you're a majestic hero, you're probably in search of some bright plate armor. Only the Torso and Gloves can be bought outside the Witchwood Arena, so if you have any brain cells, you'll buy the Greaves and Boots. A certain trader carries the Bright Plate Chest and Gauntlets. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

If there are xp orbs that you can't reach, (for example: if it's across a stream) you can use your bow to shoot the orb and you'll get the xp. - Sent by [Sine]

You'll need to pal around with some sidekicks who will do your dirty work for you. Have the sidekicks fight guards to cause a distraction, which will result in NPC's running away, giving you all the time you need to commit crimes such as stealing etc.

Make sure a non player character is NOT looking in your direction when you commit a crime and you'll get away with it.

Watch the credits at the end of the game to continue playing with your character.

In the Witchwood Cullis Gate area, there are four stones with a letter representing each stone. You have to spell the Demon Door's name correctly which is H-I-T-S. However, if you enter the dirty four letter word instead, two Balverines will attack. Spell it again, and the voice that pronounces each letter will follow it up with saying the word.

This boss, despite his appearance is rather easy.

He'll start fight on ground with the Sword of Aeons. Block and roll under his attacks to get close to him. Hit him and he'll block, so work up a flourish and take his health down. At half health, he'll grow tall and float. Now, go beyond the stone pillars thar rose up, away from Jack. Shoot arrows to lower his health. Jack can summon powerful minions, so lock on and keep stepping to the side. You should avoid the blasts and for a while, the minions, too. When the minions get close to you use Force Push and continue shooting him. Here's where being behind the stones comes in handy. Jack has a move in which it constantly takes health at an unheard of rate. Hide behind the stones to avoid that damage, but now you must fight minions. Continue shooting him, and eventually he'll die, leaving you with a final choice. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Maze can be a real pain in the neck, but with a lot of Will Energy, or Will Potions, he's a snap to beat. First off, you will need certain things:

Battle Rush (The move that propels you forward, knocking down whatever is in your path, preferably high level).

A good amount of Health. He's very hard to hit at the beginning, and his lightning takes 43 health.

Many Will Potions.

Get close to Mazeand keep using that rush technique. He'll be knocked down. DO NOT give him a chance to get up. Knock him down again the second he gets to his feet. Continue this until he teleports. Now you need to find him and do the same thing. He has an explosion attack, but oddly enough, it won't hit you while you do this.

Keep rushing him until he's dead. It takes a long time, but is worth it. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

While doing the find the archeologist mission instead of spelling hits(name of demon door archeologist is in) spell the word shit. You will here the stones say it.

Happy Huntin fable fans - Sent by [fullyfresh69]

This is a really good weapon, but hard to get.

1- Acquire an entire set of BRIGHT Plate Armor
2- Acquire an entire set of DARK Will User Robes
3- Have your Bandit Gear ready.

Talk to the Demon Door first with your Bright Plate Armor, then your Dark Will User Robes, then Bandit Gear. It should open, and in a chest in there is the Dollmaster's mace. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

In order to get the Jack of Blades doll from the teacher, you need the rest of the dolls. The student says to show him "all" six dolls, even though there are seven you can collect (besides Jack) and the best fighter of them all (that's right, a doll of you) is actually the one that doesn't count. You can earn the dolls at pubs by beating the score or time limit by about ten (except for coin golf in which I think you need a score of ten) and you will get one for free; with the exception og the Thunder doll which you can buy in Bowerstone North. I'm not really sure what the point of trading all the dolls for Jack is, but I suspect maybe you have to trade Jack for something, who knows? - Sent by [Jonathan]

To get that ol' complexion looking nice to the ladies, with no tattoos involved (those are optional). Get these hair styles:

The Pudding Basin- Hair
Power Moustache- Moustache
Multon Chop Beard- Beard

Ladies will fall for you now! - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

You need three things to do this cheat. 1)You must have beaten the game. 2)25,000 Gold. 3)The Jack's Mask and Champion's Seal trophies. Once you have these three things completed, go to Knothole Glade and buy the house there. Once you own it, break down the doors, believe me, it makes the cheat alot easier. Totally decorate the house using the second sign in front of the house. Go inside and put your Jack's Mask and Champion's Seal trophies on the wall mounts and sell the house, go back inside and repeat the process from buying the home. Within 1 hour, I had 300,000 gold. If you get sick of this, there's always an alternative, rent out the home after you break down the doors then sleep 6-7 times and collect the rent in front of the house. You can only collect about 4,025 gold every 6-7 rests. I personally prefer the first choice. - Sent by [Fable_Head_Popper_001]

To become evil easier, buy some Crunchy chicks from anyone who sells them. Then, when the newborn looks you right in the eyes, with his innocence, the sparkle in its eye, the little thing cuddles up against your chest and then... CHOMP. Its good for an easy 5 evil points. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

This cheat helps If you want a evil plus a good item and/or money. After building your guile up so that you can steal, go to Bowerstone south. In the armor shop just to the left after entering, go to the back area. Turn to the right where the window is and face the pedestal. There should be an item here. The shopkeeper may come back, but only once or twice. And dont try it when the men are bringing in the boxes. Depending on what it is, (anything from dress gloves to plate armor) You can either steal or go to sleep until the next day. Keep entering and looking for what you want on that back shelf. After making some good cash on items, world save and then repeat. That same item, if sold first, should be back on the pedestal. You can make alot of money very quickly, and get some good armor after a short amount of time. - Sent by [BlueMonkey]

For a good, nutrious, and utterly vomit-inducing meal, tofu is perfect for that hero who simply can't find the time to save the village AND make love to his wife, tofu will give you five light points for every one you eat. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

