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Cave Story +

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Cave Story + on Switch

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Choose to leave with Kazuma after your second time through the Egg Corridor.

Complete the indicated task to get the corresponding weapon.

Blade: Defeat frenzied Toroko, then talk to the king. He will ask that you avenge him. He will disappear and something will take his place. Press Down to get the weapon.

Bubbler: Get access to the Bushlands. Get jellyfish juice, then go to the meeting room in the Mimiga Village, and put out the fire.

Fireball: You get it in the Bushlands when you talk to Santa after getting his key.

Machine Gun: Defeat Curly in the Sand Zone. She will want to trade the Polar Star for the Machine Gun. Note: Refuse her trade in order to get the Spur later.

Missile Launcher: It is in the treasure chest in the Egg Observation room in Egg Corridor (the second door with the save symbol).

Missile Upgrade: Defeat Balrog in the Boulder Chamber, and a treasure chest with the weapon will appear. Note: If you already have the Missile Launcher, it will be upgraded to fire new missiles.

Nemesis: Kazuma and the Dragon will be on the Balcony. Go down a row to find a gap. Use the Booster to traverse the gap and enter the house. Talk to Mrs. Little, then go to the Graveyard. Talk to the small character in the grass, and he will enter your inventory. Return to Mrs. Little's house. The small character will say "I'm home!". Talk to him in the house, and he will trade the Blade for the Nemesis.

Polar Star: You get it at the start from the hermit gunsmith.

Snake: Go into the Labyrinth Shop, and speak to the owner. He will borrow your Polar Star and Fireball and combine them into the Snake. This weapon's rounds passes through walls. Note: You cannot do this if you have the Machine Gun or Spur.

Spur: Defeat the fish Boss. After appearing in the Reservoir, go to Arthur's house. Professor booster will appear from the teleporter and give you Booster 2.0. Note: Prior to this, do not talk to Booster in the Labyrinth. Use the Booster to reach to the first cave, and talk to the hermit gunsmith. He will upgrade it to the Spur.

Finish the Sacred Grounds area.

Finish the escape sequence at the end of the game without going through the Sacred Grounds.

In the Plantation level, go inside the "Rest Area". Then, go to the bottom where the water is located. Move left through the opening in the wall to reach the "Inner Wall" outside area. Booster 2.0 is required for this location. Keep moving forward until you find a door at the bottom left with a wall between it. Go under the wall, and boost up until you reach the door. Use it to enter a "Secret Grave" with a large "Prinny" statue at the center. Examine the sparkling object to get the Prinny Cap.


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