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Cheating Dome presents Cheats & Hints for Ultima The False Prophet running on SNES

Ultima The False Prophet

Cheats & Hints for Ultima The False Prophet - SNES

At any time in the game where you have at least 16 items you can do this. You need to transfer enough items into your 'bag' in your inventory so that when you scroll to the bottom of your 'bag' and exit your bag there will be no items in your main inventory on the screen. This can be accomplished early in the game by picking up items until you have at least 16 and moving them all into your 'bag'. Scroll to the bottom of your 'bag' and exit the 'bag'. You should be on an inventory screen with no items, including your 'bag'. You will notice scroll arrows saying you can scroll up or down. If you scroll down far enough you will find random hidden items. It is possible to 'move' these items all the way back up to next to your bag. Using this you can get many of the late game weapons and armor right at the beginning of the game.

At the start of the game, leave Lord British's Castle and go to Iolio's Bows (in Britain) and sell everything that you own. Go next door to the Items salesman and purchase as many gems as you can carry. Sell them at Iolio's Bows, then repeat the process eight to nine times. At first, it will appear that all your money has been lost. However, you will eventually gain a large amount of money.

This glitch can be done at any time, but it works best if you have a fair amount of gold (about 300). From the Castle you start in, head south until you see the sundial, and follow the road eastwards. There are two buildings next to eachother, Iolo's Bows (Run by his apprentice) and a smith to the left of Iolo's Bows. Go to the smith, and buy as much Oil as you can carry. Head to Iolo's bows to the right of the Smith and ask the apprentice about SELL. This will allow you to sell items. The Oil was 4 gold, but you can sell an Oil for 10 gold here, a glitch that allows a profit of 6 gold coins per oil you bought and sold. You end up *more* gold then you had before you bought the Oil.

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