First unlock hook coast then buy the house do it up till you cant do it any more put your most valuable trophies in on the rack, then sell your house and then break the door down and take your trophies back buy the house put your trophies back in and repaet the process you get at least a 5k profit a time. - Sent by [lukus_94]

In the world of Albion, one can purchase houses. This cheat not only requires you to do such, but have at some money to your name (5,000 should cut it) and at least one trophy as well...preferably two. To start, buy a house that has a trophy mount. These can be found in Oakvale, Knothole Glade, etc. I myself purchase the one in Oakvale, for it has two trophy mounts and is rather cheap (5,000). Walk to the sign in the front of your old house, buy the house, and smash the door (Don't worry, this isn't a's your house), now you can enter the house at anytime until you leave the area. You don't have to upgrade the house at all...just walk to the trophy mounts and set a trophy in each. Exit the house, and sell it by walking over to the sign and so forth. Enter the house once more, and remove your trophies. You can now buy the house for 5,000 once more, unless you upgraded it (The cheat still just won't be fore 5,000).You should get a profit for each time you do this, and the better the trophy, the more money you get. Just remember to purchase the house without trophies mounted and sell it with trophies mounted. - Sent by [Deradie]

You first need the steal action which you can get from upgrading your guile at the Heros guild. Once you have the steal action go and buy about 6 beers from a pub. Next go to the shop or house you want to steal from and get the owner to follow you. Then take him into the pub, or if there is no pub around, take him inside another house, and give him the 6 beers. This should make him drunk and he will just wobble around. Now with the owner gone you can easily steal the things in the store without being seen. Once you have stolen everything you want just go to sleep in a bed till the next morning and the store should have new things to be stolen. I found that this technique works best in Oakvale. - Sent by [Devilfish_12]

When you start the fight keep Maze down and keep away when he glows blue. When he teleports into the graveyard take out your bow and dodge his energy blasts use this strategy until he enters the lighthouse. When you go up keep on the defensive until his shield goes down then don't let up when he teleports outside again stay in the entry way and fire your bow at him, his magic won't be able to hit you, it's quick and easy. P.S.:Take out the banshees before attacking Maze. - Sent by [NightLich]

Undead are weak to both Fire and Silver. If you have a weapon with both Fire and Silver Augmentations, use that. You're bound to kill them twice as quick. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Once you get the stick as a weapon, simply head over to the boy making the challenge to run to the Demon Gate and back in 50 seconds. Stand beside him and hit him with the stick. The impact will push the boy over a little each time. Do this until you get lectured by Maze. Then, repeat the process. This cuts off a lot of distance from the run, making it easy to win this challenge. As an added bonus, if you want to be an evil character, you also get evil points for doing this.

If you wear the dark will robes then it will boost your evil bar (when you're neutril) halfway up. - Sent by [Sine]

The easiest way to max out your character in Fable can be done right after the mission where you save your mother. Go back to the "Cliffside path" (up through the Lychfield graveyard). There are infinite zombies to kill here. The best way to kill them is to power up the Enflame spell and have a lot of will potions.

This is a cheat that allows you to get another of an item aquired on a quest. When you do a quest and aquire an item, (for example: an Elexir of Life) pause the game and save it. Then pause the game again and load the saved file. It'll make you start the quest over again; but, you'll have the item that you aquired, thus for allowing you to take it again during the quest. Keep doing this handy cheat until satisfied... - Sent by [Sine]

This little guidecan tell you how to get over 500,000 experience... it's not considered the best because at the time of the game, your stats won't need much improvement.

After you defeat Maze, Jack will be planning an all out attack on Albion, by activating all the focus sites. Your job is to stop him, but along the way you encounter a limitless supply of not only monsters, but allies. For every ally killed,a nother will spawn. The monsters will do the same. These monsters give an extreme amount of experience. You find undead and those minions (The ones with the double-bladed sword). Just kill one after another until satisfied. If you're strong enough, and have good enough weapons, they'll be a pushover. Just kill until happy. I wound up with 563,752 exp from just one focus site. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Too fall down stairs its soooo easy what you all have too do is when you go in a house hold (Y) and go down easy huh? - Sent by [BJdaboy]

You must be at a place with much enemies, let's say Lichfield Graveyard, and have lot of will potions. Cast the shield spell, and trigger an enemy, then, cast lightning, and use the right thumbstick left and right to switch between targets, it gives fast and almost easy will exp. - Sent by [Renevanachteren]

If you have a 2 handed weapon (greataxe greatmace or greatsword) you can use the "beserk" spell and it will be as fast as a 1 handed weapon temporarily. - Sent by [Ben]

Well first what you do is when you get up to the level: find the archaeologist in bowerstone jail when you just start it there's a chest where the guard is getting his but beaten up go to it and unlock it there is a piercing thing that makes your weapon better when you get it kill the monsters then run back to the gate (you can do this as many times as you like)and then teleport to knothole glade then go to the weapon shop and sell them to get two thousand gold and there you have it (if you keep on doing this you will be rich!!!) - Sent by [Bjdaboy]

Once you purchased the fireball spell,you can actually walk normally with it. Once you cast it, don't let go of the left trigger when you see a target. Once the area is clear,release the left trigger and you will find yourself holding the fireball normally as you would walk. P.S You can also run with the fireball and it will not work for everyone. - Sent by [Anonymous]

This is small glitch that when you fire an arrow into the flame of torches it gets stuck, this also happens in Ladey Grays bedroom and the Secret Havan fireing inbetween two bed posts. - Sent by [SPARTANVI]

Some food types have special abilities; they might change day to night, improve some of your attributes or change your alignment.

