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Daemon X Machina

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Daemon X Machina on Switch

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It is important that you keep an eye on your bullets during a mission because although your Arsenal will automatically reload a new clip when you run out of bullets the process takes some time, during which you will not be able to fire at your enemies. Therefore when you see that your weapon is running low you need to make sure you find some cover for when the reload process begins.

Before you begin a mission you will have the opportunity to choose your weapons. It is vital that you always go to your hanger and switch out the weapons to opt for a loadout that is better suited for your playsyle and the mission you are about to undertake.

Apart from Offer Missions which serve as the main story missions of Daemon X Machina there are plenty of other missions you may want to consider taking on in the Free Missions category. Free missions are worthwhile doing as they will enable you to net more money to spend and potentially gain new weapons by defeating Arsenals.

If you go to the console in the main Hanger and select 'Factory' followed by 'Develop Equipment' you will be able to develop higher-level weapons. In order to do so however requires money and a specific weapon or piece of armour to serve as a base. You get the base equipment you need by scavenging fallen enemies.

If you are not involved in a firefight and are completely motionless you can give the Mech a custom command to reload the weapons so they are full of bullets for your next encounter. To reload you need to press and hold down the A key and then the fire button of the desired weapon.

Some of the missions in Daemon X Machina can take a while to complete and running out of ammo for your main weapon can becomes a concern. It is therefore advised before you begin a mission you ensure you have other weapons with you. Along with holding weapons in your arms, you can also store some in your Pylons which can be used in the mission if you need to change them on the go or if you do run out of ammo.

Once you have completed the main story you will be able to return to your HQ after the credits and choose any previously completed main mission or side mission and to replay it without starting a new game. Free missions however are different, whether you can play them again is based on in-game criteria. You will only be able to replay some.

Daemon X Machina will autosave your progress after every major event. You can however manually save the game at your main HQ by going to the mission terminal and choosing the 'System' tab which will give you an option to save your game or load a previously saved file. You cannot manually save while you are out on a mission.

Make sure you search every single enemy that you shoot down in Daemon X Machina as each can give you a valuable new weapon or piece of armour. Downed enemy Arsenals appear on your map as a red triangle icon with an exclamation point. To scavenge a fallen enemy you just need to walk up to it and press A, then pick what you want.

In Daemon X Machina Femto is a powerful particle that gives your Arsenal special abilities. When you destroy enemies they will drop Femto which you can pick up by flying through it. Femto crystals can also in certain areas of the map that enable you to absorb Femto from if you stand near them. Pushing up or down on the D-pad activates three different Femto systems for your Arsenal. These are increased damage output, ability to take damage, or your thruster speed. Use your Femto abilities whenever possible, the best way to handle this system is to ensure you are collecting as much Femto as possible to keep your abilities powered up, then cycling through them as you need them. When an ability is on cooldown it will be grey.

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