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Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker on Sony PSP

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For this tip to work, you must enable auto-save. After you send your combat team to Outer Ops mission and you are using your mechs, the auto save will run and save your game. After the saving, Reports will notify you about the Mother Base. After the report, head to Outer Ops to view their Missions Status. If your Mech gets Decommissioned, (damaged beyond Repair), DO NOT SAVE MANUALLY. Instead, go to title screen without saving. Load your game again, and it will bring you back to the Reports about the Mother Base, and after the Reports, Head to the Outer Ops again... Reset and Load until you receive a better outcome and your Mech is not Decommissioned.

Complete the indicated task or mission to unlock the corresponding costume.

Amanda: Extra Op 67 with an "S" rank.
AUSCAM: Main Op: Barricade Destruction.
Bad Smell: Extra Op 61 with an "S" rank.
Battle suit with helmet: Randomly appears when fighting "SS" rank matches in Outer Ops.
Battle suit: Main Op: first Peace Walker battle.
Bikini: On the bridge after you complete Extra Op 68 with an "S" rank.
Black, khaki, navy blue, white, red, yellow, pink, etc.: Bonus downloadable content.
Choco-chip: Extra Op 45 with an "S" rank.
Gear Rex: Extra Op 125 with an "S" rank.
J. Fatigue: Available by default.
Leaf: Extra Op 14 with an "S" rank.
Liolaeus (Rathalos): Extra Op 121 with an "S" rank.
Miller: Extra Op 68 with an "S" rank.
Naked (AUSCAM): Extra Op 30.
Naked (chocolate): Outer Op.
Naked (Leaf): Outer Op.
Naked (with black, khaki, navy blue, red, etc.): Bonus downloadable content.
Naked (Snake): Main Op: Tropical Cloud Fog Forest.
Naked (Splitter): Extra Op 29 or Outer Op.
Naked (Tiger Stripe): Main Op: Pursuing Amanda.
Naked: Available by default.
Neo Moss: Use CODEC to communicate with the ghosts until they say "The End" in Extra Op 62.
Snake: At the concrete area where the lumber is stacked in Extra Op 16.
Sneaking Suit: Main Op: Combat helicopter: Mi-24A.
Splitter: Extra Op 29 or on top of a box in Extra Op 59.
Square: Extra Op 30.
Swimming trunks: On the bridge after completing Extra Op 67 with an "S" rank.
Tiger Stripe: In Bananal Fruta De Oro sorting shed at the office in the north end in Main Op: Pursuing Amanda.
Tigrex: Extra Op 123 with an "S" rank.
T-shirt: Second floor in Extra Op 1.
Tuxedo: Chapter 4.

This trick requires either the Law or the RPG, and the M16, ration and supply marker. Wait until Pupa stops and fire a rocket at the large cylinder console on its front. To avoid the electric shots. Do not stop moving. When it launches its lighting rods, take out a few near you with the M16 and lay flat on the ground until the lighting stops and keep firing. If you are running low on rations and ammunition, use the supply marker to call in more. Once it is destroyed, fire a rocket at the hatch on top of its head. You need to take the "programs". It does not matter which ones you take out.

Defeat Peace Walker the third time, then complete the indicated missions (in order) to unlock the next mission in the sequence.

Extra Op 14, Extra Op 22, Extra Op 67, Extra Op 103
Main Op Zadornov Search, Extra Op 32, Extra Op 15, Extra Op 8, Extra Op 56, Extra Op 90, Extra Op 76
Main Op Zadornov Search, Extra Op 42, Extra Op 19, Extra Op 95, Extra Op 39, Extra Op 35, Extra Op 106
Main Op Zadornov Search, Extra Op 112, Extra Op 16, Extra Op 33, Extra Op 71, Extra Op 21, Extra Op 93, Extra Op 86
Main Op Zadornov Search, Extra Op 63, Extra Op 74, Extra Op 57, Extra Op 59, Extra Op 84, Extra Op 40, Extra Op 82
Main Op Zadornov Search, Extra Op 60, Extra Op 78, Extra Op 36, Extra Op 108, Extra Op 34, Extra Op 99
Main Op Zadornov Search, Extra Op 116, Extra Op 17, Extra Op 101, Extra Op 110, Extra Op 43, Extra Op 97, Extra Op 118, Extra Op 23, Extra Op 24, Extra Op 105, Extra Op 25, Extra Op 70, Extra Op 26, Extra Op 27, Extra Op 94, Extra Op 44, Extra Op 41, Extra Op 77, Extra Op 20, Extra Op 89, Extra Op 55, Extra Op 79, Extra Op 9, Extra Op 66, Extra Op 73, Extra Op 107, Extra Op 58, Extra Op 61, Extra Op 92, Extra Op 62, Extra Op 100, Extra Op 64, Extra Op 65, Extra Op 87, Extra Op 111, Extra Op 45, Extra Op 46, Extra Op 102, Extra Op 47, Extra Op 48, Extra Op 91, Extra Op 49, Extra Op 75, Extra Op 50, Extra Op 83, Extra Op 37, Extra Op 98, Extra Op 104, Extra Op 72, Extra Op 85, Extra Op 109, Extra Op 96, Extra Op 81, Extra Op 113, Extra Op 115, Extra Op 117, Extra Op 119, Extra Op 68, Extra Op 120.