Ever wonder why the game's M rating includes "Strong language". Its the simple fact that if your character becomes dark enough, he will learn "insult" Use this at any time and your character will say s***. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Play the game with a good alignment;kill ur sister
play with an evil alignment; kill ur sister
play with a good alignment; throw sword into pit
play with an evil alignment; throw sword into pit

All have a different ending.
Happy Hunting - Sent by [fullyfresh69]

The treasure clues start you on the dock at orchard farm. They lead you through the apple orchard and down the path towards the barn. At the first barn, dig in between the barn wall and the bales of hey to find the Frying Pan

To get some evil quick without having to save and start over again and again try my trick. I started off by buying lots of helth and mana potions. Next i went to Borrow Feilds. When u get to there start by simply hiting or casting something on a gaurd. He will come and ask u to pay the fine, but when he does refuse to and start attacking him.When u are doing this another 1 will come up(u fight 2 at a time). A simple way of defeating the 2 gaurds is to have the spell lightning lvl 2 or above. Cast lightning on them constantly. When u run out of mana potions just use melee or range to own them until u run out of health potoins.i almost maxed out my evil in 10 minutes doing this. I have a huge fine to pay there thow so i cant go back to Borrow Feilds for a while... - Sent by [Hector]

Okay, being surrounded by hordes of enemies is no fun, no matter how strong you are. To kill them all much quicker, several percautions should be taken:

1- Use Enflame to fry all the nearby enemies, giving you a couple of seconds to come back.

2- Do NOT use thetargeting system. Rather than focus on one, its best to just slash wildy at your foes.

3- Always take care of the weaker ones first. They may be weak, but if your sword, axw or hammer is charged up, ready for a flourish, it can be easily broken.

4- Use Assassin's Rush to move out of the fray, and behind an enemy. Kill him, and try to keep from getting surrounded again.

5- The best technique for getting a little space is Force Push (No, not from Star Wars). Ue this to push all the surrounding enemies back. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Jewels and romantic knick-knack don't exactly tickle your mate's fancy? No problem! Go to the tavern and buy a few rounds for you AND your mate. Give them a few drinks and they'll get drunk. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Donate enough people to the temple of Skorm and you'll eventually get the title Necromancer. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

On the graveyard path mission in Lychfield Graveyard there are two silver keys hidden in the graveyard, one in the water, the other hidden in a grave. Once you have found these keys do a Hero Save and load up the autosave before the mission. (You will still have the keys you found earlier on) Go and look for the keys you found earlier on and they will still be there. Keep on repeatins this and soon you will have 20 silver keys. - Sent by [DJLee]

When you are going to fight jack of blades for the final time and you gota keep follin the path then when you get to this area with a farm house and a crop field activate physical shield and only attack with lightining but make sure your lightining is maxed along with your physical shield. Then make sure you have as much mana potions as you can afford (i recommend 50) and just stay there ive got my combat multiplier to 402 and then I started using meelee and ranged attack then and I maxed out my skills and had straight 999,999 experience extra for all stats.

When you get to Orchard Farm, for the Hobbe killing contest, or whatever, go to a small pond near the farm and fish. You find a Health Elixir, which boosts your max health. Hero Save, and start the quest again. The item will still be there, waiting for you to fish it out again. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

In the middle of a quest, if you use a hero save and reload the save, you will start at the beginning of the quest as if you had never begun, and you will retain all items that you obtained during the last run of the quest. This is especially useful in the Arena, where vast amounts of money can be made if used right.

There is always the question "How can I open the door at the Hero's guild? I'm completely light, and everything!

Bring your lamp. It will open only for the lamp. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

If you go to a set of stairs (their lots of 'em in the game) then hold down block (Y) and push forward of the left joystick. It looks like your falling down the stairs. - Sent by [Ben]

First, before you fight go upstairs, you will find a resurrection phial,next go down stairs and somewhere the is a health potion.when you get there,beat all of the minions to destroy the shield protecting him,then, get a bow or a crossbow and get as far away as you shoot your bow at him.If you have the spell that gives you swords to attack the enemy, use it alot to distract him.While he is distracted, shot your bow at him.Remember,dodge his attack spells.

When he is halway full of health, a scene will come up that he will float up in the air and stones will come up.Still dodge his attacks.When he does the spell to suck up your life, you go behind the stones. Keep repeating this to kill him. - Sent by [izaakprobasco]

Instead of what is said by an earlier cheat to get the harbringer, you need 5 more physique, 3 more toughness, and 2 more health then the first time you tried to pull the sword from the stone. (Or your stats could be maxxed to get the sword.) - Sent by [Zorro]

Use Berserk then save your game. When you load the game your character will be huge until you cast Berserk again.

When you are versing jack of blades it is always good to have a few resurection phials on hand just so you don't die. When you have defeated jack of blades hero save before you make your decision to kill your sister or not. Then you will have all the experience that you get from killing him when you load the save. Then you will restart back at the heros guild before you have to go and kill jack. - Sent by [JimmyGott]

For this it would be best if you have at least level 3 shield. If your getting experience by killing the undead that keep coming, use the shield; Whenever they they drop an object it will always be a will potion. since the will power bar acts like the like a shield bar, you can keep getting and using the will potions, thus having an unlimited shield. - Sent by [Ben]

This trick requires a spade. First, take the Hobbe Cave Quest and go to the Rose Cottage. Walk to the circle of flowers near the house. Use your spade and dig up a Silver Key. You can also get 500 gold each time you do this if desired, by cutting the thorns and opening the treasure chest; however, you will get Evil points. Do a hero save, then load the saved game again. You should appear out of the Rose Cottage area. You can repeat this process as much as desired. If you want to get unlimited keys throughout the game, do not finish the quest. You can keep going back and getting the Silver Key. - Sent by [Sine]

Dig in the center of the ring of red flowers next to the Rose Cottage. - Sent by [Nazrat420]

If you've become the arena champion, lady Grey will tell you of her wanting to marry. She has some options... You, you and, (if you play your cards right) you! Here's what she wants.

