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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Starfox on SNES

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To enter the black hole, a secret area on the map with no apparent way in, you must enter Level 1-2 (Asteroid Belt) and keep going until you find a spinning asteroid bar. Hit the center of the asteroid bar just before you hit it. Do it with the next 2. If you hit all three bars right before you hit them (fly through where the breakable asteroid was....) A Laughing asteroid will appear. Shoot it repeatedly to open the gateway to the Black Hole. There are three level warps in the Black Hole. Fly through and look around this Lost ship graveyard...

Choose level three, then go to the asteroid belt and keep shooting the second big asteroid until it is destroyed. A bird-like object will fly out. Do not shoot it. Ram into it to travel ''out of this dimension''. Shoot the paper-like objects. The boss does not have a life meter, just icons (until they display three 7s) Shoot ''THE END'' letters until they are in the right position. The letters will be orange when they are correct.

After beating the game on any of the difficulty types, wait 10-20 minutes on the THE END screen and a clip of a secret song that never was played in the game will start it will repeat about five times until stops completely.

The following information is about the warp zone that James McCloud (Fox's father) died investigating. Select the middle road to Venom. After reaching the asteroid field, three sets of five asteroids spinning in a line will appear. The middle asteroid is red one, which indicates that it is destructible. The camera angle should be inside for more precision. Get as close as possible to the first middle asteroid and at the last second, shoot it. Your ship might get hit by the remaining asteroid; make sure your ship has enough shields remaining. It might be a little longer (five to fifteen seconds) before your ship reaches the next asteroid. Repeat your last second shots for the next two asteroids. The third asteroid takes about one second to reach after the second one. Be prepared to destroy it at the last second. An asteroid with a weird gray smiley face with red eyes will appear. Destroy this asteroid, which may be difficult, to open a black hole. Do not fire at it; just fly through the black hole to enter. There are three spinning circles of small objects in the black hole spaced far apart. The third spinning circle leads to Venom. If you pass by it, your ship will just start at the beginning of the black hole level again, as if flying in a circle. | Submitted by CenturionZ_1

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