The director Hideo Kojima can be recruited from an interactive cutscene in "The Destination of the Nuclear Warheads" by selecting the truck with the license plate "Centro America 63824 Peace Sentinel".

Complete the indicated task or mission to unlock the corresponding weapon.

Bandana: Extra Op 119 with an "S" rank.
Hay Box (Assassin's Creed): Eagle dive off a building in Main Op: Miners' Residence or Extra Op 50.
Shield (with color): Extra Op 55
Stealth Camo: Extra Op 50 with an "S" rank.

Normally it takes a couple of hits from Mk. 22 to put a guard that wears a helmet or armor to sleep. The trick is to shoot at the guards butt (right between the cheeks); this will make the guard to reach for his/her behind and fall asleep.

Listen to all of Chico's audio briefings. This is done by selecting a mission, choosing "Briefing Files" then entering the Chico file library. Listen to all the tapes. Then select Extra Ops and select "[029] Item Capture". Start the mission, take care of the three guards, and destroy the item crate. Collect its items but instead of going to the extraction point move south to the beach at Playa del Alba. When you enter the beach, take a left and go down the dock. Miller will notify you about a strange animal at this location. Run down the dock to find Trenya, from the Monster Hunter series. After the dialog you can now access "[121] Hunting Quest: Rathalos" in Extra Ops. Complete it to unlock other Monster Hunter related missions.

After getting a Rank S on the "Date with Paz" mission you get to see her in her underwear. But you can also go to Staff Management Screen at Mother Base and look for the women of the game(Amanda, Dr.Strangelove, Cecile) and then press TRIANGLE twice to see their model in underwear. Note: You can only see the models of the women only.

Defeat the harder versions of the A.I. Bosses. You can find the diary tapes inside the A.I. pods when you collect the boards.

Equip your shield and an assault rifle, shot gun, rifle, bazooka or placeable weapons (no handguns, sub machine guns or grenades). As you're firing, turn your back on the enemy as they open fire. The shield remains on your back, deflecting some of the shots coming at you. This works well when you are overwhelmed or when you lack means of cover. This technique doesn't work well against heavy machine gun fire, snipers, heavy soldiers or any soldier with a bazooka. Also since you don't have rations equipped you cannot heal. Get some experience with this technique with the Russian invasion level. Not much of a cheat, but its a good trick to use when you're placing down supply markers or when you're surrounded by enemies.

Tired of accidentally killing soldiers when you want to get a high ranking? One of the basic weapons you start with can prevent that. First, shoot a soldier until the near-death skull apears. Then, switch to the Stun Rod. Go up to the dying soldier and electrocute him until half your battery is dead. This will revert his status from near dead to stunned, allowing you to move on without worrying that the enemy will die.

Earn an "S" rank on the "Date with Paz" mission to see her in her underwear.
Go to the "Staff Management" screen at Mother Base. Look for Amanda, Dr. Strangelove, Cecile then press Triangle(2) to see them in their underwear.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding item.

Stealth Mat Rank 1: Complete Main Ops 33. The Stealth Mat Design Specs and Metamaterials Technology skill (Extra Ops 049) are required.
Stealth Camouflage Rank 5: Complete Extra Ops 050 with an "S" rank. The Stealth Camouflage Design Specs and Metamaterials Technology skill (Extra Ops 049) are required.
Infinity Bandana Rank 1: Complete Extra Ops 119 with an "S" rank. This item gives unlimited ammunition. Tbe Infinity Bandana Design Specs are required.

There are several requirements that have to be met before unlocking the true last battle. They don't have to be done in any particular order. First, make sure you complete all 6 Main Ops "Zadornov Search" missions, which are unlocked after the last mission (Peace Walker Battle 3). Next, the Mother Base must have been upgraded to 2 plants, which is achieved by first having a Level 40 Intel Team (just move a bunch of recruits to that section to increase its level) and then completing 13 Extra Ops missions (except Target Practice, No Limit or Training missions) to upgrade the base. It doesn't matter if the Extra Ops missions were already completed, you can repeat the same mission 13 times if you wish. You'll receive a message that the Mother Base has expanded. Do this two times. Next, you must have collected all the Metal Gear ZEKE basic parts (collected by beating bosses) and must have the Railgun installed (which is gotten from S-Ranking the Chrysalis Battle). Also, you cannot have Metal Gear ZEKE assigned to an Outer Ops Team. After fulfilling all of those requirements, you'll trigger a call from Kaz informing you that Zadornov has escaped his cell yet again. So go to Extra Ops Target Practice #1, you'll see Zadornov on the 2nd floor. After the cutscene, the true last battle will be unlocked. If by any chance you don't get the call about Zadornov escaping that 7th time, then just keep completing Extra Ops missions until your Mother Base grows more and you'll eventually get the call.