Quest 1- She'll ask for something romantic. Something that only she would want. Get her a nice black rose from the local shop of Bowerstone North, and talk to her, giving it as a gift.
Quest 2- Now she wants you to own a house. Walk to Bowerstone south, and buy the place on the east side of town for cheap.
Quest 3- Now she's lost her necklace. Ask the 5 different people around town marked by a green marker about it, and learn that its been stolen in Oakvale. Go to Oakvale's cemetary. Two thieves will converse about something they don't want you to hear. Sneak behind the wall and listen in. Its buried on the beach. Dig for it.
Quest 4- Now she's impressed, all you need to do is... Fight Thunder!? Yes, you need to fight Thunder himself. The fight begins at Headsman's hill, but you will be knocked off into a small cave. Finish him off here.

Now that you've proven your love, take Lady Grey's hand in marriage, and may you live happily ever after. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

1. Experience: Go to Cliffside path and put on physical shield and fight the unlimited supply of Undead, you can get over 100 combat multiplier. Remember to have alot of Will Potions ( use ages of potions after your combat multiplier is very high)

2. Will Experience: Constantly use summon if you ever have a really high multiplier and you will get huge will experience.

3. Arena Tactics: Use spells like enflame and force push for the wasps. Then use arrows, physical shield, and sword attacks if you want for the creatures (bandits, balverines undead etc..[use a silver augmentation for the balverines if you can] ) For the trolls stand behind 1 to protect from the other ones rock throwing and roll away from his ground pounds, you can
use slow time for to make it easier and physical shield to be safe, once 1 is dead its easy. For arakanox just keep shooting arrows at it (using lock-on) and keep a good distance away, whisper acts as a good distraction for it. The whisper battle is made easier with slow time and battle charge, arrows and swords are not much different in difficulty but use whatever you
are better at, though flourish makes it easier. By killing whisper you get $10 000 and the title of arena champion, you decide if its worth it. Remember to stock up on potions and if you want bright plate armour its very hard to find it outside of the arena so just by it at the arena shop.

4. Skorm's Bow: You get this for sacrificing enough people to the chapel of Skorm. The most important thing is that you MUST sacrifice at midnight or it wont work. use the bandits at twinblades camp to get a big party and get the guys that you hire from twinblades camp, oakvale and the temple of avo.

5. Easy Evil: Kill, Steal, do evil quests and dont let the hurt guy come in trader escort. also kill twinblade, whisper, and kill your sis at the end

6. Easy Jack of Blades: Use battle charge, assasign rush to get behind him and your sword at the beginning and your bow when he rises up. when he rises up remember to stay behind a rock, roll to dodges his attacks, force push the minions and be behind the rock for his crazy attack that he hold his sword up and the room shines.

7. Continue at the end: Simply dont skip the credits at the end. If you kill your sis you have the sword of aeons which is 550 damage stats and can hit over 1000 amage i have hit 2000 with it before. You also have jack's mask as a trophy at the end

8. Easy $$$: buy the house in oakvale and upgrade till you have 2 trophy spots. brake down the door and put up your highest value trophies and sell the house. take down the trophies THEN AFTER TAKING THEM DOWN buy the house. if done right you sell for more so after a while a huge profit come out it fast ( over 50 000 more than you had in under 10 minutes - Sent by [Jim]

Okay, getting married isn't hard at all. It'll cost a wedding ring, though but you'll gain it back.

Wear your most attractive clothes in town, and try to find someone with a heart over their head. Flirt, Sexy Hero Pose, and Manly Arm Pump are the only three things you need to do to make her love you. Once her heart is huge, it will fade in and out. Give her a wedding ring and it turns golden. Buy a house and lead her there. She'll ask to get married. Say yes and a cut scene appears and you'll find that you have a dowry of several thousand. Once married, hit her. You'll be divorced almost immediately and gain 600 Dark points.

You can have unlimited wives. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Eventually you will be able to marry. You can choose a man or a woman.

So you've beat the game and you go through the credits after you've killed your sister to keep playing with the sword of albion, but your not quite all maxed out on your abilities. This one is really easy now that you have the most powerful sword. You need for your absorb shield ability to be at least level two. Make your way to the cliffside path where the undead are in abundance. As soon as you are there use your absorb shield ability and start wacking away at the undead. They will drop magic potions all over the place which is good since the absorb shield drains your magic. Do this consistently for about 45 minutes to achieve your goal. I got my multiplier to 246 and gained 999,999 useable experience not to mention over 200,000 strength, 30,000 will. - Sent by [Weary]

To change your alignemt in the blink of an eye, simply go to the Temple of Avo or Skorm. At the temple of Avo, you can donate gold to change your alignment to good. At the temple of Skorm, you can donate gold to change your alignent to evil. Ex- 5000 Gold at the temple of Avo, will give you 519 good points. With enough gold, you can change your set path in an instant. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

On the first level when you are in Oakvale, go over to the kid that has the little girl's stuffed bear, and listen to what the bully is saying to him. He should say "Did you wash my mum's "car" yet. (This game takes place in the medeval times they didn't have cars yet. - Sent by [Mastergamer38]

