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WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW 2006 - Sony PSP

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Buy him for $2,800 from the Shopzone.

1. Before you play gm mode edit the available roster and turn off all the superstars you want.
2.Choose your brand and pick the remaining crappy superstars.
3.When you begin turn on all the good superstars (The Hogans, the rock etc.)
4.Terminate the crappy superstars contracts and put the good superstars on 5 week contracts.
5.Keep using advertisng promos every week to get your money back then put your superstars contracts on for 3 months.
6.Just repeat (5) throughout your season and you should get Gm of the year. - Sent by [Zach]

Just damage your opponent in the head (so he is bleeding) then do a head submission, your opponents partner wont be able to get in quick enough.

You can also damage your opponent and tag out then you can jump back in the ring irish whip your opponent out then do ground moves on him until the ref calls a ring out. Hope these helped! - Sent by [Zach]

Stand next to the horns on JBL's limo, then press Square to grab the horns and use them as a weapon. - Sent by [MORSN417]

Complete all 15 of the Legend Challenges. Once unlocked, select Cage Match, then you can choose a Legend Cage instead of a regular cage. - Sent by [MORSN417]

First you pick which roster to use, before you start turn off all the oppisite teams superstars. Then when you start turn off as many free agents as you can. Then they will only have about 5 superstars. Just go through gm mode normally and you can easily beat the oppisite brand. - Sent by [Zach]

Once you have completed all of the rising star challenges you will unlock the WWE SUPERSTAR challenge list. Also once you have completed all of the WWE superstar challenges you will unlock the LEGEND challenge list. - Sent by [kepperp]

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