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Wind-up Knight 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Wind-up Knight 2 on Wii U

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If you turn off 'Checkpoints' at the 'Options' menu you will get a 50 gold bonus for completing a level without respawning.

If you advance the date on your device by one day you will instantly be able to get another ticket for the daily challenge levels in Tournament mode. This will allow you if you have already played Tournament mode to play the level again for one ticket instead of the higher cost of a replay.

Make sure when you are choosing your upgrades you pick carefully. Below are some recommended items and their effect that you might want to consider.

Gem Shield
Recommended for Tournament mode.

Hard Helm (5,500 Gold)
Protects against falling objects and catapults once per life.

Magnet Shield
Draws gold coins to you.

Angel Helm (800 Gold)
Replenishes your Winding power once per life.

Spiked Helm and Red Caterpillar Armour (13,000 Gold Each)
Allows you to move through enemies, flame jets, catapults, and falling objects without harm.

There is no point playing Tournament mode first, you will just end up wasting tickets. You need to purchase better equipment and skills with the gold you earn from playing the levels before you attempt Tournament mode.

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