An easy way and well known way to play fable with tons of money is too have the arena quest first.When you get the arena go straight into the door to the arena when chameleon is done.Use a sword to easily take care of wasp.Use physical sheild and use a greathammer to dispatch them.For the Balverines use the weapon you killed the White Balverine with.FOr the undead use the same silver weapon and you should be done in no time.If you have good armor and alot of potions and rez vials you can take out the bandits easy.If you cant do that then use an Bow or crossbow and stay behind one off the arena traps and fire at them until they die.For Earth Trolls use berserk,multi arrow and slow time.FOr rock trolss use the same stragety just hide behind one and when he jumps roll back.After Round 7 you should have atleast somewhere near 20,000 or more if you had alot of gold before you started the arena.Hero Save and reload,yes you have to start all over but itll be worthm it when you have all that money.For Arcahnox use a bow and use multi arrow slow time and berserk.USe meele weapons when the little scorpions come out.Whisper is failry easy just use slowtime and berserk and you should have alot of money.

Note:DO NOT GO BACK TO THE CELLS as you will not have as much money.Also buy pletny of potions.Note while doin this you can buyy armor and weapons from the merchant in the arena.See it really is worth it. - Sent by [Oblivion]

Well first what you do is when you get up to the level: find the archaeologist in bowerstone jail when you just start it there's a chest where the guard is getting his but beaten up go to it and unlock it there is a piercing thing that makes your weapon better when you get it kill the monsters then run back to the gate (you can do this as many times as you like)and then teleport to knothole glade then go to the weapon shop and sell them to get two thousand gold and there you have it. - Sent by [Bjdaboy]

Buy the house in Oakvale for 5000g. Mount the most expensive trophies you have (hotkey if desired). Smash the door and sell the house. The doorway will be open, allowing you to recollect your trophies, purchase the house, and repeat the process, earning a profit depending on the value of the trophies you mount.

You can get the Murren Greataxe if you open the chest attop the tower in hook coast. - Sent by [Sine]

Finding The 25 Silver Keys

There are 25 Silver Keys in total, and ten silver chests to open throughout the game.

1. Lookout Point: Near the statue, there's a path hidden by bushes, just hack your way through to get a silver key.
2. Bowerstone South: It's on the balcony of the clothing shop.
3. Fisher Creek: Try fishing at one of the northern fishing spots.
4. Guild Woods: Remember that little wooded area with the beetles and the bandits during your child hood? Go there again with a fishing pole and fish from the spot you pick off the bandits with your bow.
5. Greatwood Lake: Go up to the broken bridge in the northern section of the map.
6. Orchard Farm: Try fishing from the eastern pier.
7. Rose Cottage: This one requires some digging. Take your spade and look for a patch of dirt with red flowers in the old lady's backyard.
8. The Hobbe Cave: Try digging with your spade in a ring of mushrooms at the northern section of the Focus Chamber. (that's where you freed the child and fought the nymph)
9. Darkwood Lake: There a large stone with a hole in it, shoot an arrow through the hole, and out pops a silver key.
10. Ancient Cullis Gate: Try fishing at the western bridge.
11. Grey House: Try fishing in the north eastern pond, near the demon door.
12. Oakvale: This is also a side quest given to you by the ghost down on the beach, go to the cemetary and dig under the statue with the axe.
13. Twinblade's Camp: Try digging between the chest and the barrels in the southern section, beyond the shallow pond.
14. Witchwood Stones: Try fishing across from the demon door.
15. Witchwood Lake: Try digging near the statue that's glowing red.
16. Knothole Glade: Try digging between a ring of plants in the southern section of the glade, between some houses.
17. Windmill Hills: Try digging in the flower lined mound.
18. Windmill Hills #2: Go behind the windmill, try digging in the flower lined mound.
19. Headman's Hill: During the duel with Thunder, you'll fall into a cave, where you'll find a silver key if you fish in the pond.
20. Bowerstone Manor: Marry Lady Grey to gain access, and then search the bed, careful this is an evil act.
21. Lychfield Cemetery: Look in the southern crypt.
22. Lychfield Cemetery #2: Just outside where the previous silver key was found, try digging in one of the graves.
23. Lychfield Cemetery #3: Go through the gates, and to the west of the shack, and try fishing in the stream.
24. Cliffside Path: Try digging on the northern hill.
25. Hook Coast: Get into the lighthouse, either break down the door or pick the lock. The silver key is in a cabinet.

Silver Key Chest Locations

1. Silver Key Chest: Greatwood Lake
5 keys - Elixir of Life
2. Silver Key Chest: Cave Larder
5 keys - Will Master Elixir
3. Silver Key Chest: Darkwood Lake
15 keys - Arkens Crossbow
4. Silver Key Chest: Grey House
10 keys - Sharpening Augmentation
5. Silver Key Chest: Witchwood Stones
15 keys - Health Augmentation
6. Silver Key Chest: Headmans Hill
15 keys - Mana Augmentation
7. Silver Key Chest: Bowerstone Manor
15 keys - Katana Hiryu
8. Silver Key Chest: Circle of the Dead
10 keys - Piercing Augmentation
9. Silver Key Chest: Hook Coast
15 keys - Murren
10. Silver Key Chest: Heroes Guild
20 keys - Murren Greathammer

Demon Doors:

1. Demon Door: Heroes Guild
Reward: Elixir of Life, Tatto card and some books.
Simply use your lamp in front of the door, and you'll gain access to the library.
2. Demon Door: Greatwood Gorge
Reward: Wellows Pickhammer
This door only opens if you commit evil deeds. There are a few ways you can do this:
* Eat 10 crunchy chickens in front of the door.
* Get some people to follow you, and sacrifice them in front of the door with your sword.
* Become completely evil, the horns, flies, smoke etc.
3. Demon Door: Rose Cottage:
Reward: Will User Bright Suit
Give the door a gift (chocolates, rose etc.).
4. Demon Door: Greatwood Caves:
Reward: Ebonblade Cutlass
Just get your combat multiplier up.
5. Demon Door: Darkwood Marshes::
Reward: Will User Dark Suit
Defeat a horde of Hobbes.
6. Demon Door: Barrow Fields:
Reward: Will Master Elixir
Get fat (try eatting over 20 apple pies or red meat).
7. Demon Door: Grey House:
Reward: The Axe of Ronok
Get married to Lady Grey.

