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Super Mario Kart

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Super Mario Kart on SNES

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To access the Hard Mode, highlight your kart and Press Y + A and your highlighted kart will shrink to Tiny Mode, continue and Highlights the cup of your choice and you will ride very tiny until the current cup ends! WARNING: this will be very difficult! even when your Tiny until the current cup ends, you will ride the same speed as a Normal Kart. to reverse this effect, just Press Y + A again in the Kart Choose Menu. Have fun! | Submitted by DennisDreessen

Select Mario Kart GP Mode. Then at the Character Selection screen, hold Y and press A. Or, highlight a character and press A + B + X + Y.

At the Title screen, press L + R + Y + A.

At the chosen time trial, press L + R + Y + A.

Select Time Trial Mode, choose a racer and press Left to highlight the Mushroom Cup. Now press L, R, L, L, R, R, A.

As the last light starts to dim, hold B.

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