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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on Sony PSP

When you finish the TIE-Fighter Constrution Facilitie Level you'll get the ROGUE SHADOW as a sub menu in the story mode. Go to extra's then cheat codes and type in the following cheats.

Cheats - Effect

wookiee - Unlock The Apprentice's father's costume
holocron - Unlock The Apprentice's Hooded Costume
mandalore - Unlock Rahm Kota to play With
jedimaster - Unlock Mace Windu to Play With
sithlord - Unlock Darth Vader To play With
lightsaber - Get a Extra Powerfull Lightsaber | Submitted by BrianBlack

The best way to defeat enemies faster is to use Dark Rage. Then, use Maelstorm after you use Dark Rage to make it last longer.

There is a Stormtrooper floating outside a window in Starkiller's (The Apprentice's) first level. You can see it outside a window on the right side of the hall.

On Raxus Prime the first time, once get to where you can see most of the swamp junkyard there will be a part sticking out with a lightsaber hilt. Use the crates to jump up there and get it.

It is always better to destroy totally EVERY destroyable or movable thing because they might hold useful holocrons. These holocrons, at the interval of 5s, when viewed in the rogue shadow at EXTRAS, will have odd words in the right hand corner. These are the cheat codes.

When in Rouge Shadow. Go to Juno and select Cheats. Then enter this.

Code - Effect

Vergence - Unlimited force | Submitted by fazthebear

Successfully complete the first mission. After gaining access to the Rogue Shadow, you have the ability enable cheat codes. When on board your ship between missions, select "Extras", then the "Enter Code" option. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Enabling a code for a different character may prevent some intermissions sequences from being viewed.



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