Treasure Clues Locations

1. Treasure Clue #1: (Bounty Hunter)
You get this from the sister when you complete the Bounty Hunter Quest (Guild Quest).
2. Treasure Clue #2: (Lost Trader)
You get this when you complete the Lost Trader Quest (Guild Quest).
3. Treasure Clue #3: (Twinblade's Assassin)
You get this when you kill the last of Twinblade's assassins at Hook Coast, but first you must kill all the other assassins in the following locations.
* Outside of Knothole Glade.
* Middle of the Prison Path
* Witchwood Cullis (near focus stone)
* Windmill Hill (at the windmill)
4. Treasure Clue #4 (Knothole Glade):
You get this by winning the archery contest at Knothole Glade.
5. Treasure Clue #5 (Orchard Farm):
This one is in a chest at Orchard Farm.
6. Treasure Clue #6 (Windmill Hill):
Do some digging in a mound of dirt on Windmill Hill (behind the windmill)


Solving The Treasure Clues
Start from the dock at Orchard Farm, and go through the apple orchard, down the path towards the barn. Dig between the first barn wall and the bales of hey and you'll find the frying pan.

Reknown Cheat
When you take a quest boast, and it'll take you to the boasting podium. From here all you have to do is use your spade to dig, since this area of the game randomly generates characters, everytime you dig, more characters appear. Now you just gotta show off your trophies to get all the fame you could ever want!

Reselling Houses = Tons of Gold
Buy a house in Oakvale, and then put up your trophies, smash the door and sell the house. Then walk in, grab the trophies, and buy the house. Since the trophies increase the value of the house, doing this multiple times gives you tons of gold.

Get the Sentinus Faster
The Sentinus is a weapon you get by donating over 300,000 gold to the Temple of Avo. An easier and more efficient way of obtaining this weapon is to have an evil character (at least 50%) and go donate 33,000 gold to the Temple of Avo. They will tell you the gods are very pleased with your donation and they will give you the Sentinus - Sent by [shooter7]

In certain mission, one boast you can take is Pacifist. This means you cannot KILL anyone. NO problem. Just gear up with a weaker than average weapon, and beat the crap out of them until they're near-dead. Remember, if you don't KILL anyone, you're fine. Force Push and a weak Enflame work great. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Wait until late in the evenings or during the night, as the chance of being caught is reduced to an absolute minimum. Pay attention to the Eye of Awareness while committing a crime; as it might prevent you from being caught.

This is mostly a trick to obtain about 10k - 15k WILL XP for your hero, and it is repeatable, rather quickly.

This is assuming you have Physical Shield, Summon, and are at a place with a lot of badguys, such as the Hobbe Caves. It will also help to have several Will potions, and a powerful weapon (Obsidian, Master, or a unique weapon). Too, if your Summon and Physical Shield is at a higher level, or just have a lot of Will potions to compensate for the mana usage.

Physical Shield is mainly to help you raise your Combat Multiplier without getting hit, therefor having no trouble getting it fairly high.

After you enter the Hobbe Cave Entrance, activate your Physical Shield and fight your way to the Main Chamber. Every time you use a door into a new area, it will halve your combat multiplier. Kill all the hobbes within the Main Chamber, and hastly make your way back into the Hobbe Cave Entrance. Fight your way back to the bottom of the stairs at the entrance, and by that time your combat multiplier should be around 20 to 22.

This is where you use Summon (the spell I've found to be most efficient for this type of trick). That spell uses a very low amount of will for each use, and each time you cast it, gives you 3 Will XP.

While your combat multiplier is as high as you can get it, cast that spell as quickly as you can, repeatedly.
You'll notice that your Will XP goes into the thousands within a few seconds. If your mana gets too low to cast the spell again, use a potion. It helps to turn off your Physical Shield before you begin your Summon spam.

I'm sure this trick can be applied elsewhere, but the Hobbe Caves is the best place I've found so far. - Sent by [Daystrom]

Okay, you're in a relationship. You want to get married for whatever reason. Here are some things NOT to do.

Don't hit her. Whatever you do! This is an INSTANT relationship killer.

Don't commit crimes infront of her. Not every woman in this game wants a "Bad boy".

Don't buy her expensive gifts. Roses and chocolates have the same effect as diamonds or rubies.

DO NOT FLIRT WITH CHILDREN!!! It's not only that they don't understand, its just plain nasty.

Don't try for marriage if you don't have a house. No house means no marriage. And no marriage means no sex!

Don't flirt with guards. They don't understand.

Don't use your rude expressions. No one in Albion finds Farting or Belching funny. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

The character does not run by default. You must press the B button to run. Before you talk to the character that starts the race, be sure you are facing in the direction you need to run. When the timer begins immediately start running and be sure to avoid everyone in your path. Run straight around to where the door is and line yourself up directly down the middle of the rock bridge. As soon as you touch the door (you don't have to select it) push the stick in the opposite direction and you should go straight back across. Then just avoid all people on the way back and as soon as you see the dialog balloon (aiming at the race guy) hit the button to end the challenge.

