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1001 Spikes

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for 1001 Spikes - Vita

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Obtain the Key of Serpentis, then play level 10-7, "Jokulkyrkja", in Antarctica. Jump on the platform with the strange serpent symbol and it will lower into a Boss fight. Defeat the boss by throwing knives at the crystals on the ceiling in order to break each section of the dragon platform you are riding on. After the Boss has been defeated you will unlock Antarctica for all characters, Jim Hawkins, and the alternate ending.

Complete all Akumpa Ruins levels. To unlock Antarctica Temple for all characters, view the True ending.

Collect four golden skulls.

Collect 6 golden skulls.

Collect twelve Golden Skulls.

Play level 2-1, "Rush into the Ruin", at the Ukampa Temple. One the right side of the exit is a unique block with a key symbol. Remove the key block and enter the new area to the right of the exit. Note: Removing the block may require all Golden Skulls. The Key of Serpentis can be found in the center of the temple area.

Collect ten Golden Skulls.

Complete World 1 and watch the video sequence. Aban will talk about the temple of Poko-mum and refer to it as "Pocket Monster", which is the Japanese title for the Pokemon series of games.

Collect 5 golden skulls.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character.

CharacterHow to unlock

Complete the following tasks to unlock Vita trophy rewards.

TrophyHow to unlock

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