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Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on Switch

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Raise the "Development Level" of one of the Titans to 5 Star through "Salvaging" and "Exchange" (Torigoth preferably). This can be done by buying as much Silver Cylinder as you can, salvage it all, then exchange them for G (money). Repeat til Development Level for said Titan is at 5 Star. At 5 Star Development Level, purchasing price (5 Star Titan) is identical to sell back price (any other Titan). Now purchase 99 stacks of Normal, Silver, and Gold Cylinder (doesn't appear til after you finish Ch.4) from the 5 Star Titan you already have and sell them to a different Titan that you want to develop with no net loss. Repeat til Development Level is at 5 Star.

Progress through the main story until you gain access to Anangham. It is shortly after you encounter Lily. Once you have access to this area, go to the port and look for the Port Anangham Salvage Point. You can buy Gold Cylinders in the nearby town. Use the Gold Cylinders at the port to get some Salvage. This is also a great way to farm gold. When you use the Gold Cylinders and an enemy spawns, make sure to defeat them to get either a Common or Rare Core Crystal approximately 80% of the time. It works even better if you have Blades with the "Salvage Master" field skill.

When starting the game, save as many items as possible. Also, do not waste your money making excessive purchases or bonding Core Crystals at the start of the game. Instead, save your money. Once you reach Torigoth in Gormott Province, there is a vendor called Maschnach Exchange. The merchant will offer lots of gold for certain items. Sell the requested items to the vendor and search for whatever featured items are being presented to earn a lot of money early in the game.

To get easy XP early in the game, go to Lyta Oasis in Gormott Province. It is located towards the lower side of the starting island. Once there, you can find a group of enemies that will not attack until you begin the encounter. They are not too hard to defeat, especially if you take advantage of their weaknesses. Once the enemies have been defeated, find an inn and rest with all the party members that were part of the encounter. Then, go back and fight the enemies again. Repeat this process as many times as desired. Additionally, make sure not to die, as you will lose all earned XP and have to start over again.

First, unlock access to the Empire Of Mor Ardain. Then, go to Kedeigh Gate in Alba Cavinch (the capital). Go to the store and buy as many Gold Cylinders as possible. Next, go to Lower Level Anangham #2 Dock. There is a Salvage Point slightly ahead and to the left of where you spawn. Use all of your Gold Cylinders on this Salvage Point. Make sure to kill all the enemies as well to farm Common and Rare Core Crystals. Once you have used all of your Gold Cylinders, go back into Alba Cavinch and trade your items set at the trade store (the one marked with the scales icon) to get a lot more gold than you originally spent. Use Blades with the "Salvage Master" field skill for an extra boost. It is possible to get 400,000 gold in approximately 30 minutes using this trick.

The easy, fast way is to repeatedly use consumables (putting an item in your Driver's pouch). Each consumable has a set amount of trust with 21 as the most. The consumable will give trust to each active blade on the Driver at the start of the timer. You can use more consumables without waiting for the first one to expire. It is best to use a type of consumable that no one in your setup likes (to avoid dialogue delays).

Example: Rex has Pyra, Roc, and Perceval as active blades. None of them like meat. Purchase 40 meat dishes (such as Fragrant Samod Stralu that will give 18 trust). Go to your Pouch setup menu and select the pouch. The meat dish you bought should be at the top. Hit A and then A again to accept. If you keep hitting A afterward, the game will keep putting the meat dish in your pouch without significant delays. Repeat process until you get your desired trust level.

You can obtain Rare Blades through Core Crystals. However, obtaining Core Crystals can be difficult since you only get them gradually through game progression along with finding them in chests or drops from enemies; however, Core Crystal drops are often rare. Once you get a Core Crystal, bond with it to get a random Rare Blade. You can also give other members of your party a Core Crystal to bond with so they can carry a Rare Blade. Note: To bond with a blade, pause the game and go into the Bond Blade options. Select the character you want to give the Rare Blade to, and then the Core Crystal. Each Rare Blade has its own attributes (known as Blade Arts) that can really boost your game; depending on the Blade you have will determine what Blade Arts will be equipped. Additionally, you can upgrade Blades, which give further perks to it. This can be done through the Affinity Charts under the "Manage Blade" options in the Blades menu.

Unlock Poppi through the main story and have access to Tiger Tiger.

MedalHow to Unlock

For all of the examples, touch the edge of the screen indicated by a series of suspicious looking parts next to it. You'll be teleported to the secret room where you can obtain lots of ether crystals.

Stage 1: Left wall, two small blocks close to each other.

Stage 2: Right wall, two ether crystals next to the edge and an ambush lobster looming above it.

Stage 3: Left wall, two small blocks close to each other, two jellyfish outside of it.

Stage 4: Left wall, three urchins in a column.

Stage 5: Left wall, three urchins closing on the edge underneath a bubble row obstacle.

When unlocked during the story, Stage 5 has exclusive mod parts with LOW drop rates. Simply collect the large chest and exit the top of the stage. Any other actions or bonuses during the stage do not affect the large chest. These are also all obtainable on Easy difficulty.



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