The more damage you take, the more scarred your face becomes. Even if you eat food or use the potions. After you beat Jack of Blades, take a close look at your face. You will notice that it is probably going to be scared. - Sent by [Mastergamer38]

After you fight the Wasp Queen look for a hairstyle card on the bench.

Sword of Aeons
At the end of the game, if you opt to kill your sister, watch he end credits in their entirety and you'll be able to continue playing armed with the awesome Sword of Aeons which kills most enemies with one swipe.

Skorn's Bow
If you make a series of sacrifices at the Temple of Skorn at midnight, you'll earn yourself the Skorns Bow. To get 'followers' to the temple easily, hire mercenaries to fight with you and then lead them there. - Sent by [Swanster]

Stealable items can be found in the shops. To attempt to steal them, you can target the item, and then use the ‘shoplift’ expression.

The Guildmaster can be very annoying, always bugging you about quests,a nd worst of all: your combat multiplier. Perosnally, I've never seen a difference from when it was 0 or 50. To shut him up, you need a combat multiplyer of 30 or more. To get this, you need to have defeated Maze, and be on the way to stop Jack from unleashing the power of the focus sites all over Albion. Here, there are unlimited and in most cases easy enemies. Just kill one afdter another. In time, you'll have a combat multiplier of 30. Guildmaster shoudl say "I see you've MASTERED the combat multiplier." You won't get any stupid messages after that. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

In Lady Gray's bed is a silver key. - Sent by [Sine]

The solus greatsword is one of the best swords in the game and, except for the fee of about 80,000 gold, also rather easy to get. You can find at in the shop in Bowerstone North. It has a sharpening augumentation, health (if not self-explanitory enough, it heals you), and fire. - Sent by [Jonathan]

This is a small cool thing I found, if you keep turning your magic shield on and off while walking youll look like your Walking on stars. - Sent by [SPARTANVI]

When you get to the maze brings you to guild, close to the beginning, do every favor that the people around the guild would like you to do. When you become a hero do the wasp queen quest. Then, go into greatwood and travel all around Albion doing favors for people, killing enemies, picking up money, opening chests, and fishing at the spots with the items in them (and make sure on the way of your travels to open the demon door in Greatwood Gorge to get the Wellow's Pickhammer so it will be easier to kill enemies). When you have finished your travels go to Bowerstone South, buy a house,and use extra money to improve the house twice. With your wasp queen trophy do the "Easy Money" cheat until satisfied. As you get better trophies you can get more gold from the Easy Money cheat. By then, you'll have enough money for anything you want. - Sent by [Sine]

First you need to buy a few beers, no more than 3. Then you need to go to a shop and use the follow expression to make the shopkeeper follow you. take him to an obscure place on the map, and give him the beers. Run back to the shop and you should be able to steal everything before he gets back when he sobers up. - Sent by [andooloowakka]

When you use the summon spell It'll conjure a wasp to help you. Send it to kill a weak bandit. if the wasp dies use the spell again. keep using the spell until the bandit is dead, and the wasp will turn into the same exact bandit and help you. If the bandit dies you can use the spell and the bandit will come back. do this to stronger monsters until you have a very strong ally. - Sent by [Sine]

This is another way to get a strong ally that is easier to do. Use the spell turncoat on the strongest enemy possible and it will be a very strong ally temporarily. - Sent by [Sine]

At the end of the game choose to kill your sister. If you watch the credits you will get to continue playing with the sword of Aeons, a massively powerful weapon.

They are undoable. Do not waste your time trying to get your renown high enough to do them. THEY ARE UNDOABLE!!!! When your renown gets to the third bar they dissappear. There is no point in trying. A waste of F***ing time.

Happy Huntin - Sent by [fullyfresh69]

You can get the Buetane Sword in a Demon Door in Greatwood caves. - Sent by [Sine]

The frying pan is found between the barn and a bale of hay at orchard farm but please remember this: The Frying Pan does have alot of damage, BUT if it is dug up without you having all the clues and following them the damage percent will be zero and therefore the Frying pan will be useless. Please listen to my advice if you want to kill things with a frying pan.

Also in the "Back yard" of the guild there will be a chest that requires 20 keys to open it. inside is a hammer stronger then a master longsword. try not to finish the game until you have it or it will be lost forever. - Sent by [Maze]

Around the center of Lynchfield cemetary, to the right of two others behind the bush. - Sent by [fullyfresh69]

This is the best LONGSWORD in the game. Not the best weapon, but a very good one.

Travel to the temple of Avo and pull it from the stone. To do this, your physique must be MAX. If that does not work, upgrade your health and toughness. That's garunteed to work.

Go to the sword, and you will be able to pull it out and wield The Harbinger. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Ok first you should kill his minyons than hide behind a rock when he is shooting at you than get your bo out and shoot him till he sends his guys out again when he does get in to berserk mode(optional) repeat / Then when you get to the part wher you kill your sister do it you get the all mighty sword. - Sent by [Josh.m]

The Katana Hiryu is probably the strongest light weapon in Fable. It can be found in Lady Grey's Bedroom, and requires 15 Silver keys to open. One silver key is actually in her bed. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

There are two Murren Artifacts in Fable, and are both incredibly strong. Here is how to get them.

