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Sims 2, The

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Sims 2, The on Sony PSP

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When your Sim feels hungry, give it some food. Then, after it is done eating, it will have to go to the bathroom. After it is done going to the bathroom, it will lose Hygiene points. Make sure the Sim washes its hands. Afterwards, the cycle will start again after you go to the bathroom; it will be hungry again.

Try standing a few feet away from her. Then, do a social game, and do chat. If you complete the third chatting process, it will look like Mambo is hugging nothing but the air.

Build up your Creativity then paint and sell paintings. Once you Creativity is all the way up you will earn 500 Simoleons for each painting.

First, collect all the secrets lying around the desert, then do all the tasks for Mamba and debuty duncan. Then buy bella goths mansion for all your money, don't worry though... then go over to Mamba and sell all your secrets. Then she'll give you money: She will give you 100 for the tomance ones and 150 simoleons for the ghost-thingy one.

Then move to paradise place and Duncan will say that you gave all your money to bella so he gives you a bonus of 800 simoleons. All together you will have an amount of 1250 simoleons, use these to build up your house.

To keep your Sim sane and fulfill all his wants at the same time, you must first get 15000 simoleons. I know it sounds like a lot but after youve played for awhile you know it's like pocket change. Then, you must buy a nanovitalizer and the bed worth 6000 simoleons. Use the bed to fill your sanity and then use the nanovitalizer. If your sanity is in the gold or platinum, the nanovitalizer should fill all your wants.

You can flirt with a Sim that is the same gender as yours once the other Sim's Flirting bar is filled up all the way.

When you first start the game you must pay the mechanic. You will learn how to get secrets by flirting, chatting, and intimidating. Continue to play through the part where you get Bella's mansion. Do not sell anything until you buy the mansion. You can get cash by selling secrets and trash to cashier. Look around outside for round, sparklying things which contain sercrets. Look for cans and stuff laying on the ground in small groups. Pick these up. Go to a garbage can and choose to scrounge the cans until you recieve a message saying there is nothing left to get. You will feel nausause and in need of a shower. You can wash your hands to relieve your shower needs. If you see a red box showing a person puking, in the upper left hand corner, go to the toliet and choose to puke. If you sell secrets and other people find out they could get angry at you. Also, you find you need to save some secrets for future uses, so be careful. Also, when you get to Paradise Palace, you will recieve some money from the cop. You might want to save money for bills every Monday. | Submitted by BEN

First you'll need to create a sim, dress him/her up in an army suit and you'll be aloud to enter devision 47.

In paradise place once you complete all the tasks for hazel you then have to go to her and talk to her. You wil say in the game "Your responsible for your husbands murders", she then gets angry and will try to intimidate with you. Make sure your crystal thing is silver or yellow or else you will not intimidate hazel.

If you win she tells you she is responsible and shows you where the ghost in shorts remains are (you know that ghost in your house who is in the music room?) and then you bury the remains and the ghost comes back to life. I think the same goes with the other ghost with the mowhawk.

In the 'Create a Sim' screen, choose the green-white like skin.

Build up your Creativity then paint and sell paintings. Once you Creativity is all the way up you will earn 500 Simoleons for each painting.

Try eating a little bit. Then, walk around a lot. Eventually, your Sim's Sanity diamond will decrease to the point where you fail in chatting, flirting, or imitating against another person. In the house you bought, go into the music room. The ghost will scare you, making your Sanity diamond decrease. Afterwards, after your diamond is all the way decreased, your Sim will fall on the floor and feel strange, which will make you start from your new house. You will get thrown over the fence of your house, but will feel better afterwards. It will take 500 Simoleons to get you back on your feet, and you will lose all your Sanity points.

On the Perks screen in the info menu, Go to buy perks and hold L + R + Square for five seconds. A cheat perk will appear showing a Woo-Hoo icon, which is free. Buy that perk and launch it. You will find activate button. Click it and move your selection to left by clicking left arrrow. Then, it will become white. Hence, select any cheat you want.

Do social games with different Sims. Try completing their Flirt and Chat stats to have a complete Sanity diamond. It should be white once filled up all the way. After you filled it up to the top, Chat and Flirt with six more Sims. Do not imitate against them. After chatting and flirting with six more Sims, your Sanity diamond will still be full. Save and quit the game, then play as the person that you were playing with before. You will notice that your Sanity will be 100% great, and will not decrease.

Build a teaser and go up to Annie, the waitress at the bar, and tease her and she will turn into the "Monster Dog" and confess.

Go to the goal screen, and press Square, R2, Down, Right, Square.

Go to your inventory (press select) go to- your perks- section, click on it. (You will see a list of perks you can purchase).

Press the buttons: L + R + SQUARE

you will get a heart- that cheat will improve your skills, money, urgencies and sanity!

If your Sanity level is high, you will have a better chance in winning all social games.

If there are multiple zombies in the Zombie Bashing game, push the buttons in the order where the zombies are.

Example: There are zombies in button spots X, L, R, and Circle. You can push the buttons in any of these orders:

Order 1: X, L, R, Circle
Order 2: L, R, Circle, X
Order 3: R, Circle, X, L
Order 4: Circle, X, L, R | Submitted by FireElementLord


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