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Cheats, Tips & Secrets for Shadowrun on SNES

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This glitch will allow you to exploit a small oversight in the menu and selling feature of the game. First, visit a weapon/armor shop (the earliest one being outside the Caryards right next to the magic talisman shop). Position yourself close enough to the shop owner so that you can talk to them and more importantly, give them an item you want to sell. Press start to open the menu. Navigate to your highest value piece of gear under Weapon or Armor (ex. T-250 Shotgun if you are in the first shop of the game)and select it, then put your menu cursor over the Give option. This next step is a bit tricky. Notice when you hit Give the game exits the menu. Its at this point you would normally move the cursor over to the shop owner and complete the sale of the item. The trick here is right after you select Give, hit start to open the menu again. This timing of this button push to pause again needs to be very precise: The instant the menu closes but before the game fades back to the gameplay screen and you see the "Give to" prompt. You only have a few frames to get the timing right, and if you see the gameplay screen again with the "Give to" prompt you timing was too late. Try hitting start the instant you see the pause menu box flicker away. A turbo controller helps if you can't get the timing down. If you fail to enter the menu a second time, simply hit the B button to cancel the give command and try again. Once you've successfully opened up the menu a second time, select the same piece of gear again and select Give. Now move the cursor to the shop owner like normal and select yes to sell the item. Once you exit the chat window, notice the hand cursor is still up. Give the item to yourself and you'll have successfully gotten free money and the item back that you just sold! Note that this is not an item duplication, and you won't be able to give yourself 2 copies of an item. You can repeat this trick with any weapon/armor as many times as you like to stack up nuyen fast!

Press Select + Start + L + R during game play. | Submitted by CenturionZ_1

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