Murren GreatAxe
Found in a Blue Chest, requiring 15 Silver Keys, atop the Hook Coast Lighthouse

Murren Warhammer (My weapon of Choice)
Found as the first chest in the game(unopenable), at the hero's guild, in a blue chest requiring 20 Silver Keys. This weapon has an experience agumentation, so it makes great for upping your stats. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

The Sentinus is a legendary Greatmace given to you by the god Avo if you give lots of gold to his temple. How much, I'm not sure, but I'd estimate over 50K.

Skorm's Longbow is a legendary Longbow given to you by the devil Skorm if you sacrifice enough people to him. I'm not sure how many, but I'd estimate 50, possibly 100 people. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

This trick requires ATLEAT level 2 lightning and massive amounts of Will Potions.

Go to the Greatwood Caves (The area leading you to the Hobbe Cave). You should fight several monsters, then make your way into the Hobbe Cave. Continually use the lightning to hit two enemies. This will drastically increase your magic EXP. Once you have around 18K experience for magic and general combined, SPEND IT ON LIGHTNING. Common sense, if something works, it'll work even better if you upgrade it! Now, you have a stronger lightning that hits 3 foes, simultaneously! Get 48,000 experience (It may sound liek a lot, but it comes surpriseingly quick), and upgrade to Master Lightning. Now, zap the little buggers all day long and upgrade any magic.

Note- Every room full of Hobbes will give you around 8,000 experience if you kill them all with lightning. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

Map the Fireball spell to the quick menu's X button. With the bow in-hand, hold the left trigger to target an enemy, then hold the right trigger to access your quick menu, then hold the X button. The Fireball spell should now start to charge in your hand. While still holding left trigger and X, release the right trigger. Instead of throwing the fireball or cancelling the spell, your character will begin to draw an arrow. When you've pulled back all the way, release the X button and you'll shoot both the arrow and the fireball at roughly the same time. This glitch may work with other spells, preferably anything with a charge/release effect such as Fireball or a repeat-while-held effect such as Lightning.

Ever wonder why you're called a Chicken Chaser?

Not much of a title for an Evil Warlord, or Messiah.

To get a new title, they have special traders found alongs paths, sometimes.

You can get some awsome titles, like Assassin, or Liberator, to "Arseface"

Arseface? Kind of a step down, if you ask me. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

First thing you have to buy a home. The next thing is optional upgrade the home. Next you have to rent out the home. When you have occupants living in the home sleep in the bed for 10 days. Now go outside and infront of the home should be 3 bags of money collect them. Repeat the process to have as much money as you want. - Sent by [Curtis.C]

The best place to find silver keys is in the water. Make sure to go to fisher creek and learn how to fish. If you water that is kind of splashing, than it has an object in it. Most likely it's a silver key. - Sent by [Ben]

If you are willing to trade your chance to be a good hero for money, this tip is for you. For shops and some pubs, kill the shop owner (for the pub you must kill everyone inside) then buy the place and run. Oh, you might want to have enough cash unless you want to do this process again. The pubs cost over 100K-110K and I think the shops are around 70K but honestly I'm not sure about that. For the bowerstone shops, you must get everyone to follow you out of the town (because you can't use a weapon in the town) then simulate your own concentration camp. For the bowerstone shops you will only get one chance because if you kill the people without enough money to buy the joint, the new owners will not trust you enough to follow you. - Sent by [Jonathan]

I guess it's sort of a code, but when you have to take the traders to safty (the first time), you can kill one of them without losing the mission. So when yo kill one, you get about 130 evil points. After you kill one, save your hero attributes and kill the other one. You will start the mission over but you will still have the 130 evil points for killing the first trader. (If you want to go faster, you can go to get the wounded trader, and kill HIM and one other trader, if you kill both original traders you will start over) - Sent by [Bigman4life]

Once you get past the arena, and get your campions seal, try and use it in public and you can show off your trophies, this is a great way of getting renown if no one knows you! - Sent by [RobSillitoe]

Go to the Lychfield Graveyard, and in nearly any part of it, just walk around. Undead will continually sprout from the ground. They never stop,and give mass experience. Kill them until satisfied. - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

To get a lot of evil points very easy. Find the Howl Tattoo in a chest(not sure where). Then go to a tattooist and the alignment will be -51. Put the tattoo on and you will have 3 more bars of evil on your alignment meter.

This is the best, and easiest way to kill jack:

First wat you need is

Solus greatsword
Sskorms bow (or master longbow)
Max out multi arrow and multi stike

Then go into the fight with jack, kill his minions, the put multi strike on and attack jack a few times, when he goes up into the air go behind a rock a put multi arrow on, if you have skorm bow you will only need 2 shoots him once or twice, and master bow 2 or 3 times. this will kill him very fast, and u wont get hurt very much. Happy killing! - Sent by [Archonswarrior]

Assign the spade to a shortcut on the D-pad, then put your back against the fence or door you are planning on pushing through. Then proceed to dig with your back against the wall until you have succesfully gone through the object.

Note:You must be on diggable ground to perform this trick.
Note2: If you get stuck in an invisible wall click the left thumbstick to sneak until you can move through the wall.

This is how the alignment (in full effect) will affect your character.

Blue Eyes
Light Blonde Hair
A Transparent Halo
Butterflies will flutter around you
People will fall in love with you

Red, glowing eyes
Gray, balding hair
Large Horns
Flies will circle you
Red smoke will rise where you stand
Pale Skin
People will run in terror from you - Sent by [Poyzinblud]

When I was doing the white balverine quest there were two things that I found out. 1. there is no one at Knothole Glade so you can steal everything on the shop counters without having to worry about guards or other people. 2. When I was stealing something from a shop the balverine came back and hit me while I was in the middle of stealing. The exclimation mark that was above my head stayed there. It will stay there until you do another emotion. - Sent by [Luke]

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