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Spindizzy World

Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Spindizzy World on SNES

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The following codes are case sensitive:

Level - Password

Beginner - lv?8A?8t
Pak Attack - lv?oCP?3
Tripat - lv?10c?8m
Ball Race - Dv?16hHfx
Frigia - HvdsC3?R
Grass Hopper - Bv?JaBm3
The Obelisk Run - Ev5LQV3Q
The Grass Maze - BR7JaE0a
Buxton Cat - lmSTJ9?W
Sandy Island - lmQUKN!1
Roller-ama - Cn2AUAeP
Water Works - KoBAK32o
Misdirection - lmAQC9eZ
Castle Quest - Bq6AlCFz
Pyramidea - ikAABNdW
Water World - PgAEaaBn
Canal Side - PgAFyaCA
Radima - NgACYkiH
Torture - ikAAAoJc | Submitted by CenturionZ_1

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