Note: This requires a PlayStation Network account. Select "Extras" at the main menu. Select "Network", then "Enter Passcode". Enter one of the following codes to unlock the corresponding T-shirt.


Complete the indicated task or mission to unlock the corresponding weapon.

Air strike Marker: Main Op: Chrysalis.
Banana: Extra Op 35.
C96: Extra Op 20 with an "S" rank.
Custom M1911A1: Extra Op 34 or Extra OP 50.
EZ gun (LR): Extra Op 32.
EZ gun (MR): Use the sleep CODEC and Paz will drop it in Extra Op 67.
K. Pistol: Outer Op.
M19: Extra Op 9.
M1911A1: Main Op: Contact the Sandinista Commander.
PB/6P9: Main Op: Zadornov Search 6.
PM: Extra Op 16.
Supply Marker: Main Op: Laboratory.

CAW: Outer Op.
M37: Extra Op 28.
SPAS-12: Extra Op 62.
Twin Barrel (STN): Extra Op 23.
Twin Barrel: In Bananeru Furuta (west chamber) in Main Op: pursuing Amanda.

Assault rifles
ADM63: Extra Op 45.
ADM65: Outer Op.
FAL: Bananeru Furuta de Oro area in Extra Op 36.
G11: Extra Op 48 with an "S" rank.
M16A1 (grenade and laser): Extra Op 55 with an "S" rank.
M16A1 (grenade): Extra Op 25.
M16A1 (laser sight and shotgun attachment): Extra Op 46.
M16A1 (shotgun attachment): Below the bridge in Extra Op 23.
M16A1 (smoke grenade and laser): Extra Op 66 with an "S" rank.
M16A1 (smoke grenade): Extra Op 26.
M653 (grenade): Extra Op 47.
M653 (shotgun): Extra Op 48.
M653 (smoke grenade): Extra Op 49.
M653: Extra Op 59.
Musket: Random drop by the Rathalos; breaking its head, wings, and cutting off its tail will increase the chance.
Patriot: Stun him in Extra Op 68 then check his body for the design.
RK47 (grenade): Outer Op.
RK47 (smoke grenade): Outer Op.
RK47: Extra Op 13 or Extra Op 39.
RPK: Underground passage in Extra Op 37.
SUG: Extra Op 47 with an "S" rank.

Submachine guns
M10 (barrel cover): Bananeru Furuta de Oro in Extra Op 36.
M10: Pursuing Amanda in El Sena.
M1928A1: Main Op: Base Infiltration.
MP5A2: Extra Op 57 or 49.
MP5SD2: Extra Op 37 with an "S" rank.
Uz61: Extra Op 15.

Sniper rifles
M1C (stamina recovery): Extra Op 46.
M1C: Materials carrying facility in Main Op: Facility.
M21: Main Op: Zadornov Search 4.
M700 (life recovery): Extra Op 41.
M700: Extra Op 58.
Mosin: Main Op: Battle Tank T-72U.
PTRD1941: Extra Op 50.
PTRS1941: Extra Op 49 with an "S" rank.
Rail Gun: Extra Op 115 with an "S" rank.
Stealth Gun: Main Op: Zeke Fight.
SVD (night vision): Outer Op.
SVD: Extra Op 35.
WA2000: Extra Op 65 with an "S" rank.
Heavy machine guns
EMW Gun: Extra Op 79 with an "S" rank.
M134: Extra Op 75.
M60 (armor piercing): Extra Op 43.
M60: Main Op: Jungle Train Tracks.
M63A1: Outer Op.
MG3 (armor piercing): Extra Op 44.
MG3: Extra Op 31.
PKM: Extra Op 28.

C. Gustav (FR. fulton): Extra Op 98.
C. Gustav (MP): Extra Op 24.
C. Gustav: Main Op: Chrysalis.
FIM-43: Main Op: Helicopter Battle Mi-24A.
M202A1 (rank 3 and 4): Extra Op 62 with an "S" rank or document in Extra Op 107.
M47: Extra Op 111 with an "S" rank.
RPG2: Extra Op 30.
RPG7: Extra Op 38.
Sling Band: Random drop by Gear Rex; breaking its head, claws, and cutting off its tail will increase the chance.
Sling Post: Random drop by Tigrex; breaking its head, claws, and cutting off its tail will increase the chance.
XFIM-92A: Outer Op.

Throwing weapons
Air strike marker: Main Op: Laboratory.
Chaff: Main Op: Pupa.
EM Net: Extra Op 83 with an "S" rank.
Sleep: Extra Op 27 with an "S" rank.
Smoke (color): In the swamp at Ghar El Sena map in Main Op: Zadornov.
Smoke: Research facility in Main Op: Interception.
Stun: On second floor of the cabin in Main Op: Pursuing Amanda or Extra Op 22.
Supply marker: Main Op: Pupa.


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