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Cheats, Cheat Codes for Bayonetta - Wii U

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During the entire opening cutscene of Chapter VIII or XIV, hold L + ZL to hear retro Afterburner and Space Harrier music during the stage.

Hold [Taunt] to perform an alternate taunt with each character.

Successfully complete the game to unlock the "Bonus Gallery" option at the main menu, which allows access to the game's concept art, cutscenes, and other extras.

When the flashback battle at the start of Chapter 2 begins and Jeanne jumps down, shoot her. She will block most of the bullets, but soon after she will crouch and fire her guns in a quarter-circle. During this time she is vulnerable and you can attack her, but it is recommended you just shoot and dodge her bullets. Once she is finished, her next attack will probably be a Wicked Weave. You can see it coming when a red circle appears under her. If you dodge her Wicked Weave, you will enter Witch Time. However, it does not last long, so try to use the time well. Either keep shooting her if you are too far away, or move close to perform a combo and deal a good amount of damage. There is a chance that Jeanne will try to move closer instead of using a Wicked Weave. If this happens, get some distance between the both of you by dodging. To get the most attacks in, always dodge towards her when dodging her bullets and Wicked Weave. Make sure you are in Witch Time before attacking.

When Bayonetta is sucking a lollipop in a cutscene, take note of its color. Hold the controller button that matches the color of the lollypop to get an item. For example, if the lollypop was green, hold A during the cutscene to get a green herb lollipop.

Successfully complete all chapters on the Normal difficulty to unlock the Hard difficulty.

Successfully complete all Alfheim Portal missions to unlock Lost Chapter: Angel Slayer.

While facing a wall that will display bullet holes when shot, hold [Shoot], and Bayonetta will shoot the letter "B" or a small heart into that wall.

Successfully complete all chapters on the Hard difficulty to unlock the Non-Stop Infinite Climax difficulty.

Get a "Platinum" rank in all chapters on the Normal or higher difficulty to unlock Jeanne. Alternately, unlock the "Eternal Marionette" accessory.

Successfully complete the "Lost Chapter" to unlock Little Zero.

In Chapter 2: Vigrid, City of Deja Vu, after Verse 2, you'll reach the Vigrid Streets area, which is an open courtyard. There are three telephones in this area - standing in front of one of these telephones and inputting a button code results in unlocking an item and deducting its Halo price from your total. The left telephone inset in the stairway is used for unlocking Weapons; the right telephone for Accessories; and the telephone across the courtyard behind a pillar is used for Characters. You will hear a chime if the button code was input successfully.


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