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Need for Speed Underground Rivals

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Need for Speed Underground Rivals on Sony PSP

The best car to start of with is the Dodge Neon. Why you ask? Well i don't know why. I just started with that. | Submitted by Johnny

Complete the last race of a set with a gold medal.

When considering buying a car, do not buy any of the cars that are used as Boss cars. If you buy one, you will end up having two of the same car. Your garage can only hold 20 cars, and there are 24 cars total. The four Boss cars have their own separate garage and do not take up any of the twenty slots. You cannot get 100% completion if you buy any of the cars used as Boss cars.

In some race events that says Boss Race in the event description, you can win that Boss's car by beating the event on Gold difficulty. When you win a Boss car, it appears in the Pocket Garage and you can race it in any game event.

The following cars are unlocked for purchase:

Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0L: $22,000
Ford Focus ZX3: $18,000
Mazda Miata MX-5: $19,000
Dodge Neon: $17,000
Nissan Sentra SE-R SPEC-V: $21,000
Toyota Celica GT-S: $23,000
Nissan 240SX: $30,000
Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX: $32,000
Mazda RX-7: $34,000
Mazda RX-8: $48,000
Pontiac GTO: $46,000
Subaru WRX STi: $46,000
1969 Dodge Charger: $44,000
Toyota Supra: $52,000
Nissan 350Z: $54,000
Mitsubishi Lancer: $51,000
Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R: $56,000
1967 Ford Mustang: $65,000
Nissan Skyline R34 GTR: $70,000
Chevrolet Corvette Z06: $72,000

If you are having trouble figuring out which cars to use for what event, cars with high top speeds/acceleration are good for drag races; cars with good controls/handling are best for drifting; and cars with a balance of the three are good for normal racing.

In Lincoln Connector an easy way to win is to simply force the computer into the first shortcut of the race. Once the computer is in the shortcut the car will freeze for a period of time. This freezing can even last for up to a lap.

On the Bayside Run course, there are doors that you can go through without them moving. Drive over 175 mph and have NOS on when you are about to hit the doors. You will disappear and go through it to the other side without moving the wall. When you enter the sidewalk sale area, the right front door does not seem to work but this glitch can be done with all others.

In the Nitrous Run Race, if your time is about two to four seconds from expiring, aim the car at the gate and use all the nitrous remaining. Even if the timer runs out, your car will keep going enough without the gas and may pass the gate. If so, the timer will start again and your nitrous tank will be refilled, allowing you to continue with the race.

To win a free WRX sti or 1969 Doge Charger, beat the gold medal ranking of the PRO boss battles.

To win a free Corvette of Skyline R34 GTR, beat the gold medal ranking of the MASTER boss battles. | Submitted by shard

To listen to the music that you have encountered, go to the main menu and select "EA games Pocket Trax". Here are the song that are in movie mode:

Soulwax: "Any Minute Now"
The DONOTS: "We got the noise"

In drag racing if you tap the nitrous button instead of holding the button down your car will accelerate at a faster speed.

While driving, hit a turn too hard to fly up and over the railing. There is an invisible wall that you can ride. If you ride it correctly, you can land back on your wheels.


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