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Nintendo Land

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Nintendo Land - Wii U

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Complete Crash Course multiple times to unlock additional courses.

CourseHow to unlock

Unlock extra arenas for Pikmin's versus mode.

UnlockableHow to Unlock

Note: This trick requires extra Wii-motes. When the Double Coin marker goes to Animal Crossing: Sweet Day, set all the Wii-motes to play as guest Miis. Have the guards do nothing, and have only one animal collect all the candy. For example, if you have four Wii-motes, you will get five stamps for one round, which equals 120 coins. Then, switch the Miis, and repeat the process. Proceed through Donkey Kong's Crash Course, and collect all the bananas along the way. Coins will spontaneously appear on the course. Try picking up the presents in Yoshi's Fruit Cart. Some are worth 10 coins, and others have the check marks to help with the mini-game.

Playing five games in the Starter's Arena will unlock the Warrior's Arena, and playing five games in the Warrior's Arena will unlock the Hero's Arena.

You'll gain access to an additional 12 areas (a whole second course) once you clear the 12 areas in Course 1. The new races take place at night.

If you beat the regular course twice, you'll unlock a secret blue stage that's much more difficult. Complete it twice to unlock an additional course. You can continue unlocking courses in that manner until there are a total of four courses available.

Clearing the first 20 missions that are available will grant you access to another 10 missions.

Once you clear the first sixteen missions, you'll unlock an additional six missions.

You can unlock an additional five missions if you complete the first nine missions.

Beat the 20 regular missions of Metroid Blast and 10 'Extra' Missions will become available for you.

Once you clear the fifth and final round, you'll gain access to yet another round that is appropriate named the Extra Round.

ExtraHow to unlock

While playing as the ghost, hold L + R or ZL + ZR to start charging magic. Note: This will make you visible and immobile. Release the buttons when prompted, and the batteries of all flashlights will temporarily be drained.

In the Plaza, rotate the controller 180 degrees to control the camera with the Left Analog-stick, and your movement will automatically be re-adjusted on the Right Analog-stick.

A second player, with a wii remote, can help/distract you in most of the single player games. Octopus dance : A second player can play with the background by pointing and pressing the A button on the different objects. This will create some sound that could distract you while trying to follow the beat. Donkey Kong's crash course : A second player can point on the main player and hold the A button on your character. This will create a "slowing bubble" around your character that slows him down. Takamaru's Ninja Castle : A second player can hold the ennemies in place by aiming them and pressing the A button. It doesn't works on bosses. F-Zero Racing : A second player can destroy the many obstacles by aiming and pressing the A button. Balloon trip breeze : A second player can knock different objects out of their place by aiming them and pressing the A button.

To receive a particular stamp, complete the requirements listed.

StampHow to unlock

You can become a star player in each attraction in Nintendo Land. Here's how to unlock: You'll know you received star player status once you close the attraction and Monita appears to congratulate you and give you a star for the attraction.

UnlockableHow to unlock

Play 20 matches and you will unlock two more levels.

To unlock the credits you must become a star player in all 12 attractions. During the credits, you can run around and shoot stars with the L and R buttons.

To view your overall progress, stamps, prizes, etc., double tap your Mii in the plaza. To view your specific stamps, when you enter the game itself, notice the bar under your Mii with five circles with a rectangular orange icon to the right. Tap that icon on the GamePad to see which stamps you have unlocked, and their details.

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