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LEGO City Undercover

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for LEGO City Undercover - Switch

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Enter "3D74QF9", "3GCC7XR", or "N7NN4F9" as a code at the terminal between two garages in front of the police station, and the two garage doors will open. The one on the left is a Robbery Arrest mission, where you take the Justice car and chase a hoodlum. The one on the right is a Vehicle Stealing mission, where you use the Spirit red sports car. Successfully complete the bonus missions to unlock the vehicles that were used in the missions.

Collect 400,000,000 studs to unlock a statue of Chase in King's Court, surrounded by unlimited blue studs.

Enter one of the following codes at the "Extras" menu to activate the corresponding cheat function.


Collect the five hidden blocks throughout the city to unlock Super Wrestler. The five blocks can be found at the following locations.

On Apollo Island
The block can be found behind the garages along the runway.

On Auburn Bay Bridge
The block can be found on the support beams of the bridge.

Bluebell National Park
You first need to beam up to the top of the dam. Then, chop through the boarded door, and climb the ladder to find the block.

Lego City Airport
The block can be found underneath the freeway near the airport.

Search the walkways along the ocean to find the final block.

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