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Star Fox 2

Cheats, Cheat Codes for Star Fox 2 - SNES

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Collect all 52 Pepper Medals across all three levels of difficulty to unlock an alternate title screen, replacing Andross's face with Fox McCloud's.

To unlock Expert Mode one must complete Hard Mode with a B Rank and don't let Corneria take damage.

Earning a Star-rank by scoring 250,000 points or more (only possible on Expert mode) will unlock permanent Twin Laser upgrades for the two pilots you selected to play as. Unlocking twin lasers for all six pilots will change the theme that plays on the Select Pilots screen to the Corneria stage theme from the original Star Fox game.

Collect every Pepper Medal on a given difficulty level to unlock the Secret Base on the System Map in subsequent playthroughs. The Secret Base contains one of each power-up in the game, as well as the super-secret Homing upgrade for your Charge Shot! Exit the level by pressing Start and selecting "Return to Map". Normal mode contains 13 Pepper Medals. Hard mode contains 19 Pepper Medals. Expert mode contains 20 Pepper Medals.

After beating the game on Expert mode, wait at the "The End" screen for approximately 10 minutes. A secret music track will then